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North America » United States » Massachusetts » Raynham December 31st 2008

Today it snowed over a foot in Raynham, MA. Dave and I are leaving for Florida - tomorrow. We should have left yesterday. We will not miss this cold and wintry New England weather. We have had over 2 feet already. See you all in sunny, warm Florida!... read more
Last time we shovel this winter

North America » United States » Maryland » Baltimore August 17th 2008

Wow! The Maryland Zoo is a must see! The birds and animals are exquisite. Just take a look at the pictures. What a fun place! Big birthday party in Maryland this weekend. Anna turned 1 on the 10th and Renee turns 4 on the 20th. Grammy couldn't miss it, so I took the big flight (one hour) from Providence to Baltimore on Southwest and spent 6 fun-filled days there. Great party, great weather and enjoyed the kids and the Zoo.... read more
Blue and Gold Macaw
Sampson with his Mommy

One last breakfast at MacDonald’s (the only place open at 6 am in this service) area and we are two hours from home as we drive east on the Mass Turnpike. It was a hazy, warm morning in the Berkshires but the fog soon burned off. Our trip home took no time at all and before 9 am we were home and being welcomed by Dave’s daughter, Jessica and our two granddaughters, Samantha and Brooke. We came home to a clean house, a well-groomed lawn and a crystal clear pool. How nice it is to be home Today was our last day on the road, after almost two months of traveling to the wilds of Alaska and back. We have reached the end of our journey and what a trip it has been! This adventure of ... read more
Hazy Berkshires
I can tell we are close to home
Home again

North America » Canada » Ontario July 7th 2008

German pancakes and coffee had already been prepared for us as we walked in to say good-bye to our friends and hosts. It was a great breakfast and Katy sent us off with a load of goodies. On the road by 8 am, we gassed up the van and drove south on Route 75 to Flint and then headed east to the Canadian Border. Because we had the shotgun, we had to pull over to have them examine the gun and look at the serial number, which only took a few minutes. We drove straight through Canada, thinking about our friends in England, Nick and Sandra, as we drove through London (Ontario). We ate and fueled the van in the US, so we didn’t need to deal with anymore Canadian money. Coming back into the US, ... read more
Entering Ontario
Lots of farmland in Ontario
Looks like wind turbine arms?

North America » United States » Michigan July 6th 2008

It was an extremely warm night for sleeping and we didn’t get much of it. Up at 4:30 am, we were on the road by 5 am and traveling to Michigan to see our friends Katy and Aubrey. Thank goodness, for truck stops open 24 hours a day providing coffee and breakfast sandwiches. Dark clouds loomed just ahead of us, as we traveled east to Duluth and then crossed Lake Superior into Superior, Wisconsin. Watching lightning bolts descend from the black skies, over the lake, was an awe inspiring experience. As we drove through Superior, we watch a fire truck responding to an incident, we were hoping wasn’t due to a lightning strike. Rain fell for most of the 100 miles or so we traveled through Wisconsin, but when we crossed into Michigan, the skies cleared ... read more
Jet over head
Patriotic Moose on July 4th Weekend
Thumb Lake

Thanks to the mosquitoes, we got to eat at MacDonald’s again for breakfast. We both need to go back on diets as soon as we get home. Driving across North Dakota was much the same as yesterday’s drive through Montana. Lots of small towns, accent on the small, with populations of less than 100. Oil derricks are popping up everywhere in ND and people are becoming very rich, leasing the mineral rights to their properties. I hope it catches on and we start producing more of our own oil in this country. Passing through Minot as we did on the way out, seemed as nothing had really changed. Eating out of the box, (big silver thing on our bumper) we made sandwiches for lunch near Devil’s Lake. Continuing on Route 2, we drove through Grand Forks, ... read more
Yellow green fields
Building in Grand forks
Welcome to Minnesota

North America » United States » Montana July 4th 2008

Happy Fourth of July! Shorts are in order, for summer has finally arrived us. It’s good to be back in the states, we have phone service and can talk with family and friends, which we quickly took advantage of, and now we don’t have to convert kilometers and centigrade. We had great views of the eastern most mountains of Glacier National Park, before we turned east toward Browning, MT. We intend to take Route 2 all the way from here to Michigan. Joy and Jon have taken it to and from Vermont and told us it is a great road. Also Bill and Nadine just traveled it from Wisconsin to Washington and really enjoyed it. Passing through several small towns today, we thought we might get stuck in a parade, but although we saw lots of ... read more
Elk in the field
Happy Fourth of July
Grain Elevators every 5-10 miles

Jasper National Park is touted as one of the most scenic areas in the world and Dave and I were about to find out for ourselves, as the road to Jasper was open. Mount Robson, the tallest peak in Canada looked rather majestic this morning as we drove east on Route 16 toward the Park. We drove through the city of Jasper, a very quaint mountain resort area, which reminded us of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We paid our $20 entry fee and drove south on the Icefields Parkway, Route 93. The mountains here, come in all shapes and sizes, rounded peaks, knife edges, jagged points and flat tops. The higher peaks are still snow-covered and along the roadside, flowers of all colors bloomed. Athabasca Falls, one of our first stops, drops 40 feet through a very ... read more
Mt Robson
Athabasca Falls
Baby Goat

North America » Canada » British Columbia July 2nd 2008

Prince Rupert sits on the Hecate Strait on the Pacific Ocean. Thick fog hung in the air this morning and the visibility was severely limited. We arose around 6 am and after having breakfast out again, we were on the road and heading home by 7am. We didn’t wake Bill and Nadine to say goodbye - Have a wonderful trip you two! We would liked to have seen Prince Rupert and would have if it was visible through the pea soup fog.. The scenery, I am sure, was beautiful along the first 40 miles of Route 16, the Yellowhead Highway, but we will never know. The Milepost, our bible for traveling these many thousand of miles, described the beauty of scenic overlooks along the way, which we can only imagine. When the fog finally burned off, ... read more
Pea Soup Fog in morning
Scenic Waterfalls
Glacier over lake

Five weeks in this beautiful state of Alaska has truly been “A Trip of a Lifetime.” Leaving Ketchikan by ferry this morning, we will arrive in Prince Rupert, British Columbia this afternoon and our Alaska Experience will be over. Waking up to the alarm, for the last time this trip, at 4:30 am, we dressed and drove to town, bought Macdonald’s breakfast sandwiches and coffee “to go” and got in line for the ferry. For the first time since we arrived in Alaska, we actually saw a sunrise. How apropos that we saw our first sunset on our last night in Alaska and our first sunrise on our last morning here. As we sailed in sunshine and saw the low lying fog hanging along the shore, our last ferry ride was otherwise uneventful. The weather was ... read more
A shipwreck
The Matanuska
Good bye Ketchikan

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