Jewel Cay to Little Cay

Published: March 9th 2011
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We had our last Baleada at Mayra's this morning. Geoff thinks it was the best one yet. They're always so good.

After packing up we headed to the Captain Morgan's dock & enjoyed the morning breeze. Barry, whose family owns the two Cays, picked us up in his boat around 10 am. We stopped by his dads house on our way out. He & his dad & their spouses live on the end of Pigeon Cay, which is attached to Jewel Cay by a bridge. His dad has set up an in ocean aquarium. It's pretty neat but some of the fish in there were looking a little too big for their pen. I kind of wanted to help them escape. After meeting the family, we headed to Little Cay where we will spend 2 nights.

Little Cay is about a 10-15 minute boat ride off of Pigeon Cay. It is so beautiful. The island is probably a little less than an acre round & has a big house on it. There was easily enough room for 15 people to sleep comfortably there, but it was just us! Barry dropped us off, taught us how to use the generator, & left us to our own devices. Most of the electricity in the house is solar power which was cool but we had to use the generator to charge our camera & computer.
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Geoff decided it was going to be a naked island so he was pretty quickly in his birthday suit. We tried to sit in the sun but it was blazing hot, so we opted for shade. When the sun wants to blaze it really does. It's got to be about 90 degrees today & barely any breeze. Roasty toasty. We snorkeled around the island & saw a ton of fish. The coral is a little different out here than our Capt Morgan's dock but it was still really pretty. We saw some big puffers & a Barracuda followed us around for awhile. They always look so creepy but I guess they are just super curious fish. I just don't like how they like to follow from behind you at all times. Oh well.

It was fun to have a whole kitchen to ourselves. We haven't had that luxury since home. I immediately wanted to cook something. We made some beverages & enjoyed the view. It's so quiet, all you can hear is the waves crashing. Heaven! We watched the pelicans fish off the dock. Whevenver they catch a fish they shake their tailfeathers. I love it!
It was also weird to have so much space to spread out. We are so accustomed to having a small room & that's it. We promptly had our stuff spread out all over the house. No problem moving in.

There's a cat that lives on the island. We forgot to ask Barry for her name so we named her Tiki. She's like a dog. She follows us everywhere we go & begs for food & talks A LOT. She's super cute though & it was fun to have her around for entertainment.

That evening Geoff built a fire in the BBQ pit out of wood from the island & palm tree fronds. It took awhile to get going but it all worked out. We bought another snapper from the fish factory before we left Jewel Cay & we're cooking it whole tonight. I stuffed it with garlic, lime wedges, fresh ginger, & onions. I also made a veggie curry. I do miss my kitchen. It felt really good to cook. Our dinner turned out fantastically good. The fish was incredible. The ginger flavor seemed to absorb all throughout the fish. Yummy! My first attempt at curry was a success too. Whew! As soon as we brought the fish out of the fridge Tiki was stuck to us meowing & rubbing against our legs. Little beggar. But it paid off. We gave her the fish head, after we cleaned it pretty well ourselves of course. We watched the sunset while cooking dinner. The house is awesome because there are windows everywhere & they are all open without screens so you just hear the ocean, feel the breeze, like you are right outside. So good.

We spent some quality time looking over our Central America map & planning our next steps through Nicaragua. Which won't be for awhile, but it's fun to plan. We want to spend more time in the Bay Islands for sure before we head inland. It's just too nice out here.

Instead of sleeping in our room, we pulled a mattress off one of the beds & put it on the deck to sleep under the stars. There are sooooo many stars. It's crazy. It was so fun sleeping under the stars because every time we'd wake up the sky would be different. We watched the Big Dipper make a complete 180 degree turn while moving across the sky. Probably my favorite nights sleep since we left home. Nothing beats sleeping under the stars when you only need a sheet & a thin blanket.

It was such a perfect day. And such a rejuvenating time for us. It's nice to spend some time completely alone, without neighbors, kitchen mates, etc. Just recharge the two of us. I don't ever want to leave.....

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Ran out of foil for the fish. Ran out of foil for the fish.
Ran out of foil for the fish.

Oh well, he still cooked up well!

11th March 2011
Planning the next portions of our trip over dinner.

umm, hello
Hahaha could you be sitting farther apart, lol loving it!
18th March 2011

Wow, your private island looks soooooo amazing!!!!!!!!

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