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June 26th 2007
Published: November 3rd 2007
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What can you say about one of the most frequented destinations in Europe? It certainly is a beautiful city and we enjoyed some sunshine and some rain while seeing the sights, had a lovely dinner for Cheridas birthday and had a chance to rest and clean the mud out of everything after Glastonbury!!

And we went to Disneyland, I think Im becoming a bit of an addict and am hoping to go to all of them one day!!

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Inside Notre DameInside Notre Dame
Inside Notre Dame

There was a massive line up but we went in te exit and noone told us off!!
The Sacre CouerThe Sacre Couer
The Sacre Couer

And champagne and strawberries ooo la la!
On the Champs ElyseeOn the Champs Elysee
On the Champs Elysee

Cool car showroom
Some queens dressing tableSome queens dressing table
Some queens dressing table

And us in the reflection!

Yummy! Very Garlicky!!
This was a highlight!!This was a highlight!!
This was a highlight!!

It flashed and sparkled, very beautiful

3rd November 2007

Our love of Paris
It is an amazing city.......great photos!!! xox
23rd November 2007

Loved Notre-Dame. Think it was the most fantastic place I have ever seen. We have plenty of snails so let me know if you get peckish...
6th February 2008

City of Cities
Looks like everything human culture creates can be found in France! 7 hours in an internet cafe? holy crap...

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