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May 1st 2006
Published: May 1st 2006
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Sushi and FujiSushi and FujiSushi and Fuji

Sushi is the bigger one
We have two new additions to the mansion. They are turtles ( hopefully not teenage, mutant or ninja) from the east and west sides of America named Fuji and Sushi. We got them from our friend Daisuke who owns the reptile shop. I just had them out and was playing with them, Sushi escaped and bolted, he can move pretty fast!! And Fuji tried to bite me so I think he was hungry. He has no teeth but a tongue!

Also included in this Blog photos of Saturday night at Chatty, Mrs Nagata and Mrs Fuijiwara cooked up a storm and we celebrated everyones birthdays and Marissas going away (shell be back in a week!)

Couple of Random photos too!

Additional photos below
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So cute!!
Close Encounters of the Bug KindClose Encounters of the Bug Kind
Close Encounters of the Bug Kind

As the weather warms up we are noticing more and more bugs around the place. A waspy kid of thing flew into Marissas room the other night and we couldnt find it again until Marissa heard it buzzing around after shed gone to bed.
Close Encounters of the Bug KindClose Encounters of the Bug Kind
Close Encounters of the Bug Kind

We then got out of bed and went into bug buster mode, Marissa armed with a can of hairspray and a wooden kokeshi doll and me with my camera! This is the end result!

Part of the million course meal we had on Saturday night! The brown sticks on the left are dried squid, actually not too bad!

The eyes were crunchy!
MEK StaffMEK Staff
MEK Staff

Mrs Nagata, Mr Toyonaga- the bus driver, Mrs Kaneda the music teacher, Mrs Inaba, Mrs Fujiwara and the rest you know.
The coolest chair in the worldThe coolest chair in the world
The coolest chair in the world

It had speakers IN the chair!

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