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Asia » Japan » Shizuoka May 22nd 2006

Pottery at Mariko On the weekend Marissa-sensei and I went for a drive to Mariko (about 25 minutes away) to an artisans village. There are many crafts on display, woodworking, weaving, puppet making, glass work and most importantly (for my story anyway) pottery! Marissa had told me that you could take workshops there but we werent sure how to do it, however, we found a friendly Japanese man who spoke a little English (we think he was the manager there) and he helped us to sign up for pottery lessons. So, feeling just like Demi Moore in Ghost we began to make our very own Japanese rice bowls, and its really not as easy as i thought it would be! But I did manage to produce a bowl and am excited about picking up the finished ... read more
I've hungered for your touch........
A long, lonely time...
And tiiiimmme goes by so slowly....

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Miyajima May 8th 2006

Okay, get ready for it, this is going to be a bit of a marathon, but if you get tired reading it, imagine me cramming it all into one weekend. Miyajima Miyajima is a small island off of the coast near Hiroshima. It is home of the 3rd most photgraphed sites in Japan- the Itsukushima Shrine gate- I think I made it number 1 on the weekend the amoutn of photos I took!!! It is a very sacred island because of this shrine and therefore noone is allowed to die or give birth- there are no hospitals or cemetaries on the island- even though the population is over 2,000 and there is a school and kindergarten! It is also forbidden to cut down any trees, and so most of the island is covered in forest. We ... read more
The Shinkansen
First views of Miyajima
The friendly neighbourhood deer

Asia » Japan » Shizuoka May 8th 2006

May 3rd- 7th is a series of holidays in Japan, starting with a National Holiday for the Emperor who liked gardens and the environment on Wednesday and Children's Day (also Boys Day) on Friday. Thursday is literally a holiday called 'in between day'!!! No nonsense about that! Boys Day is where the big fish (carp) kites originated- families that have sons hang them outside for good luck, strength and long life. Hiedi and I took this oppurtunity to see a bit more of Japan and so on Wednesday jumped in the car and went driving. Our initial plan was to head for Fuji, which we did, with the glorious mountain providing great vision on the way. We decided that we would like to see the Safari park and waterfalls near the mountain and so began looking ... read more
The gardens
The gardens
The gardens

Asia » Japan » Shizuoka May 1st 2006

We have two new additions to the mansion. They are turtles ( hopefully not teenage, mutant or ninja) from the east and west sides of America named Fuji and Sushi. We got them from our friend Daisuke who owns the reptile shop. I just had them out and was playing with them, Sushi escaped and bolted, he can move pretty fast!! And Fuji tried to bite me so I think he was hungry. He has no teeth but a tongue! Also included in this Blog photos of Saturday night at Chatty, Mrs Nagata and Mrs Fuijiwara cooked up a storm and we celebrated everyones birthdays and Marissas going away (shell be back in a week!) Couple of Random photos too!... read more
Heroes in a half shell!

Asia » Japan » Shizuoka April 30th 2006

My first karaoke experience in Japan was on Friday night, we went to Shidax which is a huge place right in the middle of the city, with Blake (from the Pub School) his girlfriend Meagan, and two of his friends. Shidax is amazing, with at least 5 floors and hundreds of rooms and a Moulin Rouge theme. You book a room for a certain amount of time, we had two hours and then order drinks over a phone in your room. The song books are in the room and you just punch the number into the computer and away you go!! The photos are shockers and the singing wasnt much better but it was fun!!!... read more
Love Shack Baby
Back up singers/dancers!

Asia » Japan » Shizuoka » Shimizu April 24th 2006

I had the Beatles song stuck in my head all day, but the strawberries were ripe for the picking at Shimizu on Saturday. Believe me, there is a limit to the amount you can eat at one time, and i guess it didnt help that i was smothering mine with the condensed milk they gave us (Dad, you would have been proud). Yum. We also saw the 'beach' and found a spot for some great fuji shots and experienced a dodgy Japanese restaurant where the picture menus were limited and a little blurry so the 'chicken' that i thought id ordered turned out to be the inside of some animal. Not liver, not heart but i saw it in the Shizu with the other entrails!! It was actually quite yummy and ate it all up like ... read more
The Beach

Asia » Japan » Shizuoka April 24th 2006

On Saturday night we went out with Daisuke, the snake man to a club called Boom Boom Bash in the city. He picked us up in his huge Landcruiser and we went to the club. We met some of his friends who spoke limited English, but we got express free entry to this club. It was really different, they had a few dj's and this thing called 'show case' where professional dancers come on and dance. Kind of like time warp, but more, and better dancers. They also had a couple of singers. We were one of only 4 non asians in the room so im sure we stuck out like dogs balls, but it was really interesting to see some of the fashions etc. that the girls had on. The only downer was the smokiness ... read more
Marissa and Daisuke
Amy and Daisuke

Asia » Japan » Shizuoka April 21st 2006

Have been checking out the surrounding area, the weather has been a lot nicer and everything is so green and pretty when the sun is out! In my area of Shizuoka it is mainly residential, with lots of green tea hedges on the surrounding mountains and vegie gardens that you see men and women tending. It is a quiet area, mostly families and older people so we feel quite safe walking home from tuition at night, and there are often people out walking until 10 ish at night, especially when the weather is nicer. Its quite nice to pass people in the street and wish them 'kombanwa' (good evening).... read more
The new highway
Spraying the hedges

Asia » Japan » Kanagawa » Kamakura April 21st 2006

While all you aussies were enjoying your easter weekend, gorging on chocolate, not working on friday and monday, holidaying at the beach and being rained out at oakbank or the clare races Marissa and I caught the shinkansen to a touristy town called Kamakura a couple of hours away for a Saturday trip. The sun was shining, the birds were singing the octopus was hot and the beach was cold. All in all what a lovely (and long) day!! Also a few random photos from driving around on Sunday ... read more
Amy and the lanterns
Kamakura fortunes

Asia » Japan » Shizuoka April 13th 2006

Heres a little glimpse into everyday life in Shizuoka. Its getting warmer here so even tho cherry blossoms are thinning the chance of having a clear day and a good view of mt fuji are improving. My week consists of kindy 9-2 Monday to friday, where i have a class of 24 3 and 4 year olds with varying levels of english. 5 are new students who need to learn the routine etc, so its all a little chaotic, expecially seeing two of them are escape artists with basically no english!!! I then have tuition tuesday, wednesday and thursday nights, with children form the surrounding area ranging in age from 4 to 12. The aim of these classes is to get the kids using as much english as possible, so we play games, use flashcards and ... read more
Banana cake

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