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North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse June 8th 2009

By the way, If you ever make this trip, I highly suggest you plan to bypass the town of Watson Lake. Suffice to say, it’s a dump. That opinion may be influenced by the hotel I stayed in and the lousy internet connection. I heard from Lucy about this and she enjoyed her stop here. After leaving Watson Lake, I stopped at a great place for breakfast, called Nugget City, with a pretty cool gift shop and a great café: the Wolf It Down Café. Thanks again to Bryan for loaning me his copy of “Milepost.” It is THE bible for travelers in the North, particularly the Alaska Highway. It has every possible thing in it, mile by mile. That’s how I decided to have breakfast at Nugget City. My next destination was Whitehorse, on the ... read more
Nisutlin Bay Bridge
Yukon River
The Klondike

North America » Canada » Yukon » Watson Lake June 8th 2009

After leaving Jasper, I drove to Grande Cache, AB and spent Friday night in a hotel. I knew that it was time to start racking up some miles and I was anxious to get to the Alaska Highway. The first stop on Saturday was in Dawson Creek, BC, the town where the Alaka Highway starts. I picked up BC, Yukon and Alaka maps there at the visitor center. I drove another 140 miles and decided to camp at Pink Mountain. At the camp, I shared the fire of 2 guys on motorcycles that were also headed to Alaska. One was driving a Goldwing and the other a HD Road King. They are from Holland and work for Holland America Cruise Line and currently live in Seattle. Their names were Arnold and Ronald and at first hearing ... read more
Toad River
Forest Fire
Lead Truck

I was ignorant of Jasper National Park before this trip and really hadn't put it on my intinerary. But, thanks to Zoe, Simon & Rob for telling me I had to go. More mindblowing places. Driving through I just kept telling myself, "It never ends." Meaning the absolutely spectacular scenery. Quite a few people have told me that the Canadian Rockies were probably even more spectacular than the Rockies in the US and I always thought that they had to be wrong. Well, I haven't seen all of the US Rockies but they may be right. You drive for over 200 miles and every mile is astounding. There are beaucoup glaciers everywhere in the huge mountains. I could have taken a thousand pictures. (And almost did). By the way, great weather again. Fair and 60's. I ... read more
Columbia Icefield
Columbia Ice Field-Jasper

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise June 5th 2009

I know that probably everyone has seen the pictures and surely some of you have been here, but this is everything I thought it would be and more. Jan, we WILL come here and I promise I'll fly. I've often said that, as much as I like photography, NO photograph can match the awe of seeing places like this with your own eyes. How blown away am I? Just know this, any of you who know me have heard me say that the most beautiful place on earth (that I've seen) is the Road to Hana on Maui, which Jan and I have done 3 times and I'd do again any time, and hopefully will. Well, if I had to pick the one most spectacularly beautiful view, this is it. Perhaps Lake Geneva, Switzerland is on ... read more
Mountain Goat
Lake Louise
Bentley Tour

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park June 4th 2009

A new country! After seeing all of Glacier that I could, I headed north into Alberta. Going through customs took about a 1/2 hour because I had to declare the shotgun I brought with me. It went just fine, just took a bit longer than with nothing to declare. (Special thanks to Joe, who convinced me not to try to smuggle a handgun in.) Being tired from the previous night's activity, I figured I'd get to Calgary and find a motel. Well, I screwed up and got caught in the evening rush and decided I just had to get past Calgary. So, I pressed on to Banff, the town inside Banff National Park. Boy, am I glad I did. Driving through the part of Alberta south of Calgary and east of the Rockies is reeaaal flat. ... read more
Banff to the East

(Comments welcome and enjoyed to any and all entries!) Well, I did make it to Glacier National Park and as I’m writing this, I’m CAMPING! I guess if you call backing up the Suburban into a campsite camping, then I’m camping. I’m currently at a campsite in Glacier called Sprague Creek right on Lake MacDonald. It really is cool with the sun about to set just across the lake from my campsite. I decided not to pitch the tent, knowing how easily I get aggravated. So, I’ll spend my first night sleeping in the back of Old Gray. I had enough aggravation getting here today from Missoula. There was about 20 miles of road construction on Highway 93 heading up here. I guess Chicago isn’t the only place with 2 seasons: winter & construction. But, I’m ... read more
The Aussies
Glacier Friends

North America » United States » Montana » Missoula June 2nd 2009

Well, I'm writing this as I'm sitting in the waiting room of the Chevy dealer here in Missoula at 1:00 PM. It's a beautiful dealership, but it could use a Bloody Mary bar in the waiting room. On the way here, the truck kept giving a "Service Engine Soon" warning so I brought it here to be checked out. It turned out I was getting a misfire and they are putting new spark plugs and plug wires in it to the tune of $450. In the old days, I'd put a set of spark plugs in the old '71 Torino and could put new plug wires on for about $50 in parts and a half hour or so of labor. In the meantime, I've got Walgreen's filling a prescription for me. It's going to be a ... read more

I spent today seeing more of Grand Teton National Park. I headed into town for a couple more pictures without rain. I did some hiking around the Jenny Lake and Cascade Canyon part of the park. It was a pleasant day with temps in the 60's and partly sunny. There are 2 lakes in the park, a small one, Jenny Lake and a very large one, Jackson Lake, to the north. I originally planned to bypass Yellowstone because I have been there 6-7 times in winter on snowmobile trips. The plan was to drive into Idaho on a road north of Teton called Grassy Lake Road, a gravel road that winds through the mountains for about 40 miles to the town of Ashton, ID. In talking to a young guy who works as a tour guide ... read more
Alaska Trip b 004

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson May 31st 2009

I drove up from Rock Springs to Jackson today and made a short trip through Grand Teton National Park on Wilson-Moose Road, a ride suggested to me by Bryan because it offers the opportunity to see moose along the Snake River. I looked long and hard, but no moose sightings. The road offers spectacular views of the Teton Range, though. These mountains are very jagged and vertical. There are no foothills obstructing the view and these gigantic mountains just seem to erupt from the lower, flatter terrain. I decided to spend the night in Jackson where rooms were readily available since the tourist season is just getting started and not as crazy as it soon will be. Once checked in, I went down to the town square. Rain had come in after a beautiful, sunny afternoon. ... read more
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Alaska Trip a 017

North America » United States » Wyoming May 30th 2009

Well, I finally got on the road about 10:30 AM Friday, a little later than I was hoping. My buddy Bryan stopped by to wish me well and loan me his tent and 2 sleeping bags. (one for me and one for???) Just kidding. One is a zero degree bag and the other more of a medium weight bag. I said I would try camping! Friday I made it to Gothenburg, Nebraska, about 730 miles from home straight west on I-80. Wow, Illinois, Iowa, Eastern Nebraska. If you woke up in any of these states, I dare you to tell me where you are. Thank God for audiobooks. Of course, Gothenburg is very famous for having a Pony Express Station in the center of town. :) I had hoped to make it to Jackson, Wyoming on ... read more
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Alaska Trip (6)

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