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January 9th 2011
Published: January 10th 2011
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Bus to TulumBus to TulumBus to Tulum

Bus to Tulum
We made our way to Tulum today. Not too tough. We packed up our backpacks at Sandos & are still unsure how they seem heavier now than when we carried them through the Seattle airport. Who knows. We haven't added much, just some extra sunblock (yikes, we are white) & some small shampoos from the hotel. We got the last two seats together on the bus, what luck! & watched one couple argue & get off the bus because they couldn't find seats... At least the bus had AC because it was muggy today. Lot's of clouds apparently equates to mugginess. Is that how you spell that? We arrived in Tulum & walked around. Looked at a couple hostels. One looked awesome & was full. One was stinky with a terrible bed. It hurt your butt just to sit on the edge of it. So, we walked some more & discussed how strong we will be by the time we get home because damn our backpacks are heavy & we are sweating a lot.... But we found a great little place at what seemed like the outskirts of town. Tulum is not large, ps. It's Casa Del Sol & we have
Casa Del SolCasa Del SolCasa Del Sol

Our first Tulum Hostel
our own room with a fan, woohoo! Lifesaver. Check it out if you like: http://www.casadelsolhostels.com/ . We have already met some nice people so far. Efy & Mark from Israel & Canada. It's kinda crazy how social it all is. Oh, & we've talked with too many people about football. We caught the end (last 2 minutes) of the GB/Eagles game at a bar in Tulum. 2 beers (XX of course) for $4. Love it!
For the life of me I can't figure out how to get a picture onto this blog otherwise I would have done so already. OH well. Maybe one of these days I will...
Tomorrow off to dive with www.divetulum.com to meet up with Fernando who cerfitified us on our honeymoon. Some Cenote dives. I'm nervous & trying not to think about the fact that I know I'm claustrophobic. So maybe I should just stop thinking about it. Ok. Done. Geoff's already asleep & I've formed some sort of new ADD version of myself since arriving in Mexico & here I am still typing.
So far we've seen about a million cats & 1/2 million dogs just running around everywhere. They all look well fed &
The Carretera TulumThe Carretera TulumThe Carretera Tulum

Tulum Carretera
happy though & I kinda want to pet them all, but I haven't yet. I'm afraid I don't have enough purell to make it worth my while.


10th January 2011

Just love it!
Oh my gosh, reading this feels like you are here telling us the story! I just love it! Can't wait to hear all about your fun travels! Keep us posted on where you will be in March. It would be awesome to meet up with you!!! Love you both tons!! - Carly

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