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11th July 2010

Hi, Great picc!!! We love them espe cial ly the giirls!!! LOL Have fun say Hi to all
10th July 2010

Your Trip
Looks beautiful to me.. Would love to see it for myself one of these days.. Saw Dave, Friday but only for a few minuets as we were heading out for a Dr's appointment. Have a wonderful, rest of your trip......Ed
6th July 2010
Baby Bear

bear relly
is that a mum having a baby or just a baby bear
From Blog: Seward to Palmer
28th June 2010

Hi you GUYS!!! Have a great trip and keep us posted on how it is going.
From Blog: Two Days To Go.
28th June 2010

How exciting!
Another trip to Alaska! Please give my love to Michelle, Paul, Suzanne and all the girls. I know you and Rachel will have a great time. Looking forward to your blogs.....Love to you Dave, Anna and David, as well.
From Blog: Two Days To Go.
27th June 2010

trip toAlaska
Good for you! Have a wonderful time. Ann
From Blog: Leaving Raynham
27th June 2010

Great Adventure
Hi Carolyn and Rachel, Have a great time and will be looking for pictures and comments. We are doing OK. Very hot and humid here.....just as bad as Florida. Good thing your Florida home is not on the Gulf. Oil spill is so bad. Take care.....Leroy and Betty
From Blog: Leaving Raynham
26th June 2010

I came across your blog by accident, but I'm glad! Sounds like you're going to have a great trip, and I think it's so wonderful that you're starting your granddaughter off at a young age, experiencing such great travels! She will never forget it! My blog is looking for travel reviews, photos, etc, to share. We'd love to post some stuff from Alaska, if you'd like to contribute. If you have the time, check it out at, or email us at Have a great trip! Heather :)
From Blog: Leaving Raynham
7th June 2010

Looks like you are having fun!
Hi, Are you going to go on the Caspiar hiway? My father is planning on coming up to see me in Chugiak Alaska and he is looking for a Bed and Breakfast between Watson Lake and Hyder AK. If you are in the area will you let me know? Thank you. I love all your animal shots.
10th May 2010
Strange shapes of the desert

how many desert in the world
From Blog: Death Valley
3rd November 2009

The photo you have tagged as Herbert Lake is actually Bow Lake.
21st January 2009

A sight you will only find in Raynham. A foot of snow surrounding a truck with not just a camper attached but also a kayack. Usually it's skiis you see this time of year. Only in New Engalnd I guess! He! He! He!
1st January 2009

Happy New Year!!!
Happy and Safe Travels to the Snowbirds of Raynham!!!
18th December 2008

your pics so beautiful!
Wow!!! i'm just in awe of the fantastic photos you took on your trip - they're just mind blowing and totally awesome! i need to do that trip - thank you for sharing!
30th August 2008

Great photos
Carolyn: Your photos are superb. We will keep Maryland Zoo in mind. Joy
From Blog: Maryland Zoo
21st August 2008

Home Sick
Seeing your pictures made me remember the endless hours I spent in the world famous Bronx Zoo. If you ever make it to the NYC area that is a must especially seeing your love for the animals! Congrats on the grand childrens' birthdays' I am sure you had a great trip once again!!
From Blog: Maryland Zoo
10th July 2008

Welcome Home!
We're glad you're home safe and sound. Hope to see you soon. Ann
6th July 2008

Hi Carolyn, This is a really late comment, since I got behind on my reading. I don't think that all of the Can. businesses are necessarily out to rip off Americans, they are merely paying us back in kind for the many years that American businesses jacked the exchange rate up by 5%-10% over the prevailing bank rate. Just my take on it, but that's what I've observed after working in banks in both countries, FWIW. Love, Dianne
6th July 2008

Hi Carolyn and Dave, Since I left BC when I was 19, now you've seen firsthand why I've been homesick my whole life :) Thank goodness I get to go back every once in a while to the place I consider one step away from Heaven. Hope you've really enjoyed your trip. I've enjoyed it through your great blog. Love, Dianne
2nd July 2008

bunk beds
Dad fit on these bunk beds? Top or bottom??? HeHeHe!!!
29th June 2008

Wow this looks like one of those ferry rides where the journey is equally or maybe more interesting than the place itself. ..................................... mark osborn Addiction Recovery Alaska
17th June 2008

Oh... Now you did it!
I was doing fine... Minding my own business, well... and a little bit of yours. And I heard mention of one of my favorite places in the world to eat a meal. Fast Eddies is one of a kind. The food there is consistantly above average, it is a clean establisment staffed by Friendly Alaskans. My daughter has driven from Anchorage for the sole purpose of breakfast at Fast Eddies. (when gas was cheaper) We stop every time, coming or going from Alaska. While driving north into Alaska, its the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel that signals we have made it home! It tastes and feels like home! So now Im at my desk in Anchorage thinking of Fast Eddies and wishing I were there. Fast Eddies in Tok Alaska has my vote for the best eatery on the Alaska Highway! A stop at Fast Eddies is always a Must. Big Bill
From Blog: A day off in Tok
6th June 2008

I hope you kept those antlers Carolyn
3rd June 2008

You guys are the most adventuresome people we know!
27th May 2008

I want matching moose antlers for my wall. Strap them to the big silver box!!!

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