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Asia » Singapore » Little India December 12th 2018

Boracay, a name of a island a good friend told me about back in the 80’s. Supposedly the most beautiful white sand beach on the planet. Since hearing of it I have always wanted to visit but The Philippines really isn’t on the way to anywhere when it comes to cheap airfares so it never popped up on any previous trips as an option. Over the years I have watched and seen the number of hotels, bars and associated environmental impacts make it look less appealing to the point it hasnt been a drawcard. Then this happened. In April the new President of The Philipines, famously known for his war on drugs by literally exterminating the dealers, announced Boracay was shutting so it could be c... read more
Chop Houses
Little India
Ferrar Peak

Asia » Singapore » Little India November 22nd 2018

Since our return from Cuba it’s been four weeks of UK TV; wall to wall soap operas, reality shows and a damp climate. The time had come to leave all that behind once more. We both managed the biggest smile when we knew we’d hopefully be rid of the biggest soap of them all – Brexit!! The only reminder we may have in the weeks to come is when we meet non-Brits and, once they realise where we are from usually start the conversation by politely asking: ‘What do you think of…’ We are going to be away for four weeks first flying to Singapore via Warsaw on LOT Polish airlines. Why LOT? During our original research we found that flying LOT, business class was not much more than flying British Airways, Premium Economy. ... read more
Roisin settling in to her long haul flight
The LOT survival kit
The damaged suitcase

Asia » Singapore » Little India January 25th 2018

Lovely Lion City Singapore, January 2018 Fun Factoid about Singapore: it’s nickname is "the fine country". That's because you get fined for lots of things like littering, feeding monkeys, spitting on the floor, sticking gum below the chair/table and more. Is this a great country or what? And don’t get me started on their draconian legal system…..these folks do not pussy-foot around. Time for me to head east and stick my tootsies once more into a fish tank…..yes, I did say fish tank. This city-state in southeast Asia is where I first experienced the dubious thrill of fish spas a few years ago, and I’m more than ready for new water sessions. More about this fun stuff later. First, it’s 3 flights across the Pacific via Seattle and Tokyo, before touching down at Changi ... read more
Clarke Quay
Hong See Temple
Singapore at Sunset

Asia » Singapore » Little India October 3rd 2017

What was good about our 15 hour journey from Dublin to Singapore? Getting complimentary 200ml bottles of champagne from the Norwegian Air flight attendant after Mags "let slip" we were on our official honeymoon. What was bad about about our 15 hour journey to said location? The two and a half year old toddler who had been tapping Mags on the shoulder for the entire trip to show off her colouring book suddenly decided to make a dive for Mags glass of champers and ended up knocking half of the said champagne bottle all over Mags! On Singapore itself, I have to say I've been absolutely blown away by the architecture, engineering and design of the city.. it somehow feels like we've been teleported to the future! In Dublin, anything over 6 stories high would be ... read more
Supertree Grove
Nice and Dry!
Cloudforest Waterfall

Asia » Singapore » Little India November 1st 2016

Getting into Singapore should not have been as difficult as it was. After getting fleeced one last time in Australia to the tune of $15 AUD for the 10 minute ride to the airport (no public transport available) I showed up to the ticket counter and heard the dreaded words “Can you show me your onward travel ticket?”. Um, no I can’t because I do not have one. The agent insisted it is Singapore government policy to not let anyone board the craft without a onward or return ticket. Out of options I agreed to buy a “fully refundable” ticket on the spot for $250AUD so I could board the craft. After a two hour flight from Cairns to Darwin my connecting flight to Singapore was promptly canceled for a reason I never could get a ... read more
Little India

Asia » Singapore » Little India October 14th 2016

A month after our wedding it was time for our honeymoon. Our spiritual master Paramahamsa Vishwananda is currently travelling through Asia for quite some time - so we took the chance and booked a dirt cheap flight with Turkish Airlines to Singapore. His teaching is "Just love" - well, and this is what a honeymoon is about. As he had married us, we really wanted to spend our honeymoon with him. So enough good reasons to start our short honeymoon of only 9 days with a 18 hour journey to Singapore. But the journey went smooth and finally we arrived early in the evening. Well, Singapore.... I, Nina, had been here 6 years ago. In 5 days I had really seen a lot of Singapore and to be honest, it was not my favourite city. It ... read more
Darshan with Paramahamsa Vishwananda
we love the tropic vegetation
enjoying a yummy thali at the MTR Restaurant

Asia » Singapore » Little India July 31st 2016

Dernière étape de mon voyage (un peu en retard, je l'admets) : Singapour. Nous avons passé 5 jours dans cette ville - état, le temps d'en faire un bon tour. En tous cas des principales zones intéressantes pour les touristes. La principale attraction ou en tous cas celle que tout le monde a déjà vu sans aller à Singapour, c'est le Marina Bay et la zone qui l'entoure. LE Marina Bay, c'est ce complexe de 3 tours chapeautées par un bateau en béton (les photos rendront ça plus clair). A côté : les garden on the bay. Ce sont des jardins au bord de la mer, dans lesquels on trouve notamment des arbres artificiels et 2 serres immenses. Franchement, on a beau en avoir vu plein de photos, on est pas déçu quand on y est. ... read more
Marina Bay

Asia » Singapore » Little India February 7th 2016

Sunday 7th February 2016 We were excited to be heading to Singapore today having had a great time in Myanmar. Myanmar felt like real travelling again having to work hard to find places to stay, things to eat and generally getting around the city. Having said that, we were also looking forward to an easier time of it in Singapore where all of the aforementioned things should come easily. Checked out by 8am we were in a taxi with our new Polish friends and after 45 minutes we arrived at the airport. We dropped off our bags and got through security in record breaking time and sat to wait for the plane. We had a comfortable 3 hour flight south to Singapore and landed at 4:30pm Singapore time. We located the MRT (tube) and along with ... read more
Our curry at Banana leaf restaurant
Lanterns in China town
Fire work display

Asia » Singapore » Little India November 17th 2015

Arrivé à l'aéroport de Singapour, je tombe sur l'un des spectacles les plus magnifiques et harmonieux que j'ai pu rencontrer auparavant. La sculpture "kinetic rain" s'agite et se réinvente dans des contorsions pleines de poésie. Je vous laisse cette courte vidéo pour vous laisser le plaisir de l'admirer. Apres avoir passé la nuit sur une chaise de l'aéroport, j'arrive dans mon dortoir où je me lie rapidement d'amitié avec Firat, un chirurgien kurde d'une quarantaine d'années d'une hospitalité incomparable, avant de partir explorer la ville avec lui. Ce qui me marque rapidement est le silence qui y règne. Non pas que les rues soient désertes, mais les gens ne sont pas bruyants comme ils peuvent l'être dans une métropole comme Tokyo ou Hong Kong. Dirigée d'une main de fer depuis sa scission avec la Malaisie ... read more
Arab Street
La marina
Clarke Quay

Asia » Singapore » Little India September 20th 2015

We were up early this morning, as we need to leave the hotel at 6.00 am for Dubai International airport. Check-out went very smoothly, and the changes agreed yesterday had been applied to the final invoice. When everything had been sorted the receptionist informed us that the manager had made a note on our account that next time we book with that hotel we will get complimentary upgraded to business class with access to the business lounge. Not that we need an incentive to come back to Dubai, but when we do, we will definitely be taking up their offer. We were also sent away with fresh fruit and a set of daily Dubai national newspapers. A very nice result overall. It shows what a hotel can do to avoid a nasty review on Trip Advisor. ... read more
Our plane for today
Menu for our flight

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