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Asia » Maldives » Ari Atoll March 5th 2018

When I walked into the lounge after dinner the bar tender tipped me a wink and slid a White Russian over to me… she didn’t seem to mind… (pause for laughter… yep, comedy gold!). Alongside the barman’s recollection of my drinking habits pretty much everything about Huvahendoo Island is stunning, including the price. My wife and I take pleasure in finding our inexpensive breaks, but we do treat ourselves and splash out every couple of years. The prices for holidays anywhere fluctuate seemingly randomly and this place weighs in at around the £500 a night give or take a hundred quid for even the cheapest beach apartments which we stayed in. So, is it worth it? It’s hard to describe heaven in an interesting fashion but no matter how many boxes you have ... read more
Sunset at the Aquabar
Blogger and large stone

Asia » Maldives » Male Atoll February 6th 2018

His name is Kokko. I told him my cat has the same name, Coco. I learned later that our young Maldivian guide’s nickname means “little brother.” His formal name is “Ibrahim Abdul Sattar.” He is also more charming than my cat, and a lot less furry. And unlike my cat who barely shares the house with me, Kokko enjoys sharing his country with travelers from around the world. As I frequently discover in my travels, everyone is special in some way. Kokko is no exception. He is working on a project—but more about that later. When I arrived in the capital city of Male with my traveling companion, chaos seemed to reign on the busy streets. Everyone seemed to be moving something—crates of fruit, boxes, carts, fish, and motor bikes, which crawl like hordes of ants ... read more
Practicing her motoring
Use to be the tallest building in Male at 13 stories
Red snapper

Asia » Maldives » Male Atoll December 7th 2017

I'm just a month late on blogging...What an amazing achievement! Sorry, before going further, on more time to my we are now firmly in 2018...Happy New Year! There are good deals...and there are better deals....and there are actually deals I work on....this is it...this is the deal! First visit to Maldives for me was back in 1998. I stay on my own at Club Med. That island doesn't exist has been "engulfed" by the reclaim land to expand the airport island into a new city. I arrived on a one-way from Vietnam at the time...two one ways were cheaper than a return...go figure out! I used to work for Club Med while at University...yes I did both at same this with the honors...they call it multi-tasking...nothing new. At the time, the boss ... read more
I first dived this site 14 years ago...
how do you qualify this kind of welcome?!?
Happy couple!

Asia » Maldives November 5th 2017

It’s 5 o'clock somewhere, right? We clink glasses from our weathered deck chairs as the sun sets on a stormy horizon. I’m in the Maldives, on a Dhoni boat I've lovingly nicknamed Floaty McBoaty. Drifting south through the endless turquoise atolls and uninhabited white sand islands, this place is so beautiful it brings tears to your eyes. We are eight souls, with a crew of five, enjoying our happy hour out on the deck, while delicious wafts of seafood BBQ indicate what is to come. I’ve always wanted to come to the Maldives but I needed something different than what was on offer. Those ritzy resorts look fabulous, but they cater to newlyweds and ruby wedding anniversaries. Being a single solo traveler, it is a bit ostracizing. I decided that a sailing vessel of some kind ... read more
Girls will be Girls
Mister Floaty McBoaty
Jelly straight ahead!

Asia » Maldives » Male Atoll April 30th 2017

DAY1: Our solid 10 hour sleep was disrupted by a 7am knock at the door - "breakfast Mr Duncan!" Omelete and baked beans followed by fresh fruit. The maldivians present their silverware at room temperature, which took a bit of getting used to but the scran was good. Jailbreak, AKA Jails - was cranking out head high sets. Only 10-15 guys out workin 2 sections - waves galore. I stopped counting at zero - well this is a blog not a brag. Besides i kept losing my count and it was interferring with my concentration. We'd agreed to just 'go easy' on the first session so maybe 60-90 mins max would get the release the cobwebs. So, 2 1/2 hours later we returned to shore to a warm welcome from the midday sun. Andy was by ... read more
Ma bitch waxin ma board
Pasty white man
My boardies say "surf anything" - refund please!

Asia » Maldives » Male Atoll April 29th 2017

Day zero: What time shall we set off? Well, having trusted Ross to take care of the flights he settled on a 930pm departure from heathrow airport, london. 930pm on the friday of a bank holiday weekend. Given the journey time would normally be 3 1/2 hours, there was no counting for bank holiday traffic and potential motorway closures so we debated the departure time, wrestling between "in case there's a nuclear explosion time", or "mentally stable time". We accounted for the Trump factor and settled on the former after multiple attempts to persuade my driver it was the right thing to do. It was worth it - even despite having to endure a journey of countless " this is the earliest i've ever travelled for a flight ever!" statements. Gifted with that and other ... read more
Touchdown in Male
Kicking back at heathrow
Heathrow lounge

Asia » Maldives » Male Atoll January 21st 2017

Out last two days on the Maldives and not a lot to do. Friday is a day of rest so we did, lazing about until mid day before walking through town and stopping off in the park to use up a bit more time while waiting for the ferry to start running. We went over to Male again and had a wander along the Sea front there really isn't a lot to do or see here apart from boats! So it was back to the Sea House to watch the fish again. Then ferry back and walked back to the hotel. We ate at the hotel's Indian Durbar restaurant again as the food was so good the night before and that was another day done. Our final day in the Maldives and ferries etc were back ... read more
Male and the Sea House Restaurant

Asia » Maldives » Male Atoll January 16th 2017

Before moving onto the Maldives we had a final night at the Go! Hotel in Manila and I had no intention of going anywhere, I know I'm a wuss but we were staying in a really poor area and I can't shake the whole kidnapping thing from my brain despite Suzanne and David having used public transport and wandering around and being fine. Anyway fate in the form of Howard intervened and some how our only charging lead for his tablet, my phone and kindle managed to get left back in Puerto Princessa and having already 'lost' the camera we need my phone to work if only to take photos, so we had to go out after all. The lady on reception didn't help my nerves when she said we absolutely shouldn't go out to the ... read more
Ahoy there
Leaving Male
On the way to Dhiffushi

Asia » Maldives » Ari Atoll November 23rd 2016

Dad and I decided Kyle shouldn't be having all the fun on this island adventure. He is going diving everyday, coming back with wild stories and photos of exotic looking sea creatures. If you know us at all, you know that we are not about to put our faces in the water, let alone go under water. So, we found a water adventure that was a little more our speed. We hopped aboard a submarine and followed the coral reef of our island underwater, but in an air-conditioned, private cabin. It was actually a lot of fun and we saw a large variety of fish--more fish than we could identify. They were all different colors and sizes and, in a way, almost looked fake they were so vibrant. We took some photos of some of them ... read more
School of Fish
In the Submarine
Large School of Fish

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