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North America » United States » Oregon » Cape Lookout September 1st 2007

On our way to Oregon, we stopped at Chinook Harbor and Fort Columbia in Washington. After we crossed over the Astoria bridge into Oregon, we visited Fort Stevens. There was a shipwreck on shore, the Peter Iredale. It must be at least 200 feet long with most of it buried under the sand. We saw the Columbia river entrance from the south side and the extensive jetty repair they are doing. Then we drove down the rocky coast. It's almost unbelievable the number and the size and dimensions of the rocks that just pop out of the ocean along the coast. We didn't drive very far today, we are just so fascinated with this beautiful coast. We found a campsite at Cape Lookout State Park, which was right on the ocean. We walked the beach and ... read more
Ship heading upriver on the Columbia
Wreck of the Peter Iredale
Rocks Popping out of ocean

Left Mt Rainer NP and headed to the ocean. It was a bummer day for us, coming out of the back country and into civilization again. We ran into a huge traffic jam in Olympia - a ten-mile backup. For the last week and a half, rush hour traffic for us consisted of seeing another car heading in the same direction as us. Dave saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time in Wetport, WA. He was surprised at the slate color of the sand and the fine texture like talcom powder. It packs down so hard below the high water mark, that you can actually ride your bike on it with realative ease. We traveled down the coast and came to our destination of the day, Cape Disappointment at the mouth of the Columbia River. ... read more
Parting Look at Mt Rainer
Dave Sees Pacific Ocean
Driftwood on the beach

North America » United States » Washington » Mt Rainier August 30th 2007

We took a short hike to an overlook in the campground at Riverside Park over the Spokane River. We got on Route 90 and headed west. We were surprised at how flat eastern WA state was. We saw a beautiful wind farm in the hills. Then we came to a scenic overlook and saw the beautiful and wide Columbia River. The interstate bridge over the river looked like the cape cod canal bridges. Coming over a hill in Ryegrass, we got our first glimpse of Mt Rainer. This huge 14,110 foot mountain sticking out of the prairie about 75 miles away. We stopped in Ellensburg for lunch and then got on Canyon Road and headed south. The canyon was gorgeous. It was so western looking, something we would expect to see in Wyoming. It followed the ... read more
Spokane River
Swinging Bridge over Spokane River
Wind Farm

We sadly left beautiful Glacier National Park and headed out Route 2 through Idaho and into Washington State. When we got to Kalispell, MT there was smoke in the air everywhere - it looked thicker to the south. We stopped in Libby, MT and had lunch, did laundry and grocery shopping. We entered Idaho and gained another hour - we are now in Pacific Time Zone. Route 2 was a very nice scenic drive. Dave liked the driving and thought it was a "great way" to come into Washington. The temperature was about 90 degrees when we got out of the mountains. It was a shock to our system, we haven't seen 90's since we left home. When we left Glacier it was in the 40's. One thing we find hard to believe is that the ... read more
West Tunnel on Going-to-the-Sun Road
Kootenai River
Welcome to Idaho

After breakfast at the campsite we started up Going-to-the-Sun Road. We climbed up to Logan Pass, through some of the most outstanding scenery we have seen so far. The very narrow roadway with the sheer drop-off of hundreds of feet on the passengers side made me very nervous and queasy. The road clings to the side of the rocky mountains and Dave was nervous when we kept seeing “Fallen Rock” areas. We passed the Triple Arches and the Weeping Wall, which in the spring can get drivers really wet. When we reached Logan Pass, we hiked to Hidden Lake, 3 miles round-trip. We saw longhorn sheep (brown with spiral horns) and a family of mountain goats (white with black horns). We saw littler creatures including, ground squirrel and a mouse that looks a jack rabbit. ... read more
Breath-taking Scenery
Triple Arches
Weeping Wall

We continued our journey on Route 90 until we got to Missoula, MT and we headed north on Route 93. We passed a tent town that housed all the out-of-state firefighters that were fighting all the wildfires in the area. We stopped in Polson to visit my cousin Marsha. She gave us walnuts from her walnut tree and plums from her plum tree. We arrived in beautiful Glacier National Park in the early afternoon. We got a campsite in Sprague Campground, right on lake MacDonald. Being in bear country again, we had to bear-proof. This is a hassle, but the scenery makes it worthwhile. We could not have a campfire due to the extremely dry conditions in the area. So we watched a movie on the computer and called it a night. ... read more
Fire Camp in Missoula, MT
Visit with Cousin Marsha
Big Wooden Eagle

North America » United States » Montana » Bearmouth August 26th 2007

Left the beautiful Tetons and headed over Teton Pass into Idaho and then up Route 15 to Montana. We had lunch in Dillon, MT and stopped in Bearmouth for the night. Nice quite campground until around 3 am and then the trains came whistling through until about 5:30 am. We are heading to Glacier National Park.... read more
Road in Idaho
Billboard painted on Silos
Beaverhead Mountains, MT

There was ice on the car top carrier, the temperature fell below freezing overnight. I was a little chilly under our sleeping bag. We got out our wool hats to wear on these cold nights to keep the body heat in. We took all our food and stoves out of the bear box, tied all the containers down on our cargo carrier and left for the Grand Tetons. Heading out of Yellowstone we passed the Lewis Falls and followed the Lewis River which gradually worked it’s way down into a gorge several hundred feet down. As we were riding through the forest we got our first glimpse of the mighty Tetons. The closer we got the more impressive the mountains became. The Teton Mountains are massive rock formations over 12,000 feet. We got several nice pictures ... read more
Lewis River
First Glimpse of Tetons
Jackson Lake and the Tetons

The temperature overnight was in the mid 30’s. Boy does it get cold up here. After breakfast we headed to explore the upper loop of Yellowstone. We stopped at the Sulfur Caldron (pretty stinky) before heading to the Upper and Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River. We were in a cloud for awhile in the morning, but it cleared up as the day went on. We saw a bunch of people on the side again, this time looking at another pack of wolves - this time we did see them. We saw Tower Falls and then continued on to Mammoth Hot Springs. I was really disappointed with what I saw. Having been here before, 27 years ago, I remember that there was water running over the terraces and the colors were fantastic. Today mostly all the ... read more
Mammoth Hot Springs as seen from the road
Lower Falls of Yellowstone River
Upper Falls - Yellowstone River

It was almost dark when we arrived at Buffalo Bill State Park and when we awoke we were greeted with one of the most beautiful sights we’ve ever seen from any of our campsites. We drove back into Cody and had breakfast and fueled up before heading into Yellowstone National Park - only about 50 mile away. We had to drive through a series of tunnels along the river and the scenery was great. We drove into Yellowstone at the east entrance. The landscape there was scarce with trees on the hillside due to fire damage. Yellowstone Lake seem quite endless as we drove around her shores. We saw buffalo on the beach. We found a campsite at Bridge Bay. It took us a while to rearrange all of our equipment and supplies - to bear-proof ... read more
What a Site to Wake up to
Kepler Falls
Old Faithful

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