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May 1st 2007
Published: May 1st 2007
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16 going on 17 Gazebo16 going on 17 Gazebo16 going on 17 Gazebo

An 80yr old woman was dancing around inside and broke her hip! So now no one is allowed inside!

My favourite things!

 Europe » Austria By BlackManx
May 1st 2007
Amy Hall

My Favourite Austrian Things

To the tune of 'My Favourite Things' from the Sound of Music

Snow on the mountains and breath taking views,
Liesl slipped off the bench coz she wore the wrong shoes,
Sound of Music Tour with a bus driver who sings.....
These are a few of my favourite Austrian things.

Sun shining down on a crystal clear lake,
Picturesque villages that look almost fake,
Danced round the fountain of the horse that had wings....
These are a few of my favourite Austrian things.

Summer toboggans and gardens in bloom,
Under age nightlife- no Austrian groom!
Feelings of awe that the scenery brings.....
These are a few of my favourite Austrian things.

Cozy mazed laneways with cobblestoned pathways,
Tasted the schnapps in all of its ways,
Elegant great castles built for kings.....
These are a few of my favourite Austrian things.

When the crazy kepap man bites,
When the Viennesse nightlife sucks,
When I'm feeling sad....

I simply remember my favourite Austrian things....

And then I dont feel sooooooo bad!!!!!!

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The back of the sound of music houseThe back of the sound of music house
The back of the sound of music house

Poor little Gretel was the only one who couldnt swim and nearly drowned in the scene where they fell out of the boat!
Mirabell GardensMirabell Gardens
Mirabell Gardens

"Doe a deer, a female deer"

Amy on the summer toboggan

6th May 2007

Oh the sound of music!!
How I just love that musical.....NOT Looks like you soaked it all up, I know you love it!!!! Love Bec x what no groom yet???
7th May 2007

Vie heist du?? Who's the poet Aim's??? I must say, not bad! Love the beer mug, very proud to say your an SA Girl! Looks like you are having a great time still. Take care! Auf Wiedersen! xx
7th May 2007

Hey Amy, Marissa cuz kate here!! love your photos! sounds of music!! wicked!!! would have been sooo exciting!! i so would have ran through that field singing doe and deer!!! glad to see your still injoying yourself!! have fun!! im hopefully visiting marissa in japan in aug!! so excited!! be good babe and keep the photos and blogs coming!
8th May 2007

Salty Burgs
Wow you clean up pretty good! Austria looks like my kind of Country!! Cant wait for your next entry...
8th May 2007

I love The Sound of Music too!
Wow, the gazebo, the house, the gardens...loved it all! Can't believe you still have time to write songs and keep adding blogs! Thanks! The 'no kangaroos' sign was very funny! xx Marissa xx ps - i could only spot 4 butterflies
23rd May 2007

One two One two SHAKE IT!
We've been stealing your trees since Australia was still a prison colony. Hey are you stealing any hearts in Europe? Watch out for The Clap!
25th May 2007

How exciting!
Wow you guys are really having the experience of your life. How scary that lady must have been.Can't wait to hear more of your trip. Miss you. Dx
3rd June 2007

That's an ace song! Now I want to go there on my trip...not sure what songs I can parody at this point. Great blog btw!

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