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Dave and Carolyn started traveling after they retired. In 2006 they went to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. In 2007 they traveled across the US and saw more than 20 National and State Parks and 38 states. This year they traveled through Canada to Alaska. This trip was absolutely amazing - Alaska is a must see!

In the winter, we head south to Florida, usually for three months.

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway July 9th 2010

The word lovely is a strange adjective to couple with the word Skagway, but today was a lovely day here - sunny, blue skies and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Rachel and I took advantage of the situation and rode the scenic White Pass and Yukon Railroad up to the White Pass Summit. Leaving from the train depot in town near the docks, the 20 mile ride passes over several bridges and waterfalls and through two tunnels. In Canada, at the summit, the engines switch positions from the front of the train to the back and the seat backs flip over so that we face in the opposite direction. The scenery was absolutely spectacular on the trip up and back again.... read more
Looking back to the Lynn Canal
The Road from the Train
The Train Bridges

North America » Canada » Yukon July 8th 2010

The clouds broke and the sun finally shone in Skagway. With the nice weather, we ventured off and up and over the mountains into the Yukon Territory of Canada. The scenic drive is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Driving northeast on the Klondike Highway, we paralleled the White Pass and Yukon Railroad as we headed to the summit of White Pass. Waterfalls cascaded along the rocks on both sides. We had excellent views of the still snow-covered peaks of mountains all around us. We stopped and played in the cairns and lakes at the White Pass Summit. We crossed through the Canadian Customs and continued along this scenic highway with the Tutshi (too-shy) Lake to our right. We passed Bove Island, because the kids wanted their picnic lunch, but stopped on the ... read more
Summit Lake
At the Summit
Rachel, Asya and Sahara

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway July 4th 2010

Cold, rainy and cloudy, typical Southeast Alaska weather dominated all of our days here in Alaska so far. This week Rachel and I toured Skagway with Sahara. At the Gold Rush National Park Museum we learned about a very famous and strong women, Harriet Pullen who became the "Mother of Skagway" and we watched a film about the madness that came to Skagway and Dyea from all the Stampeders seeking gold, starting in 1898. The Gold Rush Cemetery and Reid Falls hike was a great way to spend a day enjoying the awesome power of mother nature's rushing waterfalls. In the cemetery, Soapy (Jefferson) Smith who was the town's most notorious con man is buried, along with the man who shot him, Frank Reid. Another hike took us to the Yakutania Point with great views of ... read more
Asya and Sahara
Sahara and Grandma

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway June 29th 2010

Leaving from Washington, DC on an 8 am flight to Seattle, Rachel and I started our trek to Alaska. We flew on Alaska Airlines Flight #1. On our stop over in Seattle we had a quick lunch and charged my cell phone, which was dead when it got turned on inside my backpack, so we could call her Mommy and Daddy and keep them appraised of our progress. After another 2 and 1/2 hour flight we landed in Juneau, the capital of Alaska and Rachel had officially arrived in the 49th state of Alaska. The Juneau airport is very small and it was a 1 minute walk over to the "Wings of Alaska" counter, where we caught our next flight on a 6 seat plane to Skagway. It was a really old, shaky plane and bounced ... read more
Great Scenery
Mt Rainer above the clouds
Small Plane to Skagway

North America » United States » Maryland » Sykesville June 28th 2010

Plans are being set for the first leg of our trip on Tuesday. Rachel and I need to be at Regan National Airport early so rather than leave Maryland at 4 am we will stay at a hotel in Arlington near the airport. Michelle, Paul and the other two girls, Renee and Anna will all stay with us and come to the airport to say good-bye to Rachel and me as we leave for our trip to Alaska. Rachel is learning how to work the video camera so you can see her first recording of me.... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Raynham June 26th 2010

In less than an hour, I'll be leaving from Providence to Baltimore on the first leg of our trip to Alaska. Dave is not going this time - he really doesn't like to fly. I am taking my 8 year-old granddaughter, Rachel to Alaska to spend three weeks with her Aunt Suzie and three cousins there. We haven't seen the girls for more than two years, so we are extremely excited. We are hoping to see all kinds of wildlife, glaciers, and wonderful scenery. Expect some pictures and videos! Rachel's mom, Michelle is a little nervous, having her baby so far from home, but I think it will be adventure Rachel remember for the rest of her life. We'll keep you updated on our activities - Bon Voyage!... read more

Well, another two weeks is coming to a close. Tomorrow we leave the Florida Keys, and head back to the Florida mainland. The keys are magical for us, not just for the weather, but for the down-home, campy feel here that makes us feel right at home. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is located on Key Largo, the first Key heading south from Miami. Located in the mangroves, this park is a haven for kayakers, canoers, and boaters. There are two beaches and boat ramps, and the park operates a glass bottom boat out to the coral reef and diving and snorkeling adventures. There is also a visitor center with great exhibits and a huge circular fish tank. When we arrived we were able to spend two days with Nick and Sandra before they moved ... read more
Look like good eating!
Nick and Sandra in their kayak.

Bahia Honda State Park is on it's own key in the Florida Keys. This island is truly a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. There are camping facilities for RV's and tents, a marina and docking for boaters and campers, two lovely beaches and an historic old railroad bridge as a beautiful backdrop to everything thing you do here. Walking every morning provides awesome scenery and wild-life viewing. We have seen sharks, turtles, dolphins and birds and fish of all descriptions. After first arriving, we walked the beach with our friends, Nick and Sandra from England. Every year we meet up the usual group of suspects that we hung around with the years before. Paul and Corinne, Dick and Jane, Tom and Nancy, Don and Carol, Jack and Rosie, Diane and Rick, Bill and Ellen, Bill and Lucy, ... read more
School of fish
Bahia Honda Sunset
Sun getting ready to set at Key West

North America » United States » Florida » Keys January 18th 2009

Driving from St. Lucie to the Keys was an absolutely delightful trip. We never got back on a highway. We took Route 76 over to Lake Okeechobee and then down Route 27 and 997 to Homestead and then onto the Keys. Our friends, Dick and Jane always gets off of 95 and head to Lake Okeechobee to avoid that mess from West Palm Beach down through Miami and from now on we will also. So here we sit at beautiful Long Key State Park in the Florida Keys. Our Fifth Wheel is less than 20 feet from the high-water mark of the Atlantic Ocean. We are enjoying the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, the sunny, warm weather, the ocean to our south and the bay to our north to fish in from our boat or explore with ... read more
Chillin' in the Keys
Campsite at Long Key
Dave and his boat

North America » United States » Florida January 5th 2009

Dave and I left Raynham on New Year's Day. The temperature was 4 degrees and lots of snow lay all around our Fifth Wheel. There were no teary eyes as we headed south out of Dodge and into warmer weather. We spent our first 2 nights out at my daughter and son-in-law's house in Maryland. Spending time with our three granddaughters there was exciting and entertaining as always. Leaving Saturday morning and driving into the early evening, we found ourselves in 60 degree weather at supper time, where we put up for the night in the Georgia Welcome Center. By noon the next day, we were in Florida and wonderfully warm weather. We spent Sunday and Monday nights at a Martin County Park, Phipps Park at the St. Lucie Locks. The park is located next to ... read more
Anna Catherine - Age 16 Months
Rachel Marie - Age Almost 7
Reneee Nicole - Age 4

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