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May 8th 2006
Published: May 8th 2006
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May 3rd- 7th is a series of holidays in Japan, starting with a National Holiday for the Emperor who liked gardens and the environment on Wednesday and Children's Day (also Boys Day) on Friday. Thursday is literally a holiday called 'in between day'!!! No nonsense about that! Boys Day is where the big fish (carp) kites originated- families that have sons hang them outside for good luck, strength and long life.

Hiedi and I took this oppurtunity to see a bit more of Japan and so on Wednesday jumped in the car and went driving. Our initial plan was to head for Fuji, which we did, with the glorious mountain providing great vision on the way. We decided that we would like to see the Safari park and waterfalls near the mountain and so began looking for this road. The traffic however was crawling due to Golden Week and we didnt find the turn off and so ended up just driving.... until we reached Hakone, or that area anyway. We stopped at a pretty garden high up in the mountains that was huge, it had hiking trails and we could have walked for hours (and gotten incredibly lost!) We didnt really know where we were tho so got back in the trusty Mira and kept on driving. We then hit the coast, or a view of it anyway, and seeing it was getting late and we didnt really know what we were meant to be seeing we started the trip back down the mountain. It wasnt an extremely successful sightseeing day but we will defintley go back to Hakone once we have worked out what we should do there!

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22nd May 2006

Am blowing up the special posed photo and putting on the lounge room wall!! Love your photos keep them coming looking fwd to tokyo

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