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Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Northern » Tela February 19th 2011

The rain was incessant last night. Non stop. I imagined a flood outside. Perfect day for a bus ride out of town! We had a breakfast burrito & met Peter (from Vancouver, BC) & Alex (SF, Ca.) & we all swapped insight into our travels. Peter just came from Nicaragua so it's always great to get insight into where to stay, what fun stuff they did & then we can share our insight as well. Love the traveler community. We told Peter to meet us at our hotel in Tela the following day & we packed up & got ready to head out. Settled up our bill ($120 for 2 nights & 3 days worth of good food, good beer & good fun) & headed out. Thankfully the rain stopped for the time being & we ... read more
A typical Honduran pulperia.
Maya Vista
Our cute little room.

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Western » Lake Yojoa February 18th 2011

Up with the sun today (actually, I woke up at 3 am & couldn't sleep anymore so I read for a couple hours until it seemed reasonable to wake Geoff up) to go on a hike through the Parque Eco-Arqueologico Los Naranjos which is just a few blocks from us. (I think I'm sleeping too much...). I woke up so early because there was an animal on the metal roof doing hot laps back & forth. So ridiculously loud. Back & forth & back & forth, stop to scratch at something in the roof, back & forth. Too much for me. We've become, of all things, fans of bird watching! The birds here are just soooo bright & colorful & their calls are so entertaining. Although we don't know any of the species' names & we ... read more
Basically it says:

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Western » Lake Yojoa February 17th 2011

Twin beds aren't so bad. Geoff snuggled with me for a bit & then retreated to his own bed. Not quite as spacious as our king size at home. For breakfast we had some coffee & some freshly baked muffins at the pastry shop below us. I am going to miss pastry shops at every turn. Yum. We then spent the next hour running back & forth around town looking for an internet store (first hotel or hostel without wifi in awhile) to take care of our deposit for our island rental. We're renting an island in the Bay Islands all to ourselves for 2 nights. They were all booked up but had a cancellation so we snatched it. But, we have to put a deposit into a bank account & we found out her account ... read more
La Gruta
View from above La Gruta.
The bus station

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Western » La Esperanza February 16th 2011

Slept in until 7:15! It's practically a record for me! I still was a cup of coffee in before Geoff woke up, but at least it wasn't 6am. The shower this morning was the best since home. Somehow the water pressure improved like a million times & it was so hot. Seriously, the things we take for granted on a daily basis are the basics. Hot shower, with great water pressure = an absolute luxury in this part of the world. I took a long shower. I think the hot springs did some sort of cleansing for me. I was exhausted after the hot springs, but I feel great this morning! We did our usual pack up routine & headed out to the bus terminal, which in this town is basically a large 2 stall garage. ... read more
A delicious lunch...
Our hotel for the night.
Honchos for sale!

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Western » Gracias February 15th 2011

Sidebar: Sorry we haven't posted in awhile y'all. It's 2/27/11 today & we are doing great. Just a ton of diving, which you will read about later.... Love you all!!! xoxoxo Didn't sleep in. Oh well! I woke up & typed & entertained myself. Geoff slept. I love our room. It's sooo clean & the bed is so comfy. I kinda want to stay here just for those things. Plus, it was super duper quiet last night & the temperature here in the mountains is perfect at night. Although it's still cloudy, so we don't really know the real scoop. Once Geoff woke up (after I'd already had 2 cups of free coffee!) we headed out to find some food. We ate at Comedor Marisol. We split a plato tipico with pork. The pork was so ... read more
All the kids
Welcome to the hot springs.
Checking the place out

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Western » Gracias February 14th 2011

Happy Valentine's Day! Heart Heart! (I still woke up at 6). We had delicious coffee & toasted bread with refried beans & parmesan cheese on it. A pretty standard breakfast around here. The Senora made it for us. Apparently breakfast is included in the room price. I always forget to ask. It's such a nice treat though. Geoff ate all of his toast which is kind of a surprise because at home he never ever eats refried beans. I think the abundance of refrieds here has finally worn him down! Our plan today is to go see a Cigar Factory & a Coffee Processing Plant both of which apparently do tours. Took a taxi to La Flor De Copan Cigars & knocked on the door. The guy at the door told me probably today they couldn't ... read more
Our Valentine's Day lunch
Our first actual Chicken Bus
Our room at

I really need to try & stay up late one of these nights so I won't wake up at 6am.... with the Honchos of the area. Last night was noisy. The parties lasted until well into the morning. I'm glad there's only one Saturday night in the week. Such old fogies. This morning we cleaned up, packed up, kept the streak alive & headed to the ruins. First we had to have some free coffee. Love a hostal that gives you free coffee. For breakfast we went a little healthier & had some toasty o's with chocolate milk (solely because it's kept in the fridge & the rest of the milk is kept on the shelves with dry goods, I wanted cold milk for a change). Caught a tuk tuk & went to the ruins. We ... read more
Kassandra and the "Juego de Pelota"
Hieroglyphic Stairway
Gotta love the 10 second timer.

Best night sleep in some time! The temperature was perfect last night & the bed is just comfy enough & it was super quiet! Love it. Nothing beats a good nights sleep. The Honcho near us clearly hasn't gotten his doodling pipes worked up to snuff yet. His cock-a-doodle-do sounds more like cock-a-dool-ack. It literally made me wake up laughing. He has a bit of a hack at the end & it gets really quiet. Maybe he's a teenager? We got up & headed out. We've decided to take it easy today & just chill around town. We need a day of rest after yesterday. Plus the weather is kinda crappy & cloudy & drizzly so not the perfect conditions for viewing the ruins of Copan. Outside we were met with the delicious smell of fried ... read more
Best soup of the trip!
And fried chicken

Slept pretty ok last night finally! Woke up to the least amount of runny nose yet! Woohoo! I actually have a little energy which is super exciting. After we had a Pana-muffin (like an egg mcmuffin only better) & a Papaya Licuado I decided I could probably travel today without it being too terrible. I'm so bored of being in that room. A change of scenery is necessary. After the Pana-muffin, we walked until we found an open travel agent. We paid the $36 pp for our bus ride to Copan, Honduras (about an 8 hour bus ride). Back to the hotel to pack up our bags again! Our shuttle driver showed up late, as usual (with the exception of the one time in Antigua where he was 20 minutes early & left without us)! I ... read more
Our ride
Hit the spot!
The Guatemala/Honduras Border

Not much to report from today. A whole lot of I still feel horrible & Law & Order. That mixed in with an occassional walk out of the room to get food. Awesome! We didn't even plan to come to Pana because we had read & heard it is "gringoville." Which it is. It's like old retired people gringoville. Lot's of sun hats & matching coats/shirts. When I have made it out we've walked around town a bit until I completely run out of energy & have to return to my bed. Honestly, the sickest I've been in 2 years. Blech. I'm just so glad we got sick now & not when we were planning to dive. We were going to dive here at the Lake but that is out now unless we want to hang ... read more
Maybe I'll feel better
Las Lanchas
El Chaparral Hotel

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