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North America » United States » Illinois » Orland Park June 23rd 2009

I left Weyburn, Saskatchewan about 1:00 in the afternoon because I was able to watch the finale of the US Open in my room. Damn, another disappointing finish for Phil, but I will still pull for him. While cruising down Highway 39 toward the border, I kept feeling a vibration at 75 mph and I was sure I had a wheel out of balance, so I found a Cenex shop in Kenmare, ND that could check them in a half hour. It turned out that I had thrown all the weights off all 4 wheels except for one. It had to happen on the stutter bumps on that Taylor Highgway in Alaska and I hadn't noticed since I hadn't been able to cruise at 75 till I got to straighter highways. You never know when you'll ... read more
Welcome Home!

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Regina June 21st 2009

It's Sunday night, Father's Day and I'm in Weyburn, Saskatchewan about 1-1/2 hours away from the US border to N. Dakota. It's just about midnight here and I've just received an email from Heather & Brett with a letter attached for me for father's day and I still have tears in my eyes. On top of that, Field of Dreams is on Bravo and I'm crying as I always do when Kevin Costner plays catch with his dad. All of you baseball people friends can identify with that. It never crossed my mind when I left for this trip that I wouldn't be home for father's day and now I feel a little guilty that I'm not home. I've made some pretty good ground today, though. I've put on 680 miles since Whitecourt, AB. It's funny, ... read more
Grain Elevator
Moose Jaw

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse June 20th 2009

As I previously said, when I left Dawson I wanted to start heading for home in the most direct way. I headed down from Dawson to Whitehorse, where I got back on the Alaska Highway. I ended up putting on over 400 miles and camping on Teslin lake in the Yukon. I was back driving through the Northern Rockies, which is a very beautiful, remote area. It is chock full of mountian goats, bears and moose. Having gone through the Northern Rockies on my way north, I kept thinking these are the Grandpa mountains of the Rockie Mountain Range. They must be older than their southern brethren. They are a little more slope shouldered, yet still a beautiful area with gorgeous lakes between the mountains. The driving is very winding and narrow with big drops on ... read more
Wild Bison

North America » Canada » Yukon » Dawson City June 17th 2009

My next must see location before I go home is Dawson City, Yukon Territory, but I decided to spend the night in Tok, Alaska and see if I could find a new set of tires. One of the things that I pondered long and hard before I left was the tires on the Burban. (BTW, in my many long miles alone in the car and listening to my Jack London audiobooks, I've started to call her "Buck," after the St. Bernard Shepherd mix sled dog hero of "Call of the Wild." I know I've always thought of cars in the female, like ships, but I think she is as good as old Buck was. Maybe I'm going a bit stir or scenery crazy) The tires had about 55,000 miles on them before I left, but still ... read more
Chicken, AK
Gold Mine Dredge-Chicken
At The Border

North America » United States » Alaska » Wrangell June 16th 2009

(This is going to be a biggie.) I headed down the dirt road from Slana and thought, 42 miles of dirt road, I'll be there in about an hour. Well, it took me more like an hour and a half. Mostly because I'm a lifelong flatlander so crossing creeks with big rocks in them is new to me. I stopped at the first one, surveyed it, then thought I'd better get moving so I don't get stuck. I probably went a bit too fast because I bottomed out on the rocks bouncing through. When I got to the other side, I kept listening for loose parts and didn't hear anything rubbing or banging, so I kept on going. The next couple crossings were easier because I now was no longer a tenderfoot at this thing. But ... read more
Devils Mountain Lodge
Gassing Up My Ride

North America » United States » Alaska » Valdez June 15th 2009

When I left Seward, I intended on driving the Glenn Highway to the east from Wasilla to the Tok (pronounced Toke) Cutoff Highway and start heading closer to the Alaska Highway, which runs through Tok. I spent the night in a campground in a place called King Mountain State Rec. Area. It was about 1:00 AM when I pulled in there. The Glenn Highway drive is another very scenic area. But I didn’t get to see a whole lot of it since it was rainy with low clouds obscuring the mountains all around me. This is the second straight day of rain. A few people have told me that Valdez is a real nice spot, so I figured I’d head down there. Valdez is the seaport city where the Alaska pipeline ends. It’s also called Little ... read more
Valdez Overlook
Town Was Moved
Gakona Lodge

North America » United States » Alaska » Seward June 13th 2009

After my misadventures and adventures in the Talkeetna area, I headed south to Wasilla to buy a new digital camera. I was told to go to a Ritz store there so I plugged it into the GPS and off I went. I really wanted another Canon because I've been so happy with the one I broke. I couldn't find the store. It was in a strip mall, but I couldn't find it. I ran into a mail man and he pointed to a coffee place and said Ritz was right next to it. When I got there, there was only a toy store. I went inside and the lady told me Ritz closed, but said there's another in Anchorage, another 40 miles away. So off I went to Anchorage. I had been thinking about seeing the ... read more
Exit Glacier
Exit Glacier
Spawning Salmon

North America » United States » Alaska » Talkeetna June 11th 2009

Howard, the owner of the Susitna River Lodge, sent me some pictures he recently took of Brown Bears. They are so cool I had to add them to this story. I guess I always didn't have perfect luck. I wish I had been there when, as Howard said, they were overrun with bears. Thanks Howard.... read more
Talkeetna Bears
Talkeetna Bears
Talkeetna Bears

North America » United States » Alaska » Talkeetna June 10th 2009

(If you've been wondering why I took so long to add this update, read on and you'll find out.) I left Fairbanks with Denali National Park as my next destination. Thanks to the good old Milepost I finally found an interesting bar along the highway: Skinny Dick's Halfway Inn. I had a beer (no Bloody Mary mix or tomato juice) and checked out the most extensive collection of goofy, utterly tasteless sexual humor I've ever seen...... It was great. I got to the park mid-afternoon and decided to drive in as far as they allow cars, only 15 miles. To really see the park, you have to take a bus. There are several different tours, but to see the whole park it's an 8 hour day so I decided to head down to Talkeetna where they ... read more
Enuff Said
Susitna River Lodge
Mt. McKinley

When I was getting ready to depart Kluane Lake, I thought I would plug Fairbanks, AK into the "where to" on the GPS. It just said, "Turn in 443 miles." I guess I won't get lost. There's only one road to get there. I got an early start. After Whitehorse the road gets quite a bit rougher and the wilderness is deeper. There are more and more frost heaves in the road. The engineers call them thaw bulbs. They cause a roller coaster type ride and you better slow down or they'll launch you. They are usually about 50 feet across and you rise, then drop, then rise again. They occur because all of the land here is permafrost down a few feet which never thaws. The road itself causes an unnatural thaw in the permafrost ... read more
Quite a Rig
Breakfast in the Yukon
I Made It!

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