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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Glastonbury June 25th 2007

Over 700 acts, over 80 stages. 177,000 people over 3 days of entertainment. We stayed 5 nights. 300 tonnes of recyclable waste and 110 tonnes of other waste removed from the site. Tickets sold out in 1 hour and 45 minutes. We got ours in the second round thanks to Bec and Shaun sitting on the phone in London. I dont know how much rain. Between 3-10 centimetres of mud in varying consistencies on 900 acres of cattle grazing land in Pilton, England. 2 pairs of gumboots and 5 pairs of socks. 1 warm apple cider and disgustingly delicious Yorkshire Pudding. A stack of strangers out to have a good time. The Killers, Mika, Lily Allen, The Who, Pete Doherty, The Cat Empire, Arcade Fire, James Morrison, Shirley Bassey, The View, The Fratellis, Amy Winehouse, ... read more
In the beginning
Tent City
Chez in her wellies in our tent

Europe » United Kingdom » England June 10th 2007

To me there are two Englands. One is London, the other is the rest of it. Heres where the playdough comes into it.... London is like if you put the playdough in the middle of the table and tell the kids to go for it, everybody grabs as much as they can and starts playing with it, sculpting it and moulding it into what they want it to look like, according to their ideas and plans. Some kids dont get any playdough, while some get heaps, if your lucky someone might share and their might be some collaborating plans, but at a table full of four year olds its pretty much every man for himself. Meanwhile, there is just a blue smudge left on the table where the complete blob used to be. The part of ... read more
Sampling Cambridges Finest
Chez went to Brighton
Trinity College

In the fairytale surrounds of southern Germany, castles dotting the landscape amidst rolling hillsides of vineyards pointing towards the languidly looping Rhine, two beautiful maidens Cherida and Amy, met their kind and generous friend Dirk. A tour of the lovely town of Bingen was had, with spectacular sunset views and a scary dark tower (turm) where the tears of many a long tressed maiden could still be heard hitting the concrete floor. The trio shared a traditional German supper of bread, meat and cheese and told tales of past travels, enjoying the challenge of conversing in each others languages. Friday dawned and Dirk, the wunderbar tour guide, led the maidens through his sehr schon homeland. They explored the charming town of Bacharach, with its cobblestoned lanes and ancient houses cheerfully lopsided. They rambled over the remains ... read more
Rolling hillside
Cute little wonky houses
German village

Europe » Czech Republic May 9th 2007

Funny times had in the Czech Republic........... mainly owing to the great British guys we met there- Joe and Andy.. who were staying in the same hostel room as us and were continuing on to Cesky Krumlov at the same time. We arrived in Prague after a quick flight from Hungary.. we thought this would mean a nice and easy arrival. We were wrong. We got in too late for normal buses and so had to wait for night ones, an hour later in the freezing cold one came, and then there were a couple of changes on to dodgy looking trams and then we were dropped with no map and no idea in Prague somewhere in the vicinity of our hostel but not really. 4 hours after we left the airport we arrived at ... read more
Good times
Fred and Ginger Dancing Building
Prague views

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest May 4th 2007

I always knew I had it in me, and have had plenty of oppurtunity to practise on our travels (Hyde Park, Mirabell Gardens, Schonnbrunn Palace...), but in Budapest I have perfected the art of sitting and watching the world go by. Often I have a book with me, other times, its just my I-pod, but there is never a shortage of people to watch. I sat in a Square, and some Budapestian locals, maybe on their lunch break, dressed in dark suits (one crushed velvet!), sunnies on, ties slung over their shoulders stroll into the square with half a dozen long necks (obviously containing Hungary's finest) and two big bags of chips. They flip the top off their bottles and perform a strange 'cheersing' ceremony, the bottles are clinked multiple times from top to bottom,slowly ... read more
You know Who....
Bridge views from Buda..
St Michael's Church

Europe » Austria May 1st 2007

My favourite things! Europe » Austria By BlackManxMay 1st 2007Amy Hall My Favourite Austrian Things To the tune of 'My Favourite Things' from the Sound of Music Snow on the mountains and breath taking views, Liesl slipped off the bench coz she wore the wrong shoes, Sound of Music Tour with a bus driver who sings..... These are a few of my favourite Austrian things. Sun shining down on a crystal clear lake, Picturesque villages that look almost fake, Danced round the fountain of the horse that had wings.... These are a few of my favourite Austrian things. Summer toboggans and gardens in bloom, Under age nightlife- no Austrian groom! Feelings of awe that the scenery brings..... ... read more
"The hills are alive..."
The back of the sound of music house
Mirabell Gardens

Europe » Poland April 22nd 2007

Champions One of the funniest and most memorable times in Poland was when Marios parents picked us up from the train station (we were so relieved to see them coz we didnt know where we were and werent sure theyd got the message). They took us to their house and fed us and then on the way to Marios apartment (before stopping so Marios Dad could by us beer!!! and sausages) we were listening to the radio and good old Queen came on. Marios parents dont speak English, and obviously we dont speak Polish, but 'We are the Champions' is apparently international language. There was one perfectly harmonised moment when Freddie was singing and everyone in the car joined in... it didnt last long coz Cherida and I dissolved into giggles. I will never listen ... read more
Just chilling!!
City of Churches

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin April 17th 2007

The famous words uttered by JFk on June 26, 1963 on the steps of Berlin city hall in a show of support of the United States for democratic West Germany shortly after the Soviet-supported Communist state of East Germany erected the Berlin Wall as a barrier to prevent movement between East and West. Unfortunately for him the words when translated mean "I am a donut". As our tour guide said, bad year for him,, what with the assasination and all! It was a great tour, very informative but not boring, and took us through lots of history and all the main sights. We stood on the spot where Hitler and his wife poisoned themselves (and Hitler shot himself in the head), which is a stones throw from the Menorial for European Jews killed in the ... read more
Chocolate Shop
One of Berlins Churches
Pub Crawl- Berlin Edition

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam April 12th 2007

Amsterdam is an overwhelming, amazing city, with so much happening at once that its hard to catch a breath. The saying 'anything goes' certainly applies here, and it results in an absolute bizarre mix of cuilture and people. This was certainly higlighted when we did Randy Roys Red Light Tour- along with a mother and her two -20 year old sons, a young couple and a photographer from Canada. At one stage of the tour I was standing in the doorway of a child care centre, looking at a big old church, right nothing too funny about that. BUT! if i faced the other way i was looking directly into a window at the start of the African Corner, red lights blaring and skantily clad women opening and closing their doors hoping to entice a ... read more
The view from our hostel
The leaning houses of Amsterdam
Amsterdams Canals

Europe » United Kingdom » England April 4th 2007

Well here I am in London having flown from Japan via Moscow. The differences are amazing and endless, and its taken a little while to get my head around what country im in, what im doing here and what im doin next. Weve been lucky enough to stay with an old school friend, Bec and she and her boyfriend Shaun have shown us a grand old time in London Town. Weve done a lot of walking and exploring, doing all the touristy things of course, including Harrods, Buckingham Palace, all the circuses and Tate Modern, Big Ben, London Eye. Weve had beers in Kensington Gardens, cheered on the rowers at the Cambridge/Oxford boat race and checked out Hampstead Heath and Camden Markets. Also had a night out at the Walkabout in Sheperds Bush, which was a ... read more
The red telephone boxes
Buckingham Palace
The queens at Buckingham palace

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