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Up with the alarm today. Another beautiful clear day here. Woohoo! Well the moon is still setting in the west & it's been fun to watch the moon wax since we got off the plane. Now comes the waning. It's also so fun to look at the sky every night & watch the stars come out. It's a total trip to watch the moon rise over the eastern edge of the earth every night. So anywhoo, up with the roosters. We met at the dive shop at 6 am & got geared up & headed out on the boat. Today we were with Ish & Cas as our dive masters/boat captains. We headed out to our first dive spot (after waiting for the oldies to buy their breakfast & dawdle to the boat without carrying their ... read more
Dive Boat
Dive Tanks
The Nanaimos

Today I woke up feeling 85% back to normal. Popped an Immodium, ibuprofen & guzzled water & felt ready for the day. We've been buying a 5 gallon bottle of water everywhere we go that we know we'll be staying for a few days. It's much cheaper. $5 for the current one we have. Feeling ok enough to leave the safety of the room we went & had breakfast at Marin's. We had our first Fry Jack, which is basically a flour tortilla super quick fried & served cut in quarters. Of course, it was really good. We had some eggs & toast as well. The bread here is all from the local bakery & is excellent. Thick, airy wheat bread with a hint of cinnamon. We strolled around town for a bit & checked the ... read more
Shark Ray Alley
Shark-Ray Alley
Shark Ray Alley

Slept like a baby. It was warm, not too hot or cold & soooooooo quiet. You could hear the breeze, the fan, & sometimes the ocean. It's pretty calm out there so the waves aren't too loud. We're up early today to do our first dive. We're going out with Big Fish Diving,, check out the I&I Reggae Bar too. The wind has finally shifted & is coming from the East. The air is so much warmer & much more moist. I feel like I live with a layer of sand & salt on my skin. It's kinda different to get used to when you're not accustomed to it. I like it though. All of our stuff has a layer of salt/sand & honestly I feel like you hang onto the wind on your skin ... read more
Geoff pre dive
James' Boat

Woke up early today. Last night was the loudest it's been in awhile. Apparently everyone in Corozal owns a dog & they sleep outside & howl the night away. It was crazy noisy. That's why we brought earplugs! Thank goodness. We woke up to an alarm again, or well actually the dogs. Walked to the pier to catch our "water taxi" & waited with everyone else. It was fun to watch the water taxi being loaded with supplies for the cayes. Bags of potatoes, pineapple, sugar, tomatoes, bananas. Local people waiting for the taxi to take them home & a handful of tourists, like us, watiing to get to the cayes. It looked like most tourists were heading for the day for snorkel tours. We were the only two with backpacks or luggage at all, other ... read more
Caye Caulker Split
Mandingo's Trinkets

Woke up early today, with our first alarm yet, to pack since we didn't last night. Procrastinators for sure. It was still dark out. Weird! And raining! Awesome! Oh well. We took a cab to Tulum with our Montreal neighbors. They still have 10 more days of travel ahead. They are an inspiration for sure to travel with the little ones. It was quite the cab ride. We left at 7am with hugs from Sirena & Tina. After driving approx 50km for 2.5 hours we were all grateful to get out of that cab. It was a bouncy ride & rainy still but interesting conversation for sure. We arrived at the bus depot in Tulum & our bus to Chetumal was leaving right then, so we hugged our friends & caught the bus. After a 4 ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Riviera Maya January 15th 2011

After another rainy night & wet clothes on the clothesline... some things may never dry, oh well. Awoken by the roosters & dogs & babies next door. Love it! We had breakfast at Lucy's this morning, which was recommended by Peter. Lucy's is just that, her house, her kitchen, her kitchen table & a small handwritten sign on the wall with what is available to order. We sat at her table & ordered from her brother, who was covering for her for the day so she could go to church with her daughter, Sophia. Sophia was at the table finishing her breafast sandwich. Our breakfast was fantastic of course. Scrambled eggs with ham & empanadas (just made by Lucy's brother) of chicken. Yummm!! After our $8 breakfast we strolled through town, said hello to the dogs ... read more
Self Portrait

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Riviera Maya January 14th 2011

We had delicious coffee this morning from Peter who is from Vancouver BC & owns the only coffee stand (basically an umbrella & a table off the road) I've yet to see in Mexico. It was truly amazing coffee. Not cheap but made with love & care. 60 pesos for our 2 coffees. Like Seattle prices! We met a couple from Quebec who are travelling through Mexico for 3 weeks with their 3 year old & 9 month old. Brave! They said it was easy.... They are in the Palapa next to us & have offered to let us use their kitchen when we would like since we are without one. It's so interesting travelling & meeting all the open & welcoming people from all over the world, including the Mexicans who live here. It's ... read more
Our Boat
Dolphin PA

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Tulum January 13th 2011

Our last morning at Casa Del Sol. We had pancakes for breakfast. Delicioso! They're more like crepes than american pancakes. Yumm. After deciding not to head to Punta Allen yesterday, due to the non-stop rain, we spent the day being entirely lazy with the rest of the people in the hostel. It was actually cold. We had on jackets, pants. Brrrr. It was super duper windy & the air was cold. We had a fairly uneventful day. I got my hair cut & Geoff left the camera at the shop. Yikes! We didnt realize it for hours & searched our room, the hostel. Then remembered the last place we saw it. Thankfully, the woman who cut my hair, Sandra from Guatemala, had hung onto the camera & gave it back to us when we arrived there ... read more
On the Punta Allen Pier
Streets of Punta Allen

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Tulum January 12th 2011

The last few days have been fun. We've stayed in Tulum at Casa del Sol, which is a great little find here. The daily breakfast has been different every day & delicious. Probably because Geoff & I are totally in love with the hand made tortillas (pancakes one day, tortillas with cabbage & beans, tortillas with eggs, beans & catsup). Yummmm. On Monday (1-10) we went diving in Cenotes. It was really different & beautiful. It's a challenge to maintain your bouyancy. I managed to hit a few stalagtites, oops! We went to two Cenotes. The first was Gran Cenote & you could see the light from the outside the entire time. It was amazing. Not a lot of fish but the structures (stalagtites & mites) are incredible. It sort of seems like you are in ... read more
Calavera Cenote
Our Room #11

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Tulum January 9th 2011

We made our way to Tulum today. Not too tough. We packed up our backpacks at Sandos & are still unsure how they seem heavier now than when we carried them through the Seattle airport. Who knows. We haven't added much, just some extra sunblock (yikes, we are white) & some small shampoos from the hotel. We got the last two seats together on the bus, what luck! & watched one couple argue & get off the bus because they couldn't find seats... At least the bus had AC because it was muggy today. Lot's of clouds apparently equates to mugginess. Is that how you spell that? We arrived in Tulum & walked around. Looked at a couple hostels. One looked awesome & was full. One was stinky with a terrible bed. It hurt your butt ... read more
Casa Del Sol
The Carretera Tulum

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