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North America » United States » Utah » Zion National Park September 11th 2007

We decided to have breakfast out, and stopped outside the park , egg and cheese bagels at an cute little café. We took the 8:15 shuttle into the canyon. The only way to see the 10 mile Zion Canyon Drive is by shuttle and it is very easy to use and very efficient. The shuttle is totally free, cuts down on pollution and there is virtually no waiting - the shuttle comes every 7 minutes. We took the shuttle to the last stop at the end of the canyon, Temple of Sinawava. We hiked the Riverside Walk Trail to the end of where you could walk. People had water shoes and kept going up the canyon by walking in the Virgin River. We spotted a mule deer along the trail. Next we stopped at Big Ben ... read more
Sunrise in Zion
Zion Valley Landscape
Our hike along the Virgin River

North America » United States » Nevada » Lake Mead September 10th 2007

After a simply horrific night’s sleep, with left this beautiful desert campsite and headed south for the Hoover Dam. There was a security point that all vehicle needs to stop for, and because we have a car top carrier and cargo rack, they pulled us over for a search. The road leading to the dam drives right over the top of it. We parked and walked over to the dam and saw the Colorado River on our left meandering into the dam and two towers each with a gigantic clock. One read “Nevada Time” the other “Arizona Time”. I didn’t realize that the dam lied in two states. Another curious thing was the clocks both read the same time? Dave explained that Arizona does not observe daylight savings time. On the right was the huge wall ... read more
Campsite in Boulder Beach
Hoover Dam
Beautiful lake Mead

A lazy Sunday morning here in Mammoth Lakes, CA. We took our time getting going this morning, a well deserved break. After breakfast we went into town, did laundry and grocery shopping. We found a free wi-fi at Looney Beans. I was finally able to download Verizon Wireless software on to the new Vista computer (after 4 months of waiting for the software to become available). Now we have a reliable computer to get on line with if the old Toshiba craps out again. Had lunch at Subways and hit the road about 12:30, heading for Death Valley. We were driving south on Route 395 through a lovely valley, with towering mountains on either side of us. We were looking at this unusually high mountain and I looked on the map to identify it, and it ... read more
Mt Whitney
Straight Road - Lots of Dips
Is it an eagle

Today started off as a terrible day and then just got worse. Kids were walking around the campground at 2:00 am, making a lot of noise and waking people up - including us. We went down to pay for the campsite and to try and re-up for tonight also. We got the run-around from the rangers. They said I needed to go to the registration office ( a half mile away) and put my name on the list. I actually drove for the first time this whole trip over to the office. I was number 4 on the list. They said I had to wait until 9:30 to know whether or not I could get a site. That was over an hour away. We really didn’t want to sit around waiting, wasting half our day, but ... read more
El Capitan
Half Dome
Yosemite Falls

North America » United States » California » San Francisco September 7th 2007

We woke up to a damp drizzly morning. Our drive along the coast was exciting - too exciting for me. I was the one hanging out over the drop to the cliffs and ocean below. We saw a quaint lighthouse at Point Arena. We were surprised that most of what we saw today was farms and pastures right along the ocean. This reminded us of Nova Scotia, where it is mostly farmland along the coast. Cows were out to pasture in these fields on cliffs directly above the ocean. I didn't see any fence to keep them in - they are probably too smart to get too close to the edge. Stopped at an A&W Rootbeer for lunch. The lunch wasn't so hot, but the root beer was great. My sister Diane and I both worked ... read more
Campsite at Van Damme State Park
Point Arena Lighthouse
Cows crossing Route 1

North America » United States » California » Mendocino September 6th 2007

After our usual breakfast of oatmeal and raisins and our peanut butter toast, we walked around the campsite. We spotted three elk out by the road. We took a trail and looked at the strands of redwood trees. They were massive. Dave stood inside of one of the trees whose trunk had been eaten away. It was like a huge cave, but the tree was still alive. We drove to the road and saw the elk. We thought they were really neat until we turned around and there was a big buck strutting across the field and there was no comparison between him and the rest of them. He must have weighed well over 1000 pounds and had a huge rack and a massive chest. We drove over to see the “Big Tree” which was at ... read more
Big Buck Elk
Dave and The Big Tree
Carolyn and the Big Tree

There was 17,900 miles on the Honda this morning, which means we have traveled 5,400 miles since the start of out trip on August 15th. We had the oil changed at Honda World in Coos Bay. Very efficient and friendly people at this dealership. Then we were on our way heading south again along the coast. We were pleased to see that the coast was once again rugged and picturesque. We drove over Humbug Mountain and noticed how much greener it was along the southwest coast. We had lunch in Gold Beach and before we knew it, we were in California. We stopped in Crescent City and finally got an internet connection so we could send some blogs out. Our phone service along the coast has been very intermittent. We saw seals along Anchors Way and ... read more
Rugged oregon Coast
Humbug Mountain
Eerily Shaped Rocks

North America » United States » Oregon » Coos Bay September 4th 2007

We headed for Coos Bay today and a campground nearby to the Honda dealer we found that will service the van. We drove out about 13 miles to Cape Arago, a nice stretch of beach with some smaller rocks in the ocean. We came to a look out with quite a few people and a terrible racket coming from the rocks below. We looked out and saw a colony of sea lions - hundreds of them basking on the rocky ledges. There were three types - elephant head, California and Golden Sea Lions. We saw new baby ones lying on the rocks also. What a nice surprise for us. We saw a picturesque lighthouse along the beach also. WE came back into town and found the dealer and then we found an electronic repair placed that ... read more
Cape Arago Lighthouse
Hundreds of Sea Lions
Three differnet species of Sea Lions

North America » United States » Oregon » Cape Perpetua September 3rd 2007

We decided to stay in Cape Perpetua another day. We found a Honda dealer in Coos Bay - about 73 miles from here - any we really need to get the van serviced. Today being Labor Day we decided to take a holiday. We walked the beach trail at Smelt Beach. The ocean pounds against the rocks here sending spray into the air. There is a blow hole, where the water comes in under the rocks and blows high into the air. There was literally a “glass house” on the beach, at least the side facing the ocean. You could see every room and every ugly piece of modern, yet worn furniture and even the resident in her sweats. In the afternoon we drove south along 101 and found a beautiful lighthouse at Heceta Head. When ... read more
The sand looks it is rusted
Glass House
Beautiful Coastal Scene

North America » United States » Oregon » Cape Perpetua September 2nd 2007

Continuing along the Oregon Coast after breakfast at the campsite, we saw more beautiful and stunning coastline. We watched boaters launching their boats off the sandy beach. One I saw, had three men that pushed it out every time a wave came in. Took them at good 4 or 5 waves to get it deep enough for them to get into boat. We found that the Oregon coast is mostly public and free. The governor at the turn of the century had the foresight to pass legislation to keep the coastline open to everyone. As you drive the 300 plus miles along the coast, a minimum of every 15-20 miles (a lot of times only 5 miles) there is a state park, a picnic area and or public beach access. We saw lots of horses riding ... read more
Three guys pushing boat to launch it
First Whale Sighting
Waves crashing on Rocky Shore

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