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April 21st 2006
Published: April 21st 2006
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While all you aussies were enjoying your easter weekend, gorging on chocolate, not working on friday and monday, holidaying at the beach and being rained out at oakbank or the clare races Marissa and I caught the shinkansen to a touristy town called Kamakura a couple of hours away for a Saturday trip. The sun was shining, the birds were singing the octopus was hot and the beach was cold. All in all what a lovely (and long) day!!

Also a few random photos from driving around on Sunday

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Hey BuddhaHey Buddha
Hey Buddha

It took great skill and ability to get these shots, its a good thing noone knows us here!!

This street was full of touristy little shops, food stalls and people!!
Kamakura fortunesKamakura fortunes
Kamakura fortunes

These things with paper on are outside all temples, you buy a fortune and then tie it to the string so it will come true (i think)
Octopus ballsOctopus balls
Octopus balls

We bought some of these balls for lunch. They were yuk, kind of mushy yet chewy and not at all a nice taste.

We were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to see a traditional japanese wedding in on of the temples in kamakura. Apparently, you pay about $100 to be a guest at a wedding in japan, more if your a bridesmaid or groomsman!!

In front of the main temple, just getting into the japanese way!
Clap twiceClap twice
Clap twice

Inside the temple, you throw your money (yes, the gods take bribes), clap twice and then bow twice before wishing (or after, not sure). Two friendly old japanese men demonstrated for we uneducated westerners!
Good luckGood luck
Good luck

Step 1. Scoop water flowing form bamboo pipe
Good luckGood luck
Good luck

Step 2. Drink water by pouring it into hand, try not to touch the cup (coz millions of others have slobbered on it). Spit water into trough below (cover mouth coz its more lady like)
Good luckGood luck
Good luck

Step 3. Pour remaining water down the handle to clean it for the next person. Replace cup.
Feed the birds... tuppence a bagFeed the birds... tuppence a bag
Feed the birds... tuppence a bag

Even the pigeons didnt like the octopus balls

Check out all the zebra crossings!!! Pedestrians and bikes get priority in Japan, especially in the more touristy places.
The cat manThe cat man
The cat man

Another unexplainable. Just hanging around on the end of the shopping road with his tail hanging out his pants smoking his cat pipe and selling his mini cat sculptures
The cat manThe cat man
The cat man

The cat mans cart. He was selling these little things for ridiculous prices, no i did not buy one. I dont even like cats!
What the?What the?
What the?

Please someone print this off and send it in to Rove.
The Great Buddha DaibutsuThe Great Buddha Daibutsu
The Great Buddha Daibutsu

Kamakuras main attraction. Built in 1252 out of bronze. Was inside a temple that was destroyed in a tidal wave in 1498, the Buddha survived.

From the inside!! He has had work done to enable the body to move on the base in case of earthquake. He is 13.35 metres tall and weighs 121 tonnes

15th November 2006

ni fu ni
ha ha! Only Aussie could pick Buddha nose! I had to rate that photo 5 stars. Never before have I seen the great Daibutsu so violated. Buddha would be laughing out loud, thats hilarious! I love all of these Pictures Amy, each one is illustrative, great colors, diverse. And it made me jealous too- Ive always wanted to see Daibutsu in Kamakura!!

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