Bahia Drake Day 5

Published: May 11th 2011
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Morning fruit plate.Morning fruit plate.Morning fruit plate.

Brought to us each day with our coffee as we waited for our breakfast.
Today is our last day in Drake Bay. Sad. I am going to miss the Scarlet Macaws & Green Parrots & the frogs. For sure.

This morning the Green Parrots woke us up as usual. They are so sqwauky it's hysterical. We've decided to stay one more day & do nothing. We are feeling lazy & want to do nothing & just enjoy this beautiful piece of paradise . We had another delicious breakfast & a bunch of coffee. I was downstairs having coffee when Geoff woke up. I think I was on my 3rd cup of coffee, eek! I was sweating & wired. Hot coffee & muggy days = lot's of facial sweating. A sacrifice I'm willing to make.

We spent the morning playing on the computer. Dealing with our plans for Panama & worrying about traveling during Semana Santa. Apparently the entire Latin American world takes the end of this week off of work, like our Spring Break, & the buses & hotels are all packed & it's crazy. So, we're making a reservation at a hotel that Justin & Karen stayed at in Bocas del Toro that they recommended to us. This is probably our 4th
Our cabana at Vista Drake.Our cabana at Vista Drake.Our cabana at Vista Drake.

It was an amazing spot!
reservation in 4 months. Not bad. It's funny though because we've heard all these different things about what goes on during Semana Santa. Things like: there won't be any buses running, you can't buy liquor for days, hotels are booked up months in advance, etc, etc. So, I've been asking every local what they know about buses & such during Semana Santa. I'm not as scared now, it sounds like things will still be running, just that they will be full. Public transportation in this part of the world is a necessity & used by every socio-economic group (maybe with the exception of the very wealthy). It's still interesting to me how entire families, who clearly have money, are using the bus to get from A to B. But then it really makes sense. Gas is ridiculously expensive, cars are expensive, & buses get you everywhere you need to go for a relatively inexpensive rate. (On average a 4 hour bus ride costs $2-8, $2 in Guate, $8 in Costa Rica). I wish we had a bus system like this in the U.S. I would use it for sure. It's so nice not to drive & to just sleep or stare out the window or read.

So, after getting all that squared away we spent some time blogging & catching up on the world. We are really behind in blogs & think we may never catch up until we get home. It's weird to post blogs from things we did a month ago. Funny stuff. Somehow we managed to spend hours on the computer. Which was fine, it was cloudy & muggy & just from sitting we were sweating buckets.

After computer time we spent some quality time up on our deck reading & typing & just staring out at the view. Until, of course, we were hungry again. It's as though the act of sitting & sweating is enough to burn calories. We headed out to have lunch & ended up at Craig's second favorite restaurant in the village. They had spaghetti carbonara on the menu so I was super excited. Geoff had ceviche. Amazingly, it was the first ceviche that we ordered even though it's on every menu. While waiting for our food, the Belgians (Jon & Valerie) came walking by & we invited them to join us for lunch. It's Jon's birthday so we ordered cake & sang happy birthday to him after we ate. We then headed up to Sol y Mar Restaurante & picked up our boat that was signed by Esteban. Then back to our room, our plastic chairs on the deck, & resumed the seated position & read. It's just so easy to sit & stare out at the Bay & watch the birds & enjoy the shade.

Once the sun was starting to head toward sunset we headed out to the dive shop to retrieve some things we had left behind the day before. Oops. We are just a bit scatterbrained always. We said goodbye to Lin & his wife, who are probably two of the kindest people we have met. They have a new little kitten that's 4 weeks old with the bluest eyes, so sweet & so scared he barely moved. We ended the evening with our last walk along the beach. Back in our room we packed up & got ready for morning. We're catching the 4am bus out of here. Ugh. So early. But we plan to get a good long day of travel in & may as well start before the crack of dawn since we can.

We went out to one last dinner at Sol y Mar because we had to have one last plate of fried chicken. Then off to bed.

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Best Lemonade Ever!Best Lemonade Ever!
Best Lemonade Ever!

And a pretty good Mango smoothie too.
Kassandra and the rickety bridge.Kassandra and the rickety bridge.
Kassandra and the rickety bridge.

Definitely not safe to overload this bad boy.
Osa DiversOsa Divers
Osa Divers

Lin's house also serves as the dive shop.

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