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February 14th 2011
Published: February 16th 2011
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Our first coffee processing plantOur first coffee processing plantOur first coffee processing plant

and apparently not our last.
Happy Valentine's Day! Heart Heart!

(I still woke up at 6). We had delicious coffee & toasted bread with refried beans & parmesan cheese on it. A pretty standard breakfast around here. The Senora made it for us. Apparently breakfast is included in the room price. I always forget to ask. It's such a nice treat though. Geoff ate all of his toast which is kind of a surprise because at home he never ever eats refried beans. I think the abundance of refrieds here has finally worn him down!

Our plan today is to go see a Cigar Factory & a Coffee Processing Plant both of which apparently do tours. Took a taxi to La Flor De Copan Cigars & knocked on the door. The guy at the door told me probably today they couldn't do a tour. Apparently they were setting up for a huge event. It looked like it could be for a wedding in their big courtyard. Oh well. Strike one. We then took another taxi (thank goodness they're only $1.25 per ride) to the coffee plant. We were let in at the gate by the guard, dressed in plainclothes, holding a shotgun. We then
Our Valentine's Day lunchOur Valentine's Day lunchOur Valentine's Day lunch

at Santa Rosa de Copan's finest Chinese restaurant.
waited in the office where we were each given a cup of coffee (in cup on a saucer, so cute!) & we sat there & waited. After about 30 minutes, where we'd discussed what differentiates a mammal from other animals, we were getting a bit antsy. I asked how long the receptionist thought we'd be waiting. She said she'd check. After another 15 minutes she left, came back & said Peter (who was supposed to show us around) is still busy with things & it may be awhile longer. I said, how long. She said it could be a long while. So we left. 0 for 2. Darnit.

We saved our $1 & walked back into town. Plus Geoff said he couldn't remember the last time he'd had 3 cups of coffee in one day & he was wound up! It was funny. So we walked. I stopped at a shoe store & bought some knockoff Nike's because my sneakers literally smell like the stinkiest feet ever. Something has gone terribly wrong with those shoes & I know it isn't because of my feet, which do not smell. New shoes, check!

As we were walking across the street to catch another taxi, Geoff spotted a Chinese restaurant & we ended up there. There was not one single Asian person in the place, working or eating but the food was good. It's nice to mix up the tacos with some different food once in awhile. The portions were massive & we had a bunch to take on the road with us. Always fun to carry food on the bus, but oh well, can't throw it away. It was our Valentine's Meal!

After lunch we caught another taxi that already had a two passengers. We dropped one of them off and then promptly picked up another one. Fortunately we dropped them both off at the same location. Finally back to the hotel, then back to the bus area on the side of the highway & we were whisked immediately onto an already full bus. Rapido rapido! We had to stand for awhile & when a seat opened up I was the only one there & everyone motioned for me to sit down. Oh joy, next to the guy who smelled like he just rolled around in his own pee & then threw up all over himself. It was Great!
Our room atOur room atOur room at

Tres Piedras Hotel.
At least the windows were open. Every time the bus stopped I literally held my breath until we got moving again. Finally a double seat opened up so Geoff and I sat together. Whew. Stinky! The drive was beautiful. Lot's of vibrant red, yellow & pink flowering trees & dense jungle.

At one of the random pickups along the side of the road Geoff noticed the little boy carrying a pink & white striped plastic bag with a huge rooster in it. His head was sticking out the side between the handles & he was just chilling. Geoff wondered why he wasn't freaking out on the bus, I think it isn't his first bus ride.

When we arrived in Gracias we were going to try to snap a pic of "rooster in a bag" when we were distracted completely by the squealing pig in a bag! A piglet with his head sticking out the side of the plastic bag. It must have been his first bus ride because he was not enjoying himself at all.

We walked into town & caught a tuk tuk (aka moto-taxi) to our first hotel option. They wanted 700 Lempira for the night. I was astonished until Geoff reminded me it was really only about $35. It just sounds like so much & we've been paying 300L for rooms so far. So we moved on & found a lovely little hotel with the cleanest bathroom I've seen in a long time. They're only 2 years old so the bed is super comfy & everything is sparkly. Love it! It's still 500L but worth every little Lempira!

After walking around a bit & getting drizzled on we headed back for our room. We enjoyed left over Chinese food (yeah for microwaves here!) & had a quiet night in to finish off our Valentine's Day Celebration. The wifi here is fabulous so we caught up on pics & Blogs & just relaxed. And! A lovely hot shower! Everyone says they have hot showers but most of them are telling fibs. This one is hot, although terrible water pressure but who can complain when it's hot!

I stayed up until 11 pm!


16th February 2011
Our Valentine's Day lunch

I love the hand sanitizer on the table with you :) Happy Valentine's Day you two!
26th February 2011

Where are You?
It's been 2 weeks since your last entry. Where are you? I've been following your blog pretty intently and living vicariously thru your travels so now without any word in the last two weeks I'm getting worried about you, like most others I believe. Please blog....

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