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April 30th 2006
Published: April 30th 2006
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My first karaoke experience in Japan was on Friday night, we went to Shidax which is a huge place right in the middle of the city, with Blake (from the Pub School) his girlfriend Meagan, and two of his friends. Shidax is amazing, with at least 5 floors and hundreds of rooms and a Moulin Rouge theme. You book a room for a certain amount of time, we had two hours and then order drinks over a phone in your room. The song books are in the room and you just punch the number into the computer and away you go!! The photos are shockers and the singing wasnt much better but it was fun!!!

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This guy just walked into our room and sat down and drank a beer! Marissa and I tried this later on but didnt have as much success
Ahh i think you mean Moulin!?Ahh i think you mean Moulin!?
Ahh i think you mean Moulin!?

A sagoy (very good) example of the Japanese complication with 'L' and 'R'. Of course weve eaten 'Flied lice' and could order 'Sarad' at Flytetyme.

1st May 2006

Like your style!!!
Hey girls, I was the guy that crashed your karaoke party on Friday night. I am actually an undercover poacher for a record label called "Fundoshi" and I thought you girls were really fantastic and would like to offer you a contract!!! Hope you found my card that I left on the table, call me and we'll arrange a meeting!

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