Carys and David from Yorkshire enjoying exploring the world.

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Sancti Spiritus February 19th 2019

I'm having a bit of a final catch up of our last few days in Cuba now that we're back home and have some internet. It's been a nice break from 'The outside world'.....but quite annoying not being able to get any information or check anything! Santa Clara Just an overnight stay in Santa Clara to break the journey back to Havana. known now mostly for the large monument to Che Guevara as it was here that he blew up the train carrying all the weapons and reinforcements for Batista's forces in the city. The town was really buzzing in the evening as it was Valentine's day, lots of people carrying one large over the top bouquets here! Our final few days are back nearer Havana on the coast for a few days of R&R. ... read more
Fun for the kids!....goat rides
1930s fridge still working
Revolution café full of collected items

Central America Caribbean » Cuba February 19th 2019

Another Collectivo taxi and another town about 3hrs including a stop. A UNESCO site the city was a wealthy slave trading centre and hub of sugar production. The wealthy traders built fine homes and mansions together with colourful houses lining cobblestone streets that have barely changed since the colonial era. Plenty of restaurants and bars and we are having rum far too many times during the day......which can make walking on the cobblestones a bit of a challenge. This is more like what we were expecting of Cuba really, glad we made time to visit this town. Our Casa is slightly up the hill and on her top floor you can sit out on the balcony and watch the sun set. Next door is a rooftop restaurant and next to that there’s another one and they ... read more
Our favourite band
Colourful calle

Central America Caribbean » Cuba February 19th 2019

Early start as the Collectivo was picking us up at 8am to take us to our next place Plays Llarga for a bit of sea and sand. We shared with two young girls from Switzerland who both had huge cases each and we were amazed that the driver actually got our two and theirs in the boot....good job ours were not as big. This is the longest journey of our trip about 4 ½ hrs in total and we had to swap taxis on the outskirts of Havana but we arrived in good time taken to the door of our Casa and had an afternoon on the beach!. Playa Larga sits at the top most point of the Bay of Pigs famed for the 1961 invasion by the CIA in trying to topple Castro it also ... read more
Land crab
No filter!

Central America Caribbean » Cuba February 4th 2019

Vinales Monday 4th. February The owners of our Casa organised our taxi for the next stop. The bus system can be a bit hit and miss but a collectivo taxi by which you share with other people can sometimes cost similar and they pick you up from home and take you to your next address! We were picked up by a 1946 Dodge and luckily for us it had a new refinement of AC. We shared with another English couple and another Cuban guy so 6 in total including the driver and quite comfortable. Stopping on route for some of the tastiest chicken rice and beans that a lady was cooking in a little cabin on the side of the road. The drive down was very pretty a few sugar cane fields but this area is ... read more
Old people logging on!
Busy road outside our Casa
It looks like David is on a Shetland pony.... I'm up hill!!

Central America Caribbean » Cuba January 31st 2019

Thursday 31st January Not too bonkers a start this morning as we had decided to overnight in the Travel lodge in Gatwick. Apparently the M25 was at a standstill for a couple of hours according to some people who made the plane by the skin of their teeth! Just a bit of de icing and we were off quite promptly.....3 films later and we have arrived in Havana....just a balmy 24C! I had allowed 2 hrs to unload, immigration, get our luggage, change money and get a taxi but we actually arrived at our Casa an hour early than I had said. Of course we had one bag through pretty quickly and the other bag about 20mins later but at least it arrived this year!..... It’s still Thursday evening so chat and drink with our hosts, ... read more
The first of a few!
Guess where we are!
Litre of mojito and Art!

Asia » Taiwan March 13th 2018

Remember that I mentioned that we had been asked to appear in a Rap Video whilst we were walking around a market in Taipei... Here is the video!! We even get a thank you at the end. Over 120,000views!... read more

Asia » South Korea March 11th 2018

Time to leave Okinawa and onwards to Seoul in South Korea for a few days. I have been keeping a check on the weather and hopefully it will be a little bit sunny over the next few days but definitely cooler than we have been used to. The flight was only 2hours but what a world of was getting darker when we arrived and we took the express train from the airport but the countryside looked so stark and bleak..not a single tree in leaf except for a few pine trees, very apocalyptic But we have had a great 3 days and the weather forecast was right, sunny! In fact we had to take a layer off. Definitely a place to come back to as we hardly scratched the surface. I did manage to catch ... read more
Another palace
Dress hire
Bukchon Hanok Village

Asia » Japan » Okinawa March 6th 2018

Okinawa is the largest of the Japanese islands to the South of mainland Japan and on the same latitude as Hawaii and Florida. It very much has that laid back island vibe but with the Japanese love of order. In the arrivals hall there was a long list of the way to behave. Including not leaving bones and food stuff on the table but to put it on a plate.. To wait in line if others were already waiting( this was not intended towards the Taiwanese as they do a good queue) It was not acceptable to take food from one store and eat it it another (we saw that so often in Taiwan) Toilets were for sitting on and paper can be flushed ! Not to talk loudly in public places Don't eat to much ... read more
Things you can do with purple sweet potatoes
How do you want your Spam?
And of course the Japanese toilets!

Asia » Taiwan March 6th 2018

A few photos of our final report from Taiwan. Next stop Okinawa.... read more
Me and himself
Pancake, peanut brittle and ice cream!
Pingxi lantern festival

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei February 28th 2018

Taipei-Taichung-Tainan-Taitung-Taipei!.Its starting to get confusing where we have been. Basically we have now completed a anti clockwise tour of the island and now back in Taipei. After the earthquake in Hualien we decided that unfortunately we would have to give this area miss and so we took the train straight up to Taipei. The route took us up the eastern rift valley which was probably the prettiest countryside we have seen all trip. The train did stop at Hualien and of course we did try to see the fallen down hotel but we didn't see anything. Actually we did see s lot of buildings that are still standing! According to the news the builder,architect and owners have all been arrested... So a few days spent exploring in and a round Taipei which is actually about 15C ... read more
6 dogs!
Hot water foot spa
Sweet potato

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