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February 26th 2011
Published: March 6th 2011
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Motoring toward The MazeMotoring toward The MazeMotoring toward The Maze

at Turtle Harbor.
Up & at 'em early. Diving again this morning. Have to be ready on the dock by 730ish. Although we never leave until about 815-830. But that's ok. We're becoming very quick at assembling our gear. It's such good practice to have to put it all together every morning & switch tanks on the boat after the first dive. It helps the comfort level for sure. Although I wish I was a little stronger. The equiptment is heavy!

Today we are fun diving only. We are now officially Advanced Open Water Divers! Woohoo!!! Today we are diving with Jason as our DM & our group is all AOW Divers, so he said we get to go deep on our first dive! Yippee! It's just us, M&L, & Kelly from Canada.

Our first dive was at The Maze on the North side of Utila. It was beautiful. Another wall dive which are our favs. We went to about 90ft & saw a huge Queen Trigger Fish. They are soooo beautiful. It looks like they apply eye makeup before heading out to swim. And they are so bright blue. Beautiful. Saw my Flamingo Tongue again. Love him.
Our next dive was a return to Raggedy Cay but we went in a different direction than the first day, so it's like a new dive. Jason gave us a good amount of freedom to move around, as long as he could see us, we could roam & check stuff out. Which I love, because when diving everyone moves at a different pace. Geoff is always all over the place, I like to look at the small stuff, as do Mike & Liz so we are all slow. It's nice to have a little freedom. We saw an Orange Spotted Filefish today, he was big & super cute! Drumfish, Honeycomb Cowfish, Spotted Burrfish, a huge Porcupine Fish, & many many more. So awesome! I'm addicted. Plus, now after our training, we are both feeling so much more confident in the water & with our ability to control our movements & buoyancy. It makes such a huge difference. I love
it! So glad we took the class.

Back home & no nap today. Trying to stay awake & enjoy the day! We shared a fish burger & some yummy nachos at the Harbor Cafe. Their view is amazing because their restaurant is on the
Queen TriggerfishQueen TriggerfishQueen Triggerfish

She was beautiful!
third floor. It was another beautiful clear, sunny day, so it was magnificent! We spent some time with the fish book & talked about what we saw. I'm going to miss having those books around. What a perfect reference source. After lunch Geoff realized he had lost his bracelet (for the second time) & his new wedding ring (a silver ring from Tulum). Oops. Busy lunch. We went looking for the ring & bracelet, but he had been throwing chicken out to the water from the deck, to watch the fish eat it & had the ring on a smaller finger. I think the fish now have it. Kinda funny stuff really. But we looked anyway. The water is so clear we thought maybe we'd see it. tee hee hee. No luck of course. Oh well. Now he's wearing my wooden ring from Belize as a wedding ring. We'll see how long that lasts. 😉 Silly silly.

We spent some QT in our room & read & journaled. It's amazing how much sun you feel like you get just from diving & being on a dive boat. I guess with all the blue water around reflecting sun in every direction it's not too surprising. But we needed a break from the sun.

The owners of the hotel/hostel on the Cay live right next door to the hotel we're staying in. The quieter hotel for couples. They are sooo sweet! Jeanette & Donald. The accents the locals have on this Cay are so thick. It's totally island style speak, but with some sort of unusual flair. I'm finally feeling like I understand some of what they are saying. It's like Hawaiin Island Pidgen meets Creole meets Fargo, North Dakota. It's a trip. But I love it & want their accent too. 😉

Mike & Liz made us dinner tonight which is great because I was feeling lazy. They made a yummy veggie curry & rice. We had a nice little sit down in the kitchen. Little family time.

We hung out a bit in the hostel with others but everyone was pretty mellow after the prior nights festivities. Off to bed early for some reading & a good nights sleep.

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Still looking forStill looking for
Still looking for

Flamingo Tongues.
Spiny Lobster.Spiny Lobster.
Spiny Lobster.

Dinner anyone?
Azure Vase Sponge w/Azure Vase Sponge w/
Azure Vase Sponge w/

a Sharpnose Puffer inside.
Honeycomb CowfishHoneycomb Cowfish
Honeycomb Cowfish

One of our favorites.
Heading back to Jewel CayHeading back to Jewel Cay
Heading back to Jewel Cay

after two amazing dives.
Nachos, beers &Nachos, beers &
Nachos, beers &

another beautiful view.

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