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Asia » Maldives » Male Atoll January 18th 2015

Day 5. Decided to explore the other side of the island. Off we went and passed by their local allotment growing all sorts of fresh produce and it also has a scarecrow, not sure why because we have not seen any birds or animals on the island. Within 5 minutes we were on the beach and settled on sun beds in the shade. Temp was 31 degrees and 72% humidity, it was hot. This is where the water sports are located, anything from sailing a catamoran, water skiing, canoes, paddle boards or just snorkelling. Suddenly Fran called to me and said have you seen that penguin in the water. As you do I replied where? It was a white buoy with a black top for tying up the speed boat, but just for a moment it ... read more
Maldivian scarecrow
all fresh veg
the penguin

Asia » Maldives » Male Atoll January 18th 2015

Asia » Maldives » Male Atoll January 18th 2015

Yesterday evening we spent at the cinema under the stars which was on the beach. There was a choice of sun lounger or bean bag to sit on and a bowl of pop corn to munch. The local usher even had a torch to show you the way from beach to path. Next morning we watched the sun rise from our bed and then enjoy a lazy breakfast watching Dolphins jump and spiral on their way to their feeding grounds. The eating areas are a 10 minute stroll from the villa along wooden piers and white sandy paths that meander through the trees. On the way all the resort staff say hi or hello and enjoy your day. Apart from the odd ice cream and lunch the rest of the day was spent back at our ... read more
As the day begins .....
Sunrise over The Maldives

Asia » Maldives » Male Atoll January 18th 2015

Here is a view from our loo, we have only seen tiddlers and crabs.... read more

Asia » Maldives » Male Atoll January 16th 2015

Well, having arrived safely after our frantic drive to Colombo airport (Dubai could really learn a thing or 2 about quick transfer through customs and security!) We head off for the Maldives. We have an hour flight but unable to sit together as flight is full at last some space between us. You are thrown a chicken biryani and a drink the minute we are up in the air. The leftovers are hastily collected before we decended to Male airport. We are met on the ground by a charming rep and taken to a lounge to wait for our domestic flight. It's a 50 seater aircraft and will take an hour to reach our airport as we have to make a one stop. Finally arrived at Laamu Atoll airport which is half the size of the ... read more

Asia » Maldives » Male Atoll January 16th 2015

Day 2. We have no agenda to follow so the day is ours. Missed breakfast as we slept in. We then explored the hut. Well its not really a hut but it is an ocean villa on stilts!!! We cannot describe this using words but we have found paradise. Take a look at the pictures on the inside and views from the deck. ... read more
West end of our island
view across to the beach
the main room with doors to decking

Asia » Maldives » Ari Atoll October 26th 2014

After my Greece and Turkey trip this August, I didn't think I would go anywhere else until the rest of the year. I was wrong. I could not resist the temptation of joining my friends to go for a seven night live aboard in Maldives. How could I say no to a 45 meter, four deck yacht? After a great difficulty in getting clearance from work, I flew to the capital city of Maldives, Male, on October 4th evening and met 16 other divers who came from Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines. Once landed at the airport, we were introduced to each other and transported by a dhoni, local wooden boat, to Maldives Princess, was a beauty! It was spacious enough for the 17 of us with a proper living room, a bar, a dining room ... read more
Seeing Manta from the surface
Can't get enough of sunset and sunrise
Beautiful coral and reef

Asia » Maldives » Ari Atoll July 30th 2014

After an incredibly relaxing first day on the island, where we had loaded up on breakfast, snacked on granola bars for lunch, and eagerly awaited dinner, we were ready for some fun. For dinner, we each wore a dress and had a happy hour fruity drink. Then we walked to the pier to take some photos and just love the idea we were in this incredible place. Dinner the second night was not as good as the first, but it was still good enough. It had rained intermittently during the afternoon, but we were still so happy with the weather - we had been told that it would rain and thunder every day. That night, however, the sound of rain against our roof woke us all up - it was absolutely insanely loud! I, of course, ... read more
Fun night
Swimming in Paradise
Off to see the dolphins

Asia » Maldives » Ari Atoll July 29th 2014

For the Eid holiday, my friends and I decided to make a quick trip somewhere. The Maldives was chosen finally after much deliberation and we were able to get a good deal for three nights and four days at the Holiday Island Resort. I had no idea where this was. I tried to look it up and there really is very little information out there about the Maldives, even though almost everyone who goes loves it. I guess not as many people have been fortunate to experience this island paradise, and so I encourage you to try it before the rising seas have washed them away. (Despite your beliefs in man-made vs nature, the sea level IS rising, regardless of the reason). Jamie and Joevet were coming from Abu Dhabi on Qatar Airways. They met me ... read more
From Male to another island
Entrance to our resort
Amazing sunset the first night!

Asia » Maldives » Male Atoll July 15th 2014

Always wanted to visit Maldives it was my dream to stay in water villa on the island surrounded with Indian ocean and with love of my life. I don't know how but my dream came true one day i woke up with 2 tickets in my hands everything was sorted out and date was for 20th of June 2014. I was so excited and so was my husband.We used Singaporean airlines from Brisbane Australia to Singapore had few hours in Singapore airport and next was Singapore to Male 4 hours flight. Once we arrived to Male in the evening we had to stay one night in the city ... read more
sunset water villas
our island
bounty heaven medhufushi

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