Bahia Drake Day 4

Published: May 11th 2011
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(Things are getting a little out of hand on the journaling front, I've been spending far too much time relaxing & enjoying every moment rather than detailing it, so I am very behind in my duties. I've decided to do some days with just basic bullet points to help jog our memories in the future more than anything else. So, that's where we are with that....)

Breakfast: Juice fresh blended (papaya today so incredible), eggs scrambled, toast, coffee. Translated for another couple about setting up a snorkeling trip today.

To the dive shop. With Belgians again & another couple from Argentina. Our boat was pretty full with snorkelers that we ended up stopping at two spots before they finally got off the boat (why? I don't know. The first spot was so crystal clear, who knows!).

Dive #1: Devil's Rock: Strong current again, many schools of fish, not quite as good as day 1. Small school of Blue Spotted Jacks, 4 species of Eels. Still lots & lots of fish.

I felt seasick after the first dive even though the ocean is completely calm. What is wrong with me? Although, the current was really strong & I was working really hard to keep up & maybe that makes my stomach hurt? Who knows. Maybe it's all in my head.

Dive #2: Little Devil: Pretty decent current but a bit less work. OMG!! Amazing dive!! School of probably 20 White Tipped Reef Sharks swimming with us, under us, around us. Geoff went into a little crook in the coral mound that they were all swimming through & they continued with their swim, only going around him. They would get sooooo close to us & just saunter on by. The way they move is so beautiful & graceful. Amazing!! There was a school of at least 50 King Angelfish in all different age levels, babies to Adult, swimming around us. A beautiful Moorish Idolfish couple that were so large. Geoff said it was his favorite dive yet. The sharks were incredible. Our next big purchase will be a nice underwater camera for absolute sure. It's too amazing down there to not document it.

To Isla Cano for the surface interval. Another delicious lunch on the beach with homemade bread for our sandwiches & really tasty potato salad. Yum. Geoff got completely knocked over by a wave while walking back to shore. Sadly I missed it, but still laughed at him. Back to boat. We lost the semi-bothersome dive couple to snorkeling thank goodness (The Argentines were a little nutty underwater, completely nice above water. They held hands the entire dive, bumped into all of us, & the reef alot, probably because it's hard to maintain your movements while holding hands? But, that is what made them comfortable so what can you say really? Except thankfully it's just the 4 of us again! he he he...) So just us, the Belgians, & our DM Lin.

Dive #3: At Barco Hundido: A very small current, so much easier to dive! We saw an Octopus & when Geoff pointed to its eye for me (because after the other day I mentioned I couldn't tell where its eyes were) & it changed different colors while sitting completely still. I love Octopuses! He turned brighter grey/blue & trimmed himself out again with a bluish/lavender border. Those must be his angry colors. So incredible. Lin took us over to one spot where we sat & moved back & forth with the current holding us in place & saw literally hundreds, maybe thousands,
Our dive boat.Our dive boat.Our dive boat.

The Sea Otter.
of fish, as though we were a part of their schools. We saw hundreds of Snapper, dozens of Big Eyed Jacks, many Amber Jacks probably 3-4 ft long, a very large school of Ocean Surgeonfish that were probably each 2ft & a handful of 3-4ft Dog Snappers. It was probably my favorite dive yet. We were surrounded by fish on all sides: above, below, both sides, in front. We became a part of the school. We all just sat there hovering, weightless in the water, watching the fish swim all around us or just sit with the current & take a break. I felt like I was in a huge aquarium space because the fish just surrounded us. It was unreal. Hundreds upon hundreds of fish! And they were sooo big!

It was a lovely boat ride home. We were all so happy after those amazing dives. Even Lin kept saying how much he loved the 2nd dive. Everyone loves sharks. The annoying dive girl talked on her cell phone almost the whole way back. Who does that? What could possibly be that important? Back at the shop we all helped Lin unload the boat thanks to Geoff starting to help, then I helped, then everyone else. Geoff's always helping. Lin's wife gave us banana bread as a treat because I said something smelled really good. Seriously, they are such kind & generous people.

We walked with the Belgians to a bar down the beach & had a couple of expensive beers ($3 each!) with them. We found out Valerie is a Deputy Mayor of her town! Hanging with a politician. Talked aobut travel. Their favs were Laos & Malawi. That's a second for Laos. Might have to be next...Walked across a really scary, rickety bridge with probably too much weight to be safe. Back home to shower off all the salt & sand.

We sat on our plastic chairs & stared at the beautiful view & talked about how amazing our dives were & how lucky we are to be here now & to experience all of this. Watched the Scarlet Macaws in the tree in front of us squawking & flying around. I love them. Had a couple more beers & waited for sunset, when the Green Parrots all flew in, noisily. Just amazing.

Once we were hungry we walked up the street to Sol Y Mar, basically our Soda since we've eaten there daily, & we had fried chicken again & a veggie salad with really garlicy homemade salad dressing. We bought a cute little wooden boat that our waiter made so we can take it home & put all our Costa Rican shells in it. It's super cute & he's keeping it & signing his name on it for us to pick up tomorrow. Personally autographed. 😊

Back home, sat on the deck for a bit, looked at the big moon & enjoyed the cool night temperatures. It's the only time of day that you aren't sweating. It's so comfortable.

Off to bed to read & sleep soundly after a busy day.

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Drinks at dinner. Drinks at dinner.
Drinks at dinner.

I brought my own & that't totally acceptable. Love it!
This photo is for Greg. ;)This photo is for Greg. ;)
This photo is for Greg. ;)

Fried chicken day 2. It's possible we've had more fried chicken than dives.......

And Geoff in the background enjoying his chicken.

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