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North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Tulum December 12th 2019

Tulum archaeological site is not impressive. Compared to other sites I went in Mexico I can say that: Teotihuacan: these pyramids are huge and the site impressive Palenque: Variety of very white buildings surrounded by forest Calakmul: one of my favorite because it has an 'explorator' ambiance, because it's remote and in the middle of the forest full of animals. Tulum is then remarkable by its beauty: White buildings on the shores of a turquoise sea, magnificent!! It's a classic, nevertheless, it is really a place you should go. Consider this if you want enjoy the site: 1-Arrive EARLY!!! Wake up early and arrive when it opens. Then you have the site almost all by yourself!! When we finished the visit and left around 11:30am, hordes of tourists, like a giant wave were entering and it ... read more
Tulum or igualum?
El Castillo

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Tulum January 9th 2019

Einmal mehr im Jahr 2018 saß ich im Flugzeug… aber diesmal war es das letzte Mal, denn ich würde über Weihnachten und Silvester in Tulum bleiben und gemeinsam mit Julio in das neue Jahr starten. Was 2019 wohl auf mich zukommen wird? Mein Koffer war gepackt voller Geschenke und Überraschungen, passend zum Motto für die kommenden Wochen und Monate: Es ist ein Geschenk, dass wir von nun an zusammen sein dürfen, aber es ist eine Überraschung wohin uns das führen wird. Eins ist klar: Von hier an gehen wir zu zweit. Ich möchte an dieser Stelle das letzte Jahr kurz revuepassiveren lassen: Neue Städte, neue Länder, neue Leute, neue Sprache, neue Projekte, neue Hobbies, neue Horizonte, neue Träume und neue Ziele. So viel Neues hat 2018 gebracht. Aber vor allen Dingen hat sich eines verändert: Meine ... read more
Fotoshoot am Strand mit Julio's Fotografen-Freundin
Unser Dschungelhaus
Der tagtägliche Radlweg durch den Dschungel

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Tulum December 4th 2018

I was not at all well last night so we are contemplating whether our planned trip to a cenote today is a great idea. We had hoped to be up early and at the place close to opening time. We have already missed that by at least an hour. Maybe we will go this afternoon instead? My hair is feeling thick and heavy - maybe it’s time for another haircut. There’s a unisex salon not far away so we pick up our bikes and cycle to it. At the salon there are two guys cutting hair and they look a little surprised when I walk in. Do they cut ladies hair, I enquire via my translator. Yes, they do! The surprise must be because I’m a tourist then? Using sign language I indicate that I would ... read more
More cute puppy pics

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Tulum December 3rd 2018

This morning we are going for a bike ride to the beach. Unfortunately we are up late as we both had a poor nights sleep coughing and spluttering. Plus we are in a small bed here - they only had doubles. Ian also has to deal with a cockroach drama. Fortunately Ian spots it before me so his foot is on top of it only seconds after my shriek. There has been a very bad smell coming from the shower room and also Ian told the lady not to clean our room yesterday as I wasn’t feeling well. We tell the owner and he says they don’t normally have a problem with the drains in this room so he will have it investigated this morning. He also shows us how to fix the air con which ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Tulum December 2nd 2018

I now have Ian’s man-flu. Well actually it’s a hacking chesty cough and I’ve had it a few days, but today it’s really getting to me. I stay in bed all day. Ian has a quiet day reading books in the garden. We have a small shared kitchen here so Ian kindly makes me a jacket potato for dinner as I don’t feel like eating much else. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow!... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Tulum December 1st 2018

Today we have nothing better to do than to catch our bus to Tulum. We stay in our room until checkout at 12 noon and walk to the bus station. A taxi would have been better but we don’t see one and we don’t trust the hotel to order one on our behalf. Although there is some cloud cover it is much less than yesterday and it is sweltering. It takes us only 10 minutes to walk the 2x2 blocks. We have finally got our that we are leaving! We are both sweating buckets as we flop into a couple of seats to wait. We still have an hour to go but we decided that we didn’t want to stay in that hotel a moment longer. There are no convenient cafes near the station, only ... read more
Cute puppy
Puppy patting
People watching

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Tulum March 25th 2018

The second part of our whirlwind Mexican adventure has gone a little like this, ruin, colonial city, colonial city, ruin, colonial city, ruin, ruin. That’s a lot of ruins! And colonial city’s! Welcome to the Yucatan, where Maya ruins and pastel coloured colonial cities seem to vie for your attention. Or you can go to the beach and ignore it all. In fact I suspect that is what a big group of tourists does. But as much as I enjoy the ocean, it was not on our itinerary. At least not as a destination per se. In a sense this trip has been about hitting the highlights, with no room for off-the-beaten track destinations. It doesn’t matter. Now I have got the top sights out of the way, next time I can go to all the ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Tulum March 24th 2018

I was going to call it - Vaya con huevos...15 planes - 50 days but I got the shakes....dribble, drivel....driveby.... I’ve been pondering, editing, rewriting all this travel blog crapola and wondering why I was feeling lost and alone... Shaky, shaky, hands off snakey, where are the real ramblings of the truly disrupted discredited disillusioned deranged once-was-mine mind? Is it the normal transitional trembling, early onset Parko’s, alco-fuelled shakeys, pinched shoulder nerve (ha, that’s a good one!!) can all these tremors be San Andreas’ fault? PS spellcheck is a real pain in the arse when you’re trying to write Spanish and/or bullshit! Can one turn it off? Spellcheck smartarse. So, back to the wide brown for a few views, no news, up to the pre-bushfried Brogo although I think we/you/they/us dodged the fiery bullet again, drat! ... read more
Our big A380
Mexican Banh mi
Baby driver

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Tulum March 18th 2018

Ich kam am Freitag, den 16. März gegen 15h in Tulum an. Es waren vom Busterminal ungefähr 10 Minuten zu fuß zu meinem Hostel (Chill Inn Hostel) und ich hatte einige Schwierigkeiten es zu finden, denn es gab auf der Türe keinerlei Hinweise darauf, dass es sich bei dieser Tür um den Eingang zu einem Hostel handelt. Zum Glück habe ich einen netten Mann auf der Straße getroffen, der mir weitergeholfen hat. Zuerst meinte er, es sei wohl noch 4 Blocks weiter (OMG!!!), aber das war zum Glück nur ein Witz! Es war nur ein paar Türen weiter. Mein erster Eindruck vom Hostel war nicht gut : der Rezeptionist war high (nehm ich mal an), es gab nicht wirklich viele Sitzgelegenheiten draußen, zumindest keine die gemütlich aussahen, und die Küche sah nicht sehr sauber aus. Deshalb ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Tulum April 17th 2017

Wednesday, 12 April A shockingly early start at 5.25am, witnessing a pathetic sunrise thanks to blocking clouds and a 7am departure on the water taxi. This return trip goes without incident – thank God! Fork out yet another 1000 pesos to re-enter Mexico, which was a shock. I thought we’d payed all the departure taxes as part of our airfares but apparently leaving and entering via land incurs different taxes. 1400 pesos pp is what our Belizean sojourn cost. There’s $100 we didn’t budget for. We collected the car, drove 40 minutes north to a town called Bacalar, which is on an amazing lagoon. This is just as beautiful as Caye Caulker in colours, although Mum and Dad say the island is their highlight of the trip so Bacalar is close but no cigar. Personally, I’d ... read more

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