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North America » United States » Alaska » Palmer June 10th 2008

Valdez is another small fishing village, emphasis on small. Dave and I walked around the town last night, which took all of about a half hour. This morning we decided to run the van for a few miles to see if the radiator continued to leak. It did. In this small town there is one repair shop, Mark’s Auto. When we pulled into Mark’s, Steve checked the radiator for us right away and confirmed there was a small leak in the seam. The owner, Mark called Honda in Anchorage for us and was given permission to do the warranty repair work right there in Valdez which was the good news. The bad news was there is no radiator for the van in the state. Honda in Anchorage said they could overnight it if we paid the ... read more
Railroad Tunnel
Head of the Chamber of Commerce
They renta lot of kayaks here

North America » United States » Alaska » Valdez June 9th 2008

Heading east on the Glenn Highway out of Palmer is a very scenic ride through the Matanuska Valley. This highway takes you along the Matanuska River and practically right up to the Matanuska Glacier. Dave and I hiked a short trail to the scenic viewpoints at the glacier. We had excellent views of the Chugach Mountains along the highway. Another very beautiful spot along the way was the colorful 6,300 foot Sheep Mountain, which lived up to it’s name and was dotted with sheep on the steep walls. After reaching Glennallen, we headed down the Richardson Highway toward Valdez. We passed the Alaska Pipeline along this route as it heads to and terminates in Valdez. Stopping at the Wrangell/St. Elias National Park we picked up brochures and a map for the Kennicott Mine, which we hope ... read more
Carolyn at Matanuska Glacier
Lupin in Bloom
Matanuska Glacier

North America » United States » Alaska » Palmer June 8th 2008

A lazy Sunday morning. Sleeping in is so much fun. After driving into town to checkout Palmer, we stopped to say “Hi” to Vera, owner of Fantastic Fibers. Her mother Greta goes to the gym that Dave and I belong to back in Raynham. It is a small world. Independence Mine State Historical Park was our next destination. Driving up to Hatcher Pass is a very scenic 10 mile drive, when the clouds do not have everything socked in. We were lucky though, the clouds really stayed on the very tops of the mountains and we did get some views of the valley. When we reached the Mine we saw that Hatcher Pass was still closed. We overheard people speculating that they would be lucky if it was opened by July 4th. There was a late-season, ... read more
Independence Mine as we arrived
How quickly the clouds and fog moved in
Snow bird

North America » United States » Alaska » Palmer June 7th 2008

After the beautiful day we had yesterday we can’t complain about the rain today. This is only the second time since we left home that we had to put the tent away in the rain. We did laundry and then headed away from the coast for a few days and hopefully out of the wet weather. First stop on our agenda for today was the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage. The center is home for orphaned and injured wildlife including black bear, grizzlies, moose, bison, musk oxen, deer and a bald eagle. It is a drive through park, but you can get out and walk if you want and seniors over 55 get in for $5 each. It was more than worth the price when you can get with 10 feet of bears and moose ... read more
Beutiful Bald Eagle

North America » United States » Alaska » Seward June 6th 2008

“What the heck is that?’ Dave asked upon awakening this morning. The sun was actually out and we had some blue sky mixed with the low lying gray clouds. With no reservations for a tour, we headed down to the docks first thing and booked an 8 hour tour of the Kenai Fjords National Park on the Major Marine Line. Our next stop was the Alaska Sea Life Center. There are lots of interactive exhibits, but the fun part was the live sea life pools. In the seabird habitat we saw puffins and red-legged kittiwakes. A Stellar Sea Lion swimming underwater and harbor seals above entertained the crowd. We also saw deep sea fish, jellies. Crabs, an octopus and so much more Once at the dock for our 11:45 am sailing, we were greeted by the ... read more
Harbor Seal
The Puffin to the righ is a Tufted Puffin

North America » United States » Alaska » Seward June 5th 2008

Damp cool weather continues, with strong winds blowing off the water and low clouds hanging over the mountains. We left Homer and drove back through Soldotna and stopped at Fred Meyers for a repair kit for the tent. We have a small hole in the boot that goes around the hatch. The scenery today was mountains and clouds dampened with showers. We arrived in Seward, which we found to be a quaint port town. There was a cruise ship at the docks and lots of other boats including site-seeing boats that take you to see wildlife and glaciers. We had lunch in town and then spoke to a ranger at the National Parks Office about seeing Kenai National Park. We have been trying to determine if we want to take a boat out of Seward or ... read more
Cloudy, Damp Cold Morning
The road to Seward
Even with the Clouds we had beautiful scenery

North America » United States » Alaska » Homer June 4th 2008

After walking through the town and driving down to the beach, we left Kenai and headed south for our next stop, Homer. We drove through Kenai Landing and down the shore on the Kalifronsky Beach Road. Once back on the Sterling Highway, we saw cars and trucks and campers on the beach below the bluff we were on. We turned around to check it out. At the entrance to the beach road was a tent city. It looks like these native people live here permanently. A little native village called Ninilchik (pronounced Ni-NILL-chick) is on the side road that leads to the beach. On the beach there were hundreds of people clamming at low tide. Some drive their ATVs onto the mud flats. With the debris that lay around some of the campers, it looks like ... read more
Church Spire
Mad dash through parking lot

North America » United States » Alaska » Kenai June 3rd 2008

Anchorage is a bowl surrounded by mountains, except for the water of Cook Inlet. It is a beautiful city, the largest in Alaska. In the morning we were greeted in the campground by Arnold and Peggy, the couple from Saskatchewan who we haven’t seen since Whitehorse. When we left the campsite, we checked out some fishermen in Ship Creek, very near our campsite as we heard there were salmon running there. We also drove out to Earthquake Park which commemorates the 1964 Good Friday Earthquake which measured 9.2 on the Richter Scale. It devastated a large area of the coast from Anchorage all the way down the Kenai Peninsula. Alaska has approximately 30 earthquakes every day. Fortunately most are 3.0 or less. There is a website that shows a map of where the quakes were and ... read more
Traveling down the Seward Highway
Coyote crossing highway
Snow blanketed mountains

North America » United States » Alaska » Talkeetna June 2nd 2008

On the Parks Highway we drove south toward Anchorage. There were spots to see Denali along the highway, but with low hanging clouds there was no chance of seeing any mountain tops today. One very interesting spot along the way, was the Hurricane Gulch Bridge. The bridge is 550 feet long and stands 260 feet above the creek below. It was a long way down as we stood on the span and gazed at the small creek meandering it’s way through the gulch. We passed a tragic scene along this highway. A motorcycle lie off to the side of the road and a blanket covered the driver. How sad that some family will soon get that dreaded phone call. God bless them. We took a side trip to Talkeetna, an old-time small Alaska town that has ... read more
Same big moose as last night
Parks Highway heading south
things are finally starting to bloom

North America » United States » Alaska » Denali June 1st 2008

Denali National Park is one of the greatest places in this country to see. The scenery and wildlife is so spectacular. As Dave and I walked up to the Wilderness Center for our bus tour, a moose was standing just feet from us on the path. I quietly took her photo and she quietly scratched her head on a branch. Once at the center we boarded our 7:30 am bus to Fish Creek. It was a partly cloudy day and our expectations of seeing Mount McKinley (Mount Denali) were slim. Our bus driver/narrator John Nelson was very well seasoned at his job. He knew almost all there was to know about this park. We saw a ptarmigan on the road as we started our tour. This one had color, not the like the one we saw ... read more
Moose that was not 10 feet from me
A lone caribou skirts across the ice
A Horned-Rim Owl and her fledgling

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