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April 13th 2006
Published: April 13th 2006
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They call me amy- sensei, it makes me smile whenever i hear it! Look how well-behaved they are!!!
Heres a little glimpse into everyday life in Shizuoka. Its getting warmer here so even tho cherry blossoms are thinning the chance of having a clear day and a good view of mt fuji are improving. My week consists of kindy 9-2 Monday to friday, where i have a class of 24 3 and 4 year olds with varying levels of english. 5 are new students who need to learn the routine etc, so its all a little chaotic, expecially seeing two of them are escape artists with basically no english!!! I then have tuition tuesday, wednesday and thursday nights, with children form the surrounding area ranging in age from 4 to 12. The aim of these classes is to get the kids using as much english as possible, so we play games, use flashcards and just have general conversation. Weekends (tho ive only had 2 here!) consist of going to the lemon shop (where everything is 100 yen- $1.15) going out to dinner, driving around looking for a furniture shop to buy some soft chairs (the car seats are not that comfy) and maybe going out in to the city. Hopefully this weekend karaoke!!!

Apologies to those of you
Banana cakeBanana cakeBanana cake

We had soem browning bananas and thanks to cyclone whatever it was in queensladn i didnt have the heart to throw them out!!!
who i mislead when calling where we live the mansion. By Japanese standards, it is a mansion because of the number of tatami mats on the floor. I also do not have a Black Manx cat, but this was the first animal i saw in Japan and i now see them everywhere!!

Additional photos below
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Pretty self explanatory!
Lounge Lounge

Note the uncomfy car seats

Note the blue frieze around the wall, put up by me and from teh lemon shop, naturally!!
Elvis has left the mansionElvis has left the mansion
Elvis has left the mansion

Courtesy of the lemon shop- a flashing guitar light bathroom mirror!!

We found moulds in the cupboard especially for rice, the kids at school come with their lunchbox (bento) all packed oftne with rice like this and with seaweed cutouts as well

hair dying time
Amy's slippersAmy's slippers
Amy's slippers

Found these in a shop in Shizuoka, buying slippers is almost as fun as buying pajamams!!!

From the bridge near the kindy, the creek is running at the moment from ALL the rain, lots of ducks and the classroom you can see is mine.

At the opening ceremony for the new students ( i know, for kindy, its crazy, some of the mums even wore kimono!) The other girl up the back is Hiedi the other australian, and in the middle at teh front our encho (principal) tomoko.

Note the 'sand' pit. Can you imagine what these kids would think of Wallaroo!!
View from the playgroundView from the playground
View from the playground

I love the views around here, look at teh green tea hedge rows and how close i am to the mountains!!

Not dressed in usual blue tracksuit for opening ceremony, how cute are the braces

Very proud of his aeroplane!!!

Reminds me of Glenny!! Knew i wanted a photo so of course wouldnt look at the camera

14th April 2006

bring home Masaaki for me that kid is beautiful!!! hope your having the best time!!! keep the photos coming its great. ps BE GOOD!
14th April 2006

Its an orchid not an iris u dip shit
18th April 2006


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