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October 4th 2011
Published: October 9th 2011
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My one week stay in Manila with Miss Kim as she is known to the locals has encompassed a little bit of luxury, a lot of delicious food, a smattering of culture (both Filipino and expat!) and of course, shopping.
It's hot but not unbearable, its got Spanish influences and national heroes that died for the love of their country. It's got $1 cocktails, $10 massages and exquisite restaurants, but rats the size of cats in the supermarket. And of course its got Imelda!
Carlos Celdran is something of a celebrity here and runs tours of the city- Livin La Vida Imelda took in the Cultural Centre of the Phillipinnes and the Convention Centre, both built (along with most of the landmarks in Manila) under the reign of Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos. He gives entertaining and thought provoking insight into the life and times of this couple who still despite corruption, scandal and downright madness are regarded fondly yet with mixed emotion by the Filipino people. They were extremely superstitious- buildings were to be completed in 77 days, the chandelier in the convention centre contains no more and no less than 700 light globes and on gaining power the exchange rate

In the middle of a shopping plaza-regular services are held here throughout the day in this highly catholic nation. The pretty trees are fake
for pesos to the US dollar was of course 7:1. He also runs a commentary of the Spanish colonisation- World War 2 from Manila's 'spiritual' centre Intramuros. The commas are added as Carlos observes that Manila struggles to find its spiritual and indeed national identity as even with influences from the Spanish and the Americans and the Catholic church none have succeeded in taking hold and so he compares a Filipino to a national dessert halo halo- its a mixed up mash up of sugar, ice, jelly, beans and milk. And in the midst of these nationalities struggling to take hold Manila was devastated by the Japanese and exploited by the Americans in World War 2, when 100,000 Filipinos were slaughtered either by Japanese swords (they didnt want to waste bullets) or by American bombs (just a little collateral damage).

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Public transport Manila style
Convention CentreConvention Centre
Convention Centre

700 light globes

The driver said "climb into my ferrari". The donkey/horses name is Rambo
Carriage drivers sonCarriage drivers son
Carriage drivers son

He actually held the reins
Mango-Natonal FruitMango-Natonal Fruit
Mango-Natonal Fruit

The dipping sauce is not chocolate-its shrimp paste!

9th October 2011

Dear Amy....loved reading your blog and your enthusiasm for everything! Sorry I missed your birthday in September....(I am sure you understand why). Hope you had a lovely one. Keep having fun....can you recommend the mango with shrimp paste? Lots of Love Wendy Robertson
10th October 2011

Ulooloo Dreaming
Love your photos as usual. The new camera certainly doing a good job. XXX
10th October 2011

thanks for the update Amy. Great website haven\'t seen it before. I have just come back from KI. So i loved seeing your KI photos. Keep safe and enjoy the experience.
16th October 2011

Lovely post!

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