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North America » United States » Alaska » Denali May 31st 2008

Happy Birthday being sung by grandsons, is how Grampy started his day. Michelle called at 7 am to wish her Dad a Happy Birthday along with the boys. The Old Man turns 60 today. He looks pretty good to me for an old coot. It was great to sleep-in this morning. After breakfast we hiked to the Visitor’s Center and took a short bus ride to the Dog Sled Demonstration that the rangers put on. We were able to walk through the open kennels and pat any dog that wanted us to. The demonstration was interesting, the dogs were eager to run and it was pretty cool. After lunch at the campsite we took another hike, this time to the Nenana Canyon. White-water rafting boats were along side the swift moving river below having just ended ... read more
Train Tressle over the park road
Handsome Sled Dog
Hooking up the swing dog

North America » United States » Alaska May 30th 2008

Low temperature hit freezing overnight and it was nice to be able to run the van for heat. We spent the night in the wilderness on the Haul Road with just one other camper, a Japanese man on a bicycle with a small tent. He really didn’t speak much English. The only building here was an outhouse and the biker kept his food sacks in the building to keep it away from the wildlife overnight. We ate a banana for breakfast and heated water in a container that works off the 12-Volt plug and we made a cup of coffee for each of us. We drove out the sixty miles of the Dalton Highway and then onto the paved roads back toward Fairbanks. At the Arctic Circle Trading Post we received a certificate that we had ... read more
Heading off the Dalton Highway
Alaska Range
Mountain View

North America » United States » Alaska May 29th 2008

Joe, a real great guy at the campground worked all night and got the plumbing fixed which allowed us to take showers before heading up to the Arctic Circle. A little hesitant about what the road conditions will be like, we are “going for it.” Leaving Delta Junction we were greeted by several moose on the side of the road who were more than happy to pose for us as they ate their breakfast. As we drove north we arrived at the North Pole. We looked everywhere for Santa but could only find a statue of him. We did see Santa’s reindeer and Dave (Papa, Grampy, Grandpa Dave) actually talked to Rudolph. The North Pole has candy cane light poles and sign posts and we saw Santa’s House. It is a pretty cool place. I saw ... read more
This guy ran away
Santa Claus in the North Pole
Santa's House

North America » United States » Alaska May 28th 2008

Dawson City Ferry runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except for Wednesday when it closes for maintenance from 5 to 7 am. We didn’t arrive until shortly after 7 am and we were on the second ferry out. Going west from Dawson this ferry provides free service to West Dawson and the US via the “Top of the World Highway.” In Canada the road is mostly paved, but with a lot of gravel breaks. The views from the top of the world were consistently spectacular. Customs was unusual. It was on a dirt road, one lane each direction with a metal building in the middle and two log cabins off to our right. The border is open for 12 hours a day from 8 am until 8 pm Alaska Time. We gained another ... read more
Campsite in Gravel Parking Lot
Free Ferry Across Yukon
Nice Scenery

North America » Canada » Yukon » Dawson City May 27th 2008

Renew, refreshed and rejuvenated we left Whitehorse behind, headed a short way down the Alaska Highway and turned onto the Klondike Loop Trail toward Dawson City. This route was the path less traveled, as we saw only a handful of other vehicles all day. We traveled through the Yukon River Valley and enjoyed great views of the Yukon, especially at an area called Five Finger Rapids. The lakes along the highway were plentiful and extremely scenic. There were several areas which we found worth noting. First was the strange shape of the landscape. The hills almost looked like mounds of lava. Also there is a layer of white ash from a volcanic eruption which geologist date to A.D. 700. Many areas of the route were in different stages of recovering from wild fires. Signs in 4-5 ... read more
Actual working weathervane at the airport
Getting off Alaska Highway and heading up the Klondike
Fox Lake

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse May 26th 2008

Our day off started at 6 am. We were at the Yukon Honda at 8:15 inquiring if we could get an oil and filter change without an appointment. Matthew the Service Manager was very accommodating and fit us in within 2 hours while we waited. Next the grocery store for a few supplies and the liquor store for beer for Dave. Back to the campsite for lunch and laundry, which took awhile. Seems some loonies clog the drain on the washer and after two 30 minutes cycles in that machine, we needed to move the wet clothes to another. It was actually nice to do chores for a change rather than driving. The crystal blues skies and temps in the mid-70’s once again today, charged our batteries. We took a lovely drive in the afternoon and ... read more
Mountain View over River
Dave reading outside tent
Miles Canyon

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse May 25th 2008

We left Watson Lake behind and headed west on the Alaska Highway. After yesterday’s awesome scenery today’s views were relatively uneventful. We saw beautiful mountain scenery, but nothing as spectacular as yesterday and we saw no wildlife. At first, I thought it was because of Dave’s speedy driving, but Pete and Carolyn, the wildlife radars, who we saw at the campground later, did not see any either. We stopped at Rancheria Lodge for coffee and I went out back to take a picture and was jumped by a German Sheppard. I startled him and boy did he startle me. I thought I was going to get ripped to threads, but he just got down and walked away. We drove over the Continental Divide, and along the Swift River and Teslin Lake and into the town of ... read more
Mountain Scenery
Dave and Carolyn in Teslin
Marsh Lake

North America » Canada » Yukon » Watson Lake May 24th 2008

Today was an extraordinary day. Awesome, I think is the best word to describe it. The sun was shining, the drive through the mountains was spectacular and the wildlife was abundant. We saw moose, caribou, sheep, bison and a black bear. We stopped at Muncho Lake and photographed the most spectacular mirror images that I have every seen. We had lunch in Toad Creek and spent more time on the side of the road in awe than we did driving. We are meeting up with a lot of the same people doing the same thing that we are and staying in the same campgrounds. We met David and June from PA. We also met Pete and Carolyn from Dover, NH, who we were traveling behind most of the afternoon, and who‘s brake lights alerted us to ... read more
Big Moose
Alaska Highway

North America » Canada » British Columbia May 23rd 2008

Excitement! The Alaska Highway starts here in Dawson Creek. Known as the Alcan Military Highway, it was built in 1942 to bring military supplies to bases in Alaska to protect the US from the Japanese. The 1500 mile road, built by the US military, was started on March 9 and finished on October 25, 1942. And today we have the privilege of driving on this historic route to Alaska. Our day started off a little confusing. Up at 6 am, ate breakfast, packed up and left the campground for the local supermarket. As we approached a nice lady told us that they opened at 8 am. Checking our watches, we saw we only had an eight minute wait. After ten minutes we approached again, and again we were told that they opened at 8 am. Seeing ... read more
Van at Mile 0 - Downtown Dawson Creek
Mural of Parlor
Moose Painting

North America » Canada » British Columbia May 22nd 2008

It rained for a short period just before we got up this morning and we packed the tent away wet. After our walk we left Sandugo and continued on our way on Route 43. We passed the second largest wooden railroad trestle in the world, the Rochfort Bridge. It is 2414 feet long and was built in 1914. We stopped in Whitecourt, AB and found a hotspot and I sent off 2 blogs and Dave found a pay phone to check on things at home. We stopped in Valleyview for lunch at the “Traveler’s Restaurant” where the food was good and so was the service. The scenery is starting to get interesting again with rolling hills and lots of fir trees. We found another Wal-Mart, this one in Grand Prairie, and we bought bear spray, which ... read more
Rochfort Bridge
First time we saw sign pointing us to Alaska
Moose warning sign

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