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Travel day. Ugh. Up at 3:20am. Finished packing. I walked down our stairs just as the bus pulled up to Geoff. Yikes. Talk about on time bus service here. This first bus only drove us 1 hour & cost $10 total. Whoa Costa Rica, too much. Although the driver did have to cross about 7 river/creeks that were pretty full. I imagine it's an impossible drive in the rainy season. But it did dump rain on us last night so maybe they fill up quickly? We changed buses in the middle of nowhere because a local guy told me he was going to the same town as us so we just had to follow him. That always makes it easy & takes the worry off of missing our next stop. We waited at this junction for ... read more
Somebody's not having any fun.
Chickens for sale!
They were all soo cute.

Today is our last day in Drake Bay. Sad. I am going to miss the Scarlet Macaws & Green Parrots & the frogs. For sure. This morning the Green Parrots woke us up as usual. They are so sqwauky it's hysterical. We've decided to stay one more day & do nothing. We are feeling lazy & want to do nothing & just enjoy this beautiful piece of paradise . We had another delicious breakfast & a bunch of coffee. I was downstairs having coffee when Geoff woke up. I think I was on my 3rd cup of coffee, eek! I was sweating & wired. Hot coffee & muggy days = lot's of facial sweating. A sacrifice I'm willing to make. We spent the morning playing on the computer. Dealing with our plans for Panama & worrying ... read more
Our cabana at Vista Drake.
The view from our room at Vista Drake.
Our room and Geoff reading on the deck.

(Things are getting a little out of hand on the journaling front, I've been spending far too much time relaxing & enjoying every moment rather than detailing it, so I am very behind in my duties. I've decided to do some days with just basic bullet points to help jog our memories in the future more than anything else. So, that's where we are with that....) Breakfast: Juice fresh blended (papaya today so incredible), eggs scrambled, toast, coffee. Translated for another couple about setting up a snorkeling trip today. To the dive shop. With Belgians again & another couple from Argentina. Our boat was pretty full with snorkelers that we ended up stopping at two spots before they finally got off the boat (why? I don't know. The first spot was so crystal clear, who knows!). ... read more
Another fab lunch on the beach.
Cute crab on Isla Cano.
Our dive boat.

Up at 5:08 a.m. Breakfast, more gallo pinto & eggs which makes me happy because I love it. We walked to the beach with Emilio (the owner of our place, who packed us a nice lunch & helped us carry it to the boat). We waded through waves on shore to the boat, off to Corcovado National Park this morning to find some jungle animals hopefully. Along the way our guide, Elia, pointed out from the boat where the park began, then we spent another 30-45 minutes in the boat, going fast, along the coastline before we got to the park entrance. It is a humongous park! That wasn't the entire length of the park either, just the point at which we were getting off the boat! The park entrance is on the beach, where you ... read more
Another boat, just like ours, heading out for the day
View from the boat of Corcovado
Another view from the boat.

Up at 5:10 a.m. Excited to dive! Breakfast downstairs in the outside seating area, but under cover (I'm getting very accustomed to eating outside, it's really pleasant, especially in the mornings). They have the sweetest table settings & made very good gallo pinto, cheese, & eggs with onion. Oh, & really strong coffee. Yeah! It's so cozy & homey here. We walked down the hill to the dive shop that is on the beach. The dive shop office is the living room of Lin's house. He has his room, a bathroom, a tiny kitchen, & a back storage room. That's it. People live so simply with so little. I often wonder why we feel like we need to have sooo much stuff. After we got all our dive gear together we headed to shore to get ... read more
On our way to dive, looking at Isla Cano.
Looking back on Bahia Drake.

Up with the roosters & chickens again. I love the treehouse! There was a moment in the middle of the night where I think a group of dogs went through the yard. I couldn't see well enough to be sure. Maybe it was pigs...who knows. There was a lot of sniffing going on. Today we are heading out to Bahia Drake on the Osa Peninsula. We're going with Barron & Julie. It's always fun to have a travel team. We did the usual morning stuff: shower, eat, pack, drink too much coffee...We watched this guy make a spin on a baleada & we are totally intrigued & going to try one ourselves today. Basically it involves putting the mixed up egg in the pan, cooking it with the tortilla laying on top of it & flipping ... read more
Wayne, I didn't know your Tracker could pull a boat...?
Kassandra already hiding from the sun.

Make sure y'all are scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page now to see all the photos. The new & (not yet improved) Travelblog has placed ads in between blogs & photos. Everyone needs to make a buck so you can't really blame them right? Just an FYI. :) Instead of tacking on back to back long travel days we decided to spend the day here in Uvita & regroup. Plus Flutterby is really great & I could spend days here. And, my twin bed was really comfy, it was cool at night, & I slept great. We woke up & climbed the stairs out of our treehouse & headed to the kitchen where we found delicious, strong, freshly made coffee. We also were given eggs, bread, tortillas, & told to make whatever ... read more
The view from our treehouse.
A handpainted map of Uvita.
The shower.

Got up, packed, returned the beer bottle from dinner (to the grocery store) for our $1 deposit. Yikes, Costa Rica! Also, when I gave the checker the bottle & receipt she kinda looked at me like I was crazy. Doesn't everyone return their bottles for a dollar! Maybe not the gringos, I don't know. Caught bus at 8am in Playa Coco & headed somewhere in Southern Costa Rica. As far as we can get today. That's where we'll stop. Caught 2nd bus in Liberia (where we used the restroom & ordered gallopinto to go & ate it on the bench in the bus station) to Puntarenas. Thankfully the bus driver was nice enough to drive us right up to the bus stop (aka the middle of the street in town) for our next bus where we ... read more
This is when we noticed the change in climate.
Rice & Fries.

Today up early to dive! We are super excited! Our first Pacific Ocean dive. Yippee! Last night the Howler Monkeys were hanging out by our room somewhere in the trees. We heard them howling all night. We didn't mind a bit. It's way cooler than bar noise or dogs barking keeping you up all night. We bought some delicious baked ham & cheese donuts for snacks on the boat (if we need them, you never know how hungry you'll be between dives.) That's what we've named them because that's what they remind us of. Sounds odd but they're really tasty. Then we headed to the beach for a cheap breakfast. Gallo pinto & eggs of course. I think I went a little crazy on the hot sauce because it came back to haunt me in the ... read more
On the dive boat.
Geoff really liked this drawing.

We woke up to our new surprise town. What will it look like during the day? Always a treat. The one street we saw last night was filled with touristy restaurants & clothing & trinket shops. It was brightly lit & semi busy. This morning it seems less big & busy. We walked to the dive shops to see if we could dive today. The two we spoke with were all booked up for today so we decided to just hang out at the beach today & dive tomorrow. We had delicious coffee & pastries at a little Panaderia & sat outside. We walked through all of town & saw the beach. It is sooo dry & hot here. All the hills are brown & look burnt. The bay is pretty though & the beaches are ... read more
The sign out front of the hotel.  We loved the cute little monkey!
Playa Ocotal
Geoff pretending to play futbol with the local kids.

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