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13th May 2011

life jackets!
love the pic of you two in your life jackets!! Were you drinking juicy juices??? ;). Love & miss you both!!!
11th May 2011

A much better Kassandra
The pictures of you today are much better than the last blog.. A little rest and some beers, and happy hour make a BIG difference. Solute!
27th April 2011

I agree with you Kass, you make kick ass nachos!! :)
21st April 2011

Hello Goofs
So... I must tell you that I am your current biggest fan. We are coming to Nicaragua in June for about 3 weeks, loosely planning on going to a lot of the same spots you guys have been/are at. I am logging into this site every day to read, and loving your info. So - keep up the great work :) Just in case you think no random person is reading, we are..... Cant tell if you guys are traveling around all C.A. but I traveled for 3 months this last summer between Panama and Guatemala (Some C.R. and Honduras) and would be happy to give any info on any place you hadn't been if you are making your way up or down - Sounds like we have very similar tastes/speed! Either way - thanks for writing all this great stuff - Megan
24th March 2011

wow, this place looks like tropical paradise!!
22nd March 2011
Us at sunset.

Cute!!!!! That is a keeper!
18th March 2011

Ha ha!
I actually thought the same thing when I posted the pic. It's really a fried plantain that tasted really good. But I love that our minds work the same. ;)
18th March 2011

Wow, your private island looks soooooo amazing!!!!!!!!
15th March 2011

cute pic!
Love the ferry pic :). I see that you didn't post a pic after the ferry headed out ;) I just love reading up on everything that you two are doing!! Miss you guys TONS!!! lots of love, Lees :)
From Blog: Tela to Utila
14th March 2011

Im sitting at work (at 6:30 am) after working all night in the sideways pouring rain, and i really feel depressed looking at all these pics. SO JEALOUS!!! Miss you guys!!
From Blog: Jewel Cay Day 5
14th March 2011

It looks like a side of dried up finger in those spagetti and meatballs. hehe! But im still jealous;)
11th March 2011
Planning the next portions of our trip over dinner.

umm, hello
Hahaha could you be sitting farther apart, lol loving it!
7th March 2011

so tickled!
Kassandra & Jeff - can't tell you how great your blog is - I truly think you should publish - it - totally enjoyable !!! Love & safety - Tarsi
From Blog: Jewel Cay Day 3
26th February 2011

Where are You?
It's been 2 weeks since your last entry. Where are you? I've been following your blog pretty intently and living vicariously thru your travels so now without any word in the last two weeks I'm getting worried about you, like most others I believe. Please blog....
16th February 2011
Our Valentine's Day lunch

I love the hand sanitizer on the table with you :) Happy Valentine's Day you two!
15th February 2011

Love the blogs!
Hey guys! I am getting caught up on your travels and have to tell you that I am transported to the beautiful places full of all the exciting adventures you are going on when I read it! It's so fun for all of us to get a taste of all the things you see and do on your trip, and it will be great for you to have to look back on. Hope you're both feeling better!
From Blog: Panajachel
15th February 2011

ooo to be you
love the pics keep them coming!
14th February 2011

Loving it.
I envy you. Your mom just told me yesterday that you and Geoff are traveling thru Central America for the next 3 months. Jim and I spent 3 weeks in Placentia three years ago and loved it. I'm living vicariously thru your travels....
13th February 2011
Again... LOVE your travel blogs... Love the insite and the news... -- Mike
13th February 2011
I'm loving your blogs..!! Makes me feel that I'm actually traveling with you... And what a great way to document you trip for your Memories, after you return. Happy Valentines Day... Tip one for me as if I was there... Like I wish I was.!! WOW great to see all your adventures. -- Mike
From Blog: Semuc Champey
9th February 2011

Looks like you guys are having a blast!
So fun to check out your blog and live vicariously!! So glad you guys are having a great time! Thanks for sharing and continue to have a fabulous journey! Miss you and sending our love! - Dyna and the Mendoza boys!! xox
5th February 2011

Way too much fun and Adventure
Love getting your blogs.. Totally enjoy reading the adventures that you both are having. I have a lot to ask... but my comment so far is... You both are have WAY TOO MUCH FUN... so you either have to come home right now... or ... extent you trip and adventures. Enjoy..!!!!! Love you guys.! -- Mike
From Blog: Placencia Day #4
3rd February 2011

execuse me! I dont know what you are talking about by this full fledged "leah" moment...hehe! Im catching up on all your blogging! Sounds like a true blast, im so jealous! Hope you guys are having so much fun (why wouldnt you!) and im loving the blog! keep it up sister!! much love you guys! Leah
25th January 2011

Loving your blog!
I'm so excited that you're blogging your trip! Thanks for sharing -- we have been really enjoying reading along with your trip! So excited for you guys, and excited to read more about all of your adventures! :) Love you!
19th January 2011

Awesome blog!
Hey guys, I love reading of your great adventures! You will definitely have to have a "show and tell" party when you get back to share all of your pictures and stories. Stay safe and enjoy your travels!

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