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North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas February 12th 2010

We booked a sunset cruise at the resort for Friday night. Well, actually we booked it for Wednesday night and changed it to Thursday night, then changed it to Friday night because of the weather forescasts. We're glad we're here for as long as we are because if we were here for just a few days and Wednesday and Thursday were 2 of the days, we wouldn't be too happy. But, we are here for 10 days and the weather has been very nice every other day. I know those of you back home are shoveling snow and probably don't want to hear me bitch about overcast and 72 degrees. So tonight we went on the sunset cruise on a double decker catamaran named the Cabo Escape. It was explained to us that the upper deck ... read more
At the Marina
Party Deck
The First Dancers

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas February 11th 2010

Wednesday was an overcast, rainy, cool day so we just hung around the resort waiting for the sun to come out, which it never did. So Thurday we rented a jeep and decided to drive to the town of Todos Santos on the Pacifica side of the Baja Peninsula. We couldn't get the jeep until 10:30 so my big plans of making an all day tour to Todos Santos, La Paz and San Jose de Cabo were not fulfilled. Although it was still somewhat overcast, we spent a half hour wrestling the top down on the jeep. Of course the girl who worked for Thrifty had no idea how to get it down. So we decided to drive up to Todos Santos, see the sites there and return. It's a drive of about 75km or 50 ... read more
Hotel California
Hotel California Cafe
Todos Santos Mission

Today we took a cab down to the shopping mall near the marina in search of a sweatshirt for Jan to deal with the cool evenings. We hit every store on three levels without finding a sweatshirt and that was enough for me. It was time to go down to the Marina to get hounded by the guys hawking the fishing boats. We went to a place called Ole Ole and had a couple margaritas and some chips and guacamole. Wow, full strength drinks that aren't from the all inclusive place hit you fast! I had enough of a buzz to go talk to one of the fishing boat guys and get him excited about signing us up, with no intention of doing so. I think we're going to book the fishing at the resort. We ... read more
Squid Roe
Cabo Wabo
Margarita Time

We arrived here Saturday afternoon and checked in to our resort, the RIU Santa Fe, right on the beach with a view of the rocks at the end of the Baja Peninsula. The place is gorgeous and the weather ain't bad either, although the nights are a bit cool-60 degrees. The days are sunny and 78. The resort is all inclusive and these places must be owned by a conglomeration of alcohol rehab facilities. It's a good investment for them because everyone drinks about 18 hours a day. We did a pretty good job of keeping up with them. The first couple days all we did was go to the pool, walk the beach and----drink. We have eaten pretty well, too. Beaucoup Canadians here. Probably outnumber the Americans 2-1. With 10 days here, we're in no ... read more
View From Our Balcony
Main Plaza in Resort
Walking the Beach

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Land O' Lakes February 2nd 2010

We had one more mission to accomplish and that was to bring Steve's original windshield up to KMS for the sled he traded in. He was able to fit it in his tunnel bag and Tuesday's mission was to ride to Houghton and back, a ride of around 200+ miles. On the way up, we stopped at Bond Falls beween Watersmeet and Bruce Crossing, since Jim had not seen the falls. They are pretty in the winter with so much of the water frozen in the falls. When we arrived at KMS, Steve had them add a couple more accessories while he and Jim went for lunch. I rode down 15 miles to the Mosquito Inn for lunch and they met me down there for the 90 mile ride back to Land O. Now for the ... read more
Me & Steve
Steve & His New Steed

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Land O' Lakes February 1st 2010

Monday, Jamie and Dale had to leave for home and I had to trailer my newest snow machine the '09 Renegade 83 miles up to Keweenaw Motor Sports to have studs installed in the track. Steve and Jim decided to trailer up there also so we could ride together for the rest of the day while my studs were installed. Steve had been considering trading in his '09 Skidoo Renegade 800 ever since the last engine change for a new Etec 600 at Keweenaw Motorsports. He had been bombarding Jim and I with questions for at least the previous week, struggling mightily to come to a decision. The fuse problem made up his oft changing mind for good. After riding my 600 Etec, he was sold. All that remained was the lengthy decision process of which ... read more
Me & Steve
Stev & Etec 800
Jim & Steve

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Land O' Lakes January 31st 2010

Sunday morning Steve drove the boys down to Stevens Point to drop off Jack and Collin with the babysitter and then drove back to the cabin. We decided to meet at his cabin around 1:00 so I went for a little 65 mile loop ride through the forest roads and to the cabin. The late departure worked out fine for Jamie and Dale since they had ridden over 200 miles Saturday and made a lengthy pit stop at the Black Oak bar the night before. It was determined that the reason for the blown fuses was the electric heated shield plug and we convinced Steve he could ride without a problem if he just didn't plug that thing in. So, Steve, Jim, Jamie, Dale and I decided to make a 130 mile loop into the UP ... read more
Little Bohemia
Bullet Holes in Window
Bullet Holes in Wall

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Land O' Lakes January 30th 2010

With Jan and I heading to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico next week, I wanted to get in one more trip up north to get in some riding. My friend Steve built a beautiful cabin on Big Lake, one of the lakes on the Cisco chain just west of Land O' Lakes this year and he and some friends were up riding since Friday. I arrived on Saturday and we planned to ride together Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Steve's friends who were up for the trip and staying at his new cabin were: Jim from near the Twin Cities in Minnesota and Jamie and Dale from near Delavan in southern Wisconsin. Steve also had his two sons up for the weekend, Jack and Collin. I've ridden with Steve, Jamie and Jim a couple times in the ... read more
In The Kitchen
View From Upstairs

North America » United States » Michigan » UP January 16th 2010

The video above is from the hill climb races we stopped to see. The hill is a lot steeper than the video looks. As one of the more experienced off-trail riders I know, Todd from Keweenaw Motor Sports, said; "It's pretty intimidating!" After a good night's sleep, thanks at least in part to the massage, we walked across the street for breakfast at The Pines. It was looking to be another gorgeous day in the Northland; beaucoup sunshine and temps predicted to be in the low 30's. We saddled up and headed to Trail 3 for the ride up to the top of Brockway Mountain. We stopped a little over halfway up for the mandatory photo op overlooking Copper Harbor and Lake Fanny Hooe. At least on a beautiful, clear day like this it's mandatory. We've ... read more
Always Thumbs Up
Thumbs Up From Ray
Ray & His MXZ 600

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Land O' Lakes January 15th 2010

Ray, my next door neighbor, joined me on this trip to Land O' Lakes, WI. We met my good friend and past co-worker, Rich at the Gateway Lodge on Thursday evening. Rich is one of the original Snowhawgs and founder of the Snowhawg Racing Team. In the past, Rich campaigned sleds in drag races around Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan. He had a lot of success and his favorite was winning the beer can trophy for the championship of the Delaware Days Races organized by the Range Snowmobile Club in South Range, MI. He has since retired from racing and limits his snowmobiling to trail riding. I guess we are all getting a little older. It's probably time to explain the origin of the nickname "Snowhawg" that I use for email and was the name of our ... read more
Ray & Rich
Ray & Me.
Sleds on the Tressel

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