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April 24th 2006
Published: April 24th 2006
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The biggest car in JapanThe biggest car in JapanThe biggest car in Japan

This is Daisukes' car, its so big that he doesnt have to pay for parking because the wheels go over the sensors and they dont recognise that hes there!
On Saturday night we went out with Daisuke, the snake man to a club called Boom Boom Bash in the city. He picked us up in his huge Landcruiser and we went to the club. We met some of his friends who spoke limited English, but we got express free entry to this club. It was really different, they had a few dj's and this thing called 'show case' where professional dancers come on and dance. Kind of like time warp, but more, and better dancers. They also had a couple of singers. We were one of only 4 non asians in the room so im sure we stuck out like dogs balls, but it was really interesting to see some of the fashions etc. that the girls had on. The only downer was the smokiness of the room, from cigarettes and a smoke machine, my eyes wouldnt stop running and it was stingy. When i couldnt put up with it anymore we left and went to Our Boozer, then back to (you guessed it) flyte tyme for some more para para.

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Amy and DaisukeAmy and Daisuke
Amy and Daisuke

Smiling despite my red eyes!

Some of the interesting fashion, now thats coordnation!!!
Thats funny!Thats funny!
Thats funny!


Waiting for our Gyoza (Japanese dim sims- steamed) at about 3 in the morning!!
The Don QuixoteThe Don Quixote
The Don Quixote

A huge store full of stuff, just random stuff. There is another one even bigger with a crepe house, amusement area, music shop, optometrist! This one has a club on the top floor called King of Soul
Flyte tymeFlyte tyme
Flyte tyme

Dancing girls from Brazil
The regularThe regular
The regular

Dont know this guys name, dont think he speaks english, but hes always there when we are and probably a lot of times when were not, and is the one who leads the dances!

2nd June 2006

Has Marissa finally found the man of her dreams??? her and Daisuke look very comfortable together! Should i start thinking about a wedding gift?
7th June 2006

and a mother of the bride outfit? (hi Bec)
15th November 2006

red eyes?
Very curious indeed that both Marissa and Daisuke ALSO have red eyes! I hear the expensive imports dont just stop at Grapefruits and Peaches... And whats with the comment about Dogs Balls?!? I was laughing out loud, I haven't ever heard that before! I can imagine its better with your accent.

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