Redwood National Park

Published: September 7th 2007
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There was 17,900 miles on the Honda this morning, which means we have traveled 5,400 miles since the start of out trip on August 15th. We had the oil changed at Honda World in Coos Bay. Very efficient and friendly people at this dealership. Then we were on our way heading south again along the coast.

We were pleased to see that the coast was once again rugged and picturesque. We drove over Humbug Mountain and noticed how much greener it was along the southwest coast. We had lunch in Gold Beach and before we knew it, we were in California.

We stopped in Crescent City and finally got an internet connection so we could send some blogs out. Our phone service along the coast has been very intermittent. We saw seals along Anchors Way and then headed into the Redwoods National Park. We drove through strands of tall redwood trees, ancient massive works of nature.

We checked out several campgrounds before we settled in at Elk Prairie. As you might expect by the name, the Prairie is known to have a herd of Roosevelt Elk living there. We took a walk after supper and saw 3 large elk. Elk weigh up to about 1,000 pounds and their antlers are much larger than black-tail deer. We have pictures of both and you can see the difference.

I started the day hoping to see an eagle and an elk. Well I got to see the elk, which was an awesome experience. I’ll keep hoping for the eagle.

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Rock StacksRock Stacks
Rock Stacks

I saw a sign that call the formations - Rock Stacks
Paul Buyan and his Blue OxPaul Buyan and his Blue Ox
Paul Buyan and his Blue Ox

Trees of Mystery Park - Paul had a person inside and he talked to you

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