Published: February 15th 2011
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Not much to report from today. A whole lot of I still feel horrible & Law & Order. That mixed in with an occassional walk out of the room to get food. Awesome!

We didn't even plan to come to Pana because we had read & heard it is "gringoville." Which it is. It's like old retired people gringoville. Lot's of sun hats & matching coats/shirts.

When I have made it out we've walked around town a bit until I completely run out of energy & have to return to my bed. Honestly, the sickest I've been in 2 years. Blech.

I'm just so glad we got sick now & not when we were planning to dive. We were going to dive here at the Lake but that is out now unless we want to hang out for another handful of days until our lungs & ears get back to normal. Not likely. Oh well. At least we aren't in Utila already.... Geoff is almost done blowing his nose & coughing so I'm hopeful I will be there in a few days! My cough kept me up all night. Woke up at 2am & couldn't sleep from coughing
Maybe I'll feel betterMaybe I'll feel betterMaybe I'll feel better

after a good breakfast.
with every breath so I watched "Mean Girls." Finally fell asleep for a couple more hours though.

Not much else exciting to say about today except to add to the list of things people carry on their heads... at dinner (we were sitting above the street) a woman walked by carrying a half a cake on her head. That was my favorite thing yet. Cake!

After 2 for 1 Pina Coladas & Pesto pasta, back to the sick ward!

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El Chaparral HotelEl Chaparral Hotel
El Chaparral Hotel

aka the sick ward
Breafast didn't help,Breafast didn't help,
Breafast didn't help,

let's try a Pina Colada.
Look closelyLook closely
Look closely

she's balancing a cake on her head!

15th February 2011

Love the blogs!
Hey guys! I am getting caught up on your travels and have to tell you that I am transported to the beautiful places full of all the exciting adventures you are going on when I read it! It's so fun for all of us to get a taste of all the things you see and do on your trip, and it will be great for you to have to look back on. Hope you're both feeling better!

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