Amy Hall


Amy Hall

After an amazing, unforgettable year in Japan I dragged a way too heavy bag on wheels through Europe for more fantastic adventures. 5 years later I am off on a 9 week tour of SE Asia.

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Asia » Thailand October 14th 2011

This country certainly has felt like i am strapped in to a rollercoaster blindfolded, where you have a minute to get used to one twist before you are thrown into a turn and then tumbled upside down and come screaming downhill to a very calm, relaxed stop, and everybody's looking at me as i get off- knees shaking, head spinning and wondering what the hell just happened but wanting to do it all over again! It started at the airport where it was all meant to be easy... airport transfer straight to hotel etc. etc. All good except Philippine airlines were late and when I arrived there was no transfer. Eventually i found the person who supposedly had been waiting for me (she wasnt) and then got told by the taxi driver that I took a ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Manila October 4th 2011

My one week stay in Manila with Miss Kim as she is known to the locals has encompassed a little bit of luxury, a lot of delicious food, a smattering of culture (both Filipino and expat!) and of course, shopping. It's hot but not unbearable, its got Spanish influences and national heroes that died for the love of their country. It's got $1 cocktails, $10 massages and exquisite restaurants, but rats the size of cats in the supermarket. And of course its got Imelda! Carlos Celdran is something of a celebrity here and runs tours of the city- Livin La Vida Imelda took in the Cultural Centre of the Phillipinnes and the Convention Centre, both built (along with most of the landmarks in Manila) under the reign of Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos. He gives entertaining and ... read more
Kimberlee and her friend Nina

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Kangaroo Island August 7th 2009

We had a lovely handful of days on Kangaroo Island, staying in a little house with a loft, beautiful views, delicious food and wine and an abundance of wildlife- although we didnt see any live kangaroos until the last day!... read more
Vivonne Bay
Vivonne Bay views

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown July 1st 2008

It may sound deep and philosophical, but its also true- snow doesnt make any sound when it falls. Think about it- rain, depending on the heaviness will either sprinkle, patter or pour (one of the best sounds ever, by the way), hail makes itself heard in a clatter, sleet, accompanied by wind, will whistle as it chills but snow makes no sound at all. Silence as it lands gently on my hand knitted mittens and replenishes snow fields to allow for extra soft crash landings, silence as it turns green sequoia pines into silver towers and multi-coloured cars into uniform white mounds. Going to bed on our last night to clear but chilly skies and waking to a winter wonderland was a bit of a surprise (especially as it caused airports to be closed and our ... read more
Not a bad place to snowboard
I call this one berries
I call this one 'park bench'

Europe February 16th 2008

One of the best things about travelling is the variety of food and tastes on offer. Im never one to shy away from a good feed - eat your heart out!... read more
Shauns Lasagna. Beryl Street, Hammersmith, London
Pommes Frittes with Mayonnaise. Amsterdam, Holland
Bitterballen. Amsterdam, Holland

Europe » Greece August 14th 2007

There werent any poodle skirts and bobby socks, leather jackets and hair gel and definitley no hot young Danny Zuco, but there was plenty of parties, music, dancing and good times had when Cherida and I hit up Greece and the Greek Isles. We stayed in the Pink Palace on Corfu after a gruelling ferry trip from Bari, Italy. (i have recently seen pictures of luxury ferries travelling the same waters, and believe me, ours was not one of these!) Anyway in Pink Palace tradition we had our welcome speech, shot of pink ouzo and were shown to our gorgeous rooms which were thank zeus air conditioned. With many extra curricular activities to fill our time (a booze cruise, magic show, greek dancing, plate smashing, copious amount of jagermeister and ouzo, nice beach and glorious sunsets ... read more
Booze cruising with Jayde
Jesus lives!

Europe » Italy July 19th 2007

Im going to say it. Not including Australia, which is home and Japan which is ichiban (number 1) Italy is my favourite. Loved it loved it loved it. I loved knowing that this was the country that invented pizza, and pasta. Mouthwatering, flavour filled tomato sauces the main ingredient in back to basics pizzas that just melt in your mouth. The allure of Venice, a million laneways to weave and dodge, like your very own James Bond spy movie. The surprise of picturesque coastline, cool, clear rock pools with scurrying crabs. Yellow lines of umbrellas, a perfect frame to the endless blue. Houses jutting in to the cliffs, making it unclear which depends on the other to stay put. A lifestyle that means that something might be open in the morning, might be open mid afternoon, ... read more
The Cinqueterre
Im excited!

Africa » Morocco July 14th 2007

So Im in Morrocco and i really dont know how to feel. Im actually really wishing i wasnt here, that i was back in barcelona, or even better home on the couch in australia watching the crows play. but im not and so i feel like i should be making the best of this situation- finding out what it is that others love about this place....why i am i so tense that my neck is stiff and everything aches? why cant i look at the little boy whos trying to sell me tissues and not want to cry, but at the same time pull my bag closer to me so he cant swipe it? why do i not even feel like looking at the beautiful coloured scarves and wall hangings? why, when cherida just sugggested a ... read more
On the bus!!
View from the bus window
Bus Station

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Pamplona July 6th 2007

Hi My name is Vaca, I am a cow and I live in Spain. Being a cow in Spain isn't the same as being a cow in any other country in the world because every year in July the Spaniards hold the San Fermin Festival aka The Running of the Bulls. Sanfermines, held in honour of Saint Fermin, the patron saint of Pamplona and Navarre now attracts visitors from all over the world... visitors hoping to run with the bulls and survive, witness a bull fight and party all night long. Well thats all well and good. If your not a bull. Or a cow for that matter. Every year I see my friends, my husbands, my brothers and sons go off to take part in this madness. Theres no stopping them, there is a lot ... read more
Relaxing by the pool at the campsite
Warming up for the real Celebration!
Campsite Fun!

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris June 26th 2007

What can you say about one of the most frequented destinations in Europe? It certainly is a beautiful city and we enjoyed some sunshine and some rain while seeing the sights, had a lovely dinner for Cheridas birthday and had a chance to rest and clean the mud out of everything after Glastonbury!! And we went to Disneyland, I think Im becoming a bit of an addict and am hoping to go to all of them one day!!... read more
Inside Notre Dame
Notre Dame by night
In front of the Notre Dame

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