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May 4th 2007
Published: May 4th 2007
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Chess playing HagarsChess playing HagarsChess playing Hagars

There were lots of viking looking men here!!!
I always knew I had it in me, and have had plenty of oppurtunity to practise on our travels (Hyde Park, Mirabell Gardens, Schonnbrunn Palace...), but in Budapest I have perfected the art of sitting and watching the world go by. Often I have a book with me, other times, its just my I-pod, but there is never a shortage of people to watch.

I sat in a Square, and some Budapestian locals, maybe on their lunch break, dressed in dark suits (one crushed velvet!), sunnies on, ties slung over their shoulders stroll into the square with half a dozen long necks (obviously containing Hungary's finest) and two big bags of chips. They flip the top off their bottles and perform a strange 'cheersing' ceremony, the bottles are clinked multiple times from top to bottom,slowly at first then faster, a melodic prelude to the swilling that ensues. The boys then loll about shouting comments to passing girls... laughing among themsleves, throwing chips to the pigeons and generally being very very cool. Thankfully they leave observing tourists alone!

On Margit Island Cherida and I both sat next to the fountain and watched a young couple toying with the bursts
You know Who....You know Who....You know Who....

This is actually THE Anonymous.. but i think it looks like Voldemort from Haary Potter- its good luck if you touch his pen.
of water shooting regularly, but not predictably towards the edge of the fountain. They were of course being terribly brave... just edging into the water.... wanting to get wet but not wanting to get wet.....and finding the whole thing terribly hilarious....and of course (much to our disgust) they managed to avoid the water.

I also lay in a wooded grassy glade on Margit Island... only to be hassled by a bum looking for money..... so I moved a little and lay again singing my new favourite Snow Patrol song (Set the Fire to the third bar- good one hey Bek!) at the top of my lungs... the sun played n the leaves of the trees...splaying shimmering light frollicking across the azure sky..........

We both floated in delight at the Szechyni Baths... the water was a warm 38 degrees, the air was cool enough to refresh us and the surroundings were opulent and magnificent. We ogled at the man mountain we nicknamed Hagar... wondered at the amount of hot women with totally average men.... and soaked our little fingertips wrinkled.

We lay on a grassy knoll in Santendre.. a short train ride from Budapest and watched teen
Bridge views from Buda..Bridge views from Buda..Bridge views from Buda..

or was that Pest?
locals kicking the soccer ball to each other... flirting with it getting too close to the Danube so one of them would have to take off their shoes and go in after it. I counted the church steeples nestled into the rolling green hills... straight out of a postcard, just how they are supposed to look in a quaint little village in Hungary.. and totally uncapturable on camera.

I plan to continue my education in just sitting... stay tuned


Additional photos below
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Budapest DisneylandBudapest Disneyland
Budapest Disneyland

This little area had displays of differetn types of architecture- not old at all!!
Szechenyi BathsSzechenyi Baths
Szechenyi Baths

Talk about luxury!!
'I'm not even wrinkled yet!!''I'm not even wrinkled yet!!'
'I'm not even wrinkled yet!!'

Just 'soaking' it up!!
Castle MountainCastle Mountain
Castle Mountain

The buliding was in the hill side
Indoor marketsIndoor markets
Indoor markets

Paprika everywhere.......... and not so great goulash

Yes its all made out of icing stuff... another Hungary delicacy

19th June 2007

heya, i`m first
nice to see you again in totally different place, cool. hope you have always good time ... see ya
19th June 2007

Lady of leisure!!!
Lay down, soak up the sun and let the world pass you by....not a bad way to spend your days Miss Amy Hall. Great song, must say I miss our very vocal, out of tune singing!!!! Warm hugs Beks x x
19th June 2007

Jealous of your new pastime!
Love all the photos, especially of the baths, they look amazing! Lucky your ipod is still working, mine is broken!!! Marissa xxx
20th June 2007

You've Got Talent!
I like the pictures! The castle in the mountain is really cool. And wow all that paprika must have made you Hungary. Im not trying to Be-a-pest either, but if I dont start seeing some mountains or volcanos soon I might go crazy! I hear the Tatras outside Krakow, Poland are fantastic...
21st June 2007

Oh I had no idea that it was all so beautiful. Looking fwd to hearing your lovely singing at home soon Love
28th June 2007

A lady of many talent's, and yet you manage to find another one...! Impressed! Now where is the place you saw all the hot women with very average men...i need a holiday, that is my destination....! ha! Thanks for the photos and updated BLOG, i wont tell you it was about time though!! Great pictures, keep having fun and sending those BLOG's through...bout to read the next BLOG now...."Chech this out"....

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