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Asia » Taiwan » Taitung April 14th 2014

Monday, 14th April 2014 After a wholesome breakfast at the homestay this morning, we hopped on to the East Coast Tourist Shuttle and arrived at the Sanxiantai (Terrace of the Three Immortals) stop. With temperatures dipping to a low 20 Degrees Celsius, this was a relatively cold day to be at the coast. Having seen countless pictures of Sanxiantai, the next logical move was to see them with our own eyes. As we stood with our eyes closed on top of the wavy bridges that connected to the offshore island, this had a liberating effect on our tired souls. Our next stop at Xiaoyeliu was equally impressive given its unique rock formations. I'd never visited her Taipei cousin but we thoroughly enjoyed this one as we certainly took our time snapping pictures away. The highlight of ... read more
Railway Cultural Park, Taitung
Celebrating the good old days
At the Old Taitung Railway Station

Asia » Taiwan » Taitung April 13th 2014

Sunday, 13th April 2014 We bade goodbye to the city of Taipei this morning as we made our way to Taitung, some 366km away. This was a journey that lasted 5.5 hours on the fastest train that we booked the day before. Surprisingly, the long commute was not as draining as we had envisioned. We were probably distracted by the scenic eastern coast of Taiwan and the rice-fields as our train passed through the countryside. In fact, this was a very comfortable ride experience as we spent our time chit-chatting and eating the "bian dan" we bought onboard. Before long, we had arrived at the city of Taitung where we met up with the homestay owner at the train station. The 6km drive along the near-empty Mahengheng Boulevard was a pleasant one. Very soon, we reached ... read more
At 3.15pm, arrival
Full Sun House, Taitung
Paposogan, Taitung Seashore Park

Asia » Taiwan » Taitung October 31st 2013

Nǐ hǎo! Hello from Taiwan The very enjoyable tour continued with the excellent food, scenery, activities and hotels. I made three good friends from Victoria/Australia and we shared many meals and conversations. Everyone I chatted with on the tour bus were very nice people from around the world. Itinerary from the Viatour website. Day 3: Kaoshiung – Kenting – Taitung (B) Have breakfast and then take a morning tour to Kenting National Park, located on the southern tip of Taiwan. The 37 miles (60 km) of coral-rimmed shoreline along three sides of the park provide many notable attractions. Inside the park, stop at the Oluanpi lighthouse, the Maobitou scenic coastal area and the forest recreation area. Then, continue your drive to Taitung, where you’ll stay overnight. Overnight: 5-star Naruwan Hotel or similar in Taitung Day 4: ... read more
River beds are dry till theres a typhoon
Weird rock
Coast road to Kenting National Park

Asia » Taiwan » Taitung June 21st 2010

East coat of Taiwan, Taitung, with nice and beautiful homestays, and views under the developement of tour, you rent the bibycle to walk around the city. ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Taitung May 1st 2010

Its been a long time since I updated my blog! I have attached some of my friends pictures of Chinese New Year and a festival called Lantern Festival. Enjoy!... read more
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Asia » Taiwan » Taitung June 9th 2009

I went to the east coast side of the island this weekend. The Pacific Ocean looked so blue and clear. I drove a manual transmission car around tight curves that thinly separated the Pacific and the mountains formed at the edge of the Phillippine Sea Plate. The day turned into night while I drove and the bright full moon came out. Driving is great. There was a cow farm out there. I drank some pretty good chocolate milk. The milk is free if you just slaughter the cow yourself and clean up all the blood, but I didn't do that cause I'd still have to pay a wizard to make it chocolate. Then I visited the Bunun Aboriginees land. Up until maybe 100 years ago, everyone at some point would visit another tribe and take someone's ... read more
Snake god
Severed Head Triumph

Asia » Taiwan » Taitung June 3rd 2009

We were on the way to the Jiaming Lake but we failed. Our luck was only to see a sea of clouds, not Jiaming Lake. We joined the tour for three days with Baoke this holiday. We 8 people and the guide Baoke drove down to the south and the rain flew to the south. Jiaming Lake is famous for its beautiful and mysterious lake. It is full of legends and ghost stories. We were supposed to visit the lake and climb two more peaks. The night we camped it rained a lot. The wind was strong too. Our tents were drown. Our sleeping bags were so wet, too wet to sleep. Baoke taught us to bake these bags. It was the first time I baked a sleeping bag and I knew there was a way ... read more
Jiaming Lake is behind the peaks

Asia » Taiwan » Taitung June 2nd 2009

Hey Everybody! We're still in Taiwan and doing well. We finally got to take a little trip at the end of May. The Taiwanese work a lot, so we won't have many opportunities like this. We had a four day holiday and decided to head to the East coast. Taiwan's east coast is the less developed side of the island due to the large, steep mountains (several peaks over 12,000 feet) and the typhoons experienced each year. There's also a large indigenous population of various tribes. The trip was great. The city of Taitung was our base. We spent a good amount of time at the beach. There's only a few swimable beaches on the east coast, so we were lucky to be near one. The water and currents can be rather violent and in many ... read more
To the Hot Springs
Swim Caps!

Asia » Taiwan » Taitung March 16th 2009

Back again to Taitung, in Spring which is really good for travelling. The weather is so warm but not too hot to walk. This time, in weekend afternoon, i walked alone the bicycle pavement which was re-constructed by the abandoned railway tracks alone the old train stattion to the new one. Along this bicyle specific pavement, bothside with green trees and flowers which may be planted by people who live in both sides. In spring, i see lots of different flowers which i did not know their names at all. Who care? it is so beautiful with butterfly , lazy dogs and few children riding the bicycles..that is life what i want. but indeed,it is not easy to get especially in big city.. ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Taitung January 29th 2009

Li-Gi Moon word located in Taitung closed to Taitung new train station. You could rent a car or motor to there when you arrive in the new train station of Taitung, it is really worth visiting. ... read more

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