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A little while ago, my husband and I decided to take a once-in-a-lifetime trip down Highway 1. We started in Seattle, where the Highway 101 actually begins. That highway turns into Highway 1 as soon as you enter California. Soon, I will post about the first leg of our trip. We spent two days in Seattle soaking up the rainy, gorgeous Pacific Northwest and it was one of the most memorable travel experiences of my life. Yet, I want to begin the description of our journey by talking about my absolute favorite part of the trip: the California redwoods! I have lived in the same small town in North Carolina my entire life. While I love this part of the country and could never imagine settling down or putting down roots anywhere else, I have gotten ... read more
Paul Bunyan and Babe greet us
Welcome to the Trees of Mystery

blog 10-02-17 Redwoods to Russion River We didn't get up til way after 7 but were on the road by 9:20 am. Heading south on 101 all the way to our next stop which will be Russion River. The road was 4 lanes for a time then down to 2 lanes as it wound through the Redwood Forest and the giant trees. As we went into the forest the light was very limited and we had to take off our sunglasses to see well. Then when you came out it was almost blinding it was so light. The speed limit on 101 was 65 on the 4 lane stretches and down to 25 sometimes on the 2 lane stretches winding your way through the Redwoods. It was not boring and definately not a highway to fall ... read more
our view of the river
ocean along the way
redwood forest on Hwy 101

Started with a run on a trail running along the Elk River. I am one to be adventurous and this trail was a block from the hotel. It was a beautiful run with a water view. There were birds in the river leading to sand dunes beach. I was running by myself, which sometimes can be nerve racking. As I was turning around from my 2 mile run a homeless man started to surround the trail. I was a little scared and out of my element as I did not have pepper spray on me. I ran faster and may have reached a record pace as I approached the hotel. I then went back to the hotel and woke Hannah to finish my workout. The kids had been crammed together too long at this point and ... read more
Bay shore inn
Founders tree
Whole family fits in this tree

Vandaag hebben we gewandeld. 28 km. Daarmee is het eigenlijk gezegd. Voor de geinteressseeeerden het was in de wouden waar jurasic park gefilmd is. Super oude en grote bomen. Nog meer varens. Watervalletjes en nog meer dingen waarvan je enkel kon genieten als je stilstaat. Het pad bestond uit wortels en keien die constant je aandacht eisen. We wandelden helemaal tot aan het strand, waar we onze voetzolen verbrandden aan het hete zwarte zand. Het was ook oppassen voor de grote Elk (herten), die we jammergenoeg niet te zien kregen. Hoedanook spectaculaire wandeltocht waarna we spectaculair moe waren. Camping gezocht want een douche kondenen we alledrie gebruiken. Twas zo een. Trailer camping met een tent waarin zon gekke misvieringen gedaan worden, dikke americans in golfkarretjes en oude hippies die ons vertelden over hun marihuanna teelt van ... read more

This morning we head north on Hwy 101 and the Avenue of the Giants Scenic Byway to Humboldt Redwoods State Park. There is a 950 - 1000 year old redwood that has survived fire, flood, and the logger's axe aptly named The Immortal Tree. In the Lower Bull Creek Flat area we hiked around the Roosevelt Forest and found 17 of the world's 100 tallest trees. The area is called "Old Forest" due to the fact it has never been logged.... read more

With our map and guide to Redwood National Park we set out on another day of adventure. We drove to a couple of locations known for elk and I must say it felt like we hit the bonanza with the elk.... read more

It's July of 2013 and it's my first full month off of work since I lost my job in Vegas in 2010. This time I've voluntarily left Weidlinger in DC after accepting a job in New Zealand. I start in mid September, giving me 10 total weeks off. Unfortunately I can't leave the country though. I really want to go chill on the beaches of Thailand for a few weeks, but New Zealand Immigration has my passport. So I'm passportless while I await approval of my work visa. I'm not sure when I'm going to get it back so I'm not buying a flight to Asia given the possibility of not having my passport back in time. So instead of Asia, I decide to make a road trip to some American National Parks and places I ... read more
Rattlesnake Lake
Hayward Field
Oregon Coast

Today is the second and last day with the redwoods. Kris wants to see tidepools on the beach...just like Monterey and Acadia both a couple of years back, it's always fun to watch the kids explore. We have two options: hike to the beach on Damnation Trail or drive to a place called Enderts Beach. This highly recommended trail in the guidebooks is only a couple of miles to the beach (then a couple back!) but rated as strenuous since it's a pretty steep elevation difference along the way. The tidepools at Enderts are rated as some of the best around. Unsurprisingly, Enderts Beach wins so we head up there early enough to make the 45-minute drive (the entire redwoods area is long north-south and takes over an hour to travel by car) in time to ... read more

We're up and ready for some hiking today. I spent a bit of time researching the trails in the multitude of hiking guides before flying out and realized that there are so many trails here that two days are only enough to barely scratch the surface so I have to pick carefully. I'm screening for distance (the kids aren't babies anymore and we've hiked enough in the past that I'm figuring about 7 miles in a day is a good target), difficulty (we've done some pretty tough hikes, up an active volcano in Guatemala and a mountain in Chile but moderate is about what I'm aiming for) and scenery (we're here for redwoods so I want to see old-growth forest, the oldest, biggest, tallest trees that escaped the lumberjack's axe and the developer's bulldozer). I've imported ... read more

Today is a long day. We're up a bit after 3 to get out to Dulles in time to check in for our 6 am direct flight to San Francisco. Factoring in the camping gear (tent, sleeping bags, etc) and clothes, we have 5 bags, 3 of which are hockey equipment bags and 1 a baseball bat bag so I feel almost like we're our own little sports team as we wheel the bags around on those smart carts. Lucky for us, United Airlines allows military members the perk of 3 bags per family member, even when not flying for official travel. Thankfully there are no delays and we arrive on time, our bags are quickly up on the baggage claim carousel and there are no hitches in getting the rental car so we're out of ... read more

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