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Asia » Philippines » Manila December 15th 2018

When planning this trip most advice was to avoid Manila, it being a highly populated, traffic jam dominated city with not much appeal. However I figured if we can find some fun here then the rest of the trip will be enlightened by the experience. The first hour after landing sitting in a snail like queue waiting for a cab followed by another hour snaking our way through traffic certainly didn’t seem that much fun. Shelley made the taxi queue enjoyable by trying to work out exactly how many cabs were needed by trying to group the people ahead of us in the queue who would be sharing a taxi. She almost lost the plot when she found out their was a priority line that allowed pregnant, senior, or disabled people into the front. Next trip ... read more
War Memorial
War Memorial

Asia » Philippines » Manila » Sampaloc June 20th 2018

This summer of 2018, my Lola visited the Philippines for a short vacation. We, together with my Mom travelled to El Nido, Palawan. It was my first time to go there so I was excited and it was a five day trip. We woke up at 4 a.m. to prepare for our flight. We boarded Cebu Pacific at NAIA Terminal 3. It was an hour and half flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa. Then after arriving at Puerto Princesa airport, we rode a van to El Nido for 6 hours. Upon arriving at El Nido, we stayed at Novies Inn in Corongcorong. After settling into our room, we took a walk at the nearby beach. Then we had dinner at a local eatery. We found out that they serve crocodile sisig. But I didn't have the ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Manila November 13th 2017

My first time traveling to Asia. I have family that lives there and my father and stepmother have been to visit quite often. I had anxiety on the flight as it's the longest and furthest I've ever flown. To say it was indeed a culture shock is an understatement. After a 16 hours flight from JFK, 3 hour layover and 2 hour flight yet again... We finally landed in Manila. The trip was compiled of spending time in Metro Manila, driving to Baguio and Vigan to visit the mountains, then flying down to Coron for 4 days for some R&R on the beach.... read more
Taal Lake
Villa Escudero
Villa Escudero

Asia » Philippines » Manila » Ermita October 23rd 2017

We are on the way from Romblon, Philippines to Papua New Guinea and stopped in Manila for a day an a half to get rid of the landscape gear that we will only need in a month we we return. We rented a locker for 33 days to store 2 medium sutcases for about US$40 a much better alternative to paying $400 at the airport for storage. Something to think about if you need to make a station to unload some weight and travel around lighter. Also I wanted to go on a little gastronomic adventure as there are a Restaurants in Manila that have made the list of Best 50 of Asia... but first, my belly hasnt been feeling well and second we didnt have fashionable clothes to go to a fancy place so I ... read more
Lemon Pepper Salmon
The Intramuros Hotel, Manila, Philippines
Manila, Philippines

Asia » Philippines » Manila » Ermita October 22nd 2017

Fortunately Super Typhoon Paolo, packing 240 km/hr and gusts reaching 296 km/hr veered away from the Philippines towards Japan and we were able to board the overnight Ferry to return from Romblon to Batangas. As the storm was approaching we got heavy rain that flooded some streets and wind that destroyed bridges in islands south from us. Luckily on the day of our departure from "The Three P" Dive Resort in Romblon, Philippines the storm started to turn away and we had a fairly smooth 8 hr overnight ride. Just in the middle of the crossing it got a little bumpy but and I heard a few people waking up but later I heard that the bumps mid way are quite normal. The ferry gets cancelled only in extreme weather conditions so hearing that it was ... read more
Last view of the area
Last dinner at The Three P Dive Resort
Super Typhoon Paolo track

Asia » Philippines » Manila » Malate August 9th 2017

I really enjoyed traveling to the Phillipines so much! It such a great country easy access to Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands; Guam, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Cambodia,etc.Phillipines is worth to see. I loved the bus rides that the country has as well as seeing the historic forts and sights of the Phillipines. Palawan, the islands in the Southwest of the Phillipines, has so much to see. The Phillipines use to be a US Territory a couple of years before it became seperated from United States Colonization. During Spanish-American War in Late 1800s; Cuba, Puerto Rico, Phillipines, Guam and Saipan became all part of the United States when Spain tried to takeover all those countries. However, the Treaty was given by the United States to Spain so that they give up and hand the rest of the colonization ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Manila July 18th 2017

After two years I am finally making my Philippines volunteering trip a reality. I started with two days in Manila, arriving on Sunday evening and immediately liking the humid, crazy chaos. I haven't been to SE Asia for a few years, having spent more time travelling around Eastern Europe and heading to whichever parts of Australia my visa dictates, so it is great to be back. Manila is several cities in one and, after much deliberation, I had decided to stay in the 'sanitised' area of Makati rather than the more backpackery Malate as I was only there for a couple of nights to de-jetlag before heading off for the island of Leyte where I would be spending the next five weeks. Despite its reputation of being the 'glitzier' area of Manila, Makati still felt run-down, ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Manila February 14th 2017

The work weeks are all very similar. On Monday night at 8 PM, we meet at the van to drive to work. We work 9 PM to 6 AM every day until Saturday morning. When I get home at 7 AM, I either go to sleep or go to the gym. If I sleep first, then I head to they gym around 2 PM. The only real interesting food that I have eaten recently was friend pig skin (regular and spicy because of course they said I had to try both). That wasn't my favorite. I felt like the taste was stuck in my mouth for a long time after. For the weekend of February 11th, we had an office wide team building activity. Right after work on Saturday we headed to a camp where there ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Manila January 23rd 2017

Well I am finally here in Manila! I feel like I have been talking about coming here for half a year but it never really felt real until now. Sometimes I still feel like I will be home in a few weeks. But Manila is home for the next six months! I left Narragansett on Thursday, January 19th. The day before, Matt said that there was a lot of traffic in Boston so me, Mom, Hayley, Kiernan, Riley, Cam, & Parker headed out at 5 AM. My flight was at 11 AM so of course we got there super early. Traffic was not bad at all. Of course I over packed so I had to scramble losing things and shifting things into different bags. We need to get a new scale at home because ours said ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Manila » Malate December 27th 2016

My Cebu Pacific flight to Manila took off after midnight from Bangkok. I never flew this airline before. So, I was curious about its service. I always like to try new airlines wherever I travel. I loved the service of Nok Air when I flew from Mae-Hong-Son to Chiang Mai in Thailand. I had many pleasant flights with Nature Air in Costa Rica. It was a great service from Kalstar when I flew to Borneo in December 2016. So, I wanted to check it out. I waited all day long at the Bangkok airport and I was tired. And I knew it’s a short flight from Bangkok to Manila, perhaps 3- 4 hours max, and I need to catch a quick nap during the flight. I already had my dinner while waiting at the Bangkok airport, ... read more
Near the SM Mall
The Globe, SM Mall
Advertising billboard, the SM Mall

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