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16th October 2011

Lovely post!
From Blog: Mabuhay Manila
10th October 2011

thanks for the update Amy. Great website haven\'t seen it before. I have just come back from KI. So i loved seeing your KI photos. Keep safe and enjoy the experience.
From Blog: Mabuhay Manila
10th October 2011

Ulooloo Dreaming
Love your photos as usual. The new camera certainly doing a good job. XXX
From Blog: Mabuhay Manila
9th October 2011

Dear Amy....loved reading your blog and your enthusiasm for everything! Sorry I missed your birthday in September....(I am sure you understand why). Hope you had a lovely one. Keep having fun....can you recommend the mango with shrimp paste? Lots of Love Wendy Robertson
From Blog: Mabuhay Manila
6th October 2011
The cutest little toredor!

Such an awesome picture
...and was cool to read about San Fermin from another persons point of view.
11th September 2011

MEK shizuoka
Good afternoon Amy. I am a South African citizen currently finishing my postgraduate degree here. I really want to go to Japan next year to teach english there. I saw that MEK in Shizuoka are looking for 6 English teachers, starting either November, January or April. When I googled the preschool I came across your blog. It looks absolutely amazing! I wanted to ask what your experience was of the school and Japan. Any do's and don'ts would be much appreciated! :) Kind regards Sonja Wessels
26th April 2011

Hi Amy, If you want to see kangaroos up close in their natural environment, you could join a Dusk Kangaroo Quad Tour at Kangaroo Island Outdoor Action. You are guaranteed to see kangaroos and other wildlife and you will also enjoy riding the quads through winding bush trails and open grassland. We typically see from 20 to 150 kangaroos and often see koalas, echidnas and goannas. Based on Jetty Road at Vivonne Bay on the south coast of Kangaroo Island, you can also experience sandboarding and kayaking with hire gear from Kangaroo Island Outdoor Action. Your friendly local guides are also a great source of handy information and local knowledge. looking forward to seeing you all down under down under. Regards, Brenton
11th April 2011

monia comment
30th March 2010

so cute :]
Aww your kids are so cute :} I admire children
From Blog: Panda Pictures
29th December 2009

I work at a restaurant called mushi mushi.. lolol insect??? lolol
From Blog: Mushi Mushi
17th December 2009

pls help
i have a rhinoceros beetle but i dont know what to feed them. pls help
From Blog: Mushi Mushi
9th August 2009

think most of the kangaroos are in my back paddock! Went for a short walk yesterday, saw masses of hares, a large dead fox, koala and loads of kangaroos! Bailey (dog) had the time of his life chasing them all! Thanks for pics...lovely...I love KI!
8th August 2009

She's Alive!!
See, local travels do make good travelblogs. As far as I know you are an American whose favorite Ice Cream is Cookies and Cream who happened to visit Kangaroo island! :D
7th August 2009

Dear Amy, KI is magical and timeless. Sorry we killed a Kangaroo when we were there; it jumped into our fast moving car so we are responsible for one less! Glad you had a good time Love Wendy
18th July 2008

Oh Aims that bungey sends shivers down my spine!!!!! Yuck! For some reason that jump seems scarier than others I have seen. The snow looks gorgeous in your photos. Glad you guys had a wick time. Miss ya babes xoxo
13th July 2008

Wow its been awhile since we've heard from the Black Manx. You look all grown up! ha ha :) nice pics, how fun to go skiing..err snowboarding.. in New Zealand. Nice to hear from you!
13th July 2008

love the blank manx!
hey sweets - what does black manx mean? - love your blog - another one to add to my list to read - i'm going to have to start going without sleep - its 12:45am on a sunday night and i'm working tomorrow - must go to bed!!! and must catch up with you soon!!! promise to pop back and read about your adventures in better detail xxx
13th July 2008

winter wonderland
Great to see your snowboarding adventures in NZ. Views were spectacular! Can't believe you would bungee jump again! Crazy! But at least it probably is 100% safer than in Bali!
13th July 2008

Brave girl!!
Hey snow queen, great blog...looks like a fab time was had!!! Dont know about the bungee jump..but good on you 4 keeping your boobs were they belong lol Fantastic pictures, would have loved to be there with you, next time kiss, hug xo
13th July 2008

Dear Amy, Wow A BUNGEY jump. Felt a little bit sick watching you do it, and hearing the scream. Was the cackling you or the person filming it??Queenstown looks picturebook. Friends of our eloped there and have fond memories. Glad to hear that your bones are intact. How about the other peolpe around you when you were falling off the chairlifts? David Tom and Pete are in Falls Creek at the moment and I am at home with Mark who has exams next week, so we are very jealous of all snow bunnies.....Good luck to you and good to see your pictures. Lots of Love Aunty Wendy
1st April 2008

Looks like great fun, which islands did you go to? havent read all blogs.
29th February 2008

Great Theme!
I tried to do this in Cambodia but sometimes I would remember too late! ha ha. Yorkshire pudding makes my stomach growl!!!
29th February 2008

Party Boat?
Thats so weird you went on a tour like this, I hardly *EVER see you drinking in your travelblog posts!! :) Love the pics, as always
16th February 2008

Amazing sunset
I can still see it if I try hard enough....unforgettable. Great photos

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