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Asia » Maldives » Male Atoll June 28th 2022

Tuesday June 28/ Wednesday June 29 – What am I doing? Who does this? Buying a ticket to the Maldives on Saturday and leaving Tuesday. Nuts! But here goes. I woke up at 5am and was out the door at 6am for a tram to the train station and then the train to Zurich airport, putting me there at 8am, three hours before my flight. The line was ENORMOUS but I noticed there was a separate line for “verified to fly”. I had filled this out online the night before, not realizing I had a choice, but so glad I did as there were only a couple people ahead of me. After getting to the gate, I had some time to get online and organize myself a little for the trip. I’d had very little time ... read more
Airport Ferry dock
Main square

Asia » Maldives March 28th 2022

It’s going to be quite difficult to write this blog without it seeming like marketing from the Maldives Tourism Board. But these islands really are magical. Where it will probably differ is the advice and extremely strong encouragement to stick to the inhabited islands. While we didn’t actually visit any of the resort islands – despite getting an offer of a mates’ rates deal on a few of them through a friend, which she said were “mid-range” but the cheapest was US$2000 per night – we could often see across to resort islands and actually pitied the people staying on them who couldn’t have the experience we were having. First island: Hulhumalé When you arrive into the Maldives at 07:30 and have onward domestic flights at 15:20, what do you do? Certainly don’t linger in the ... read more
Lovely backstreets of Fuvahmulah
Fuvahmulah on the way to a dive site over its southern shelf
Friendly nurse sharks somewhere in Vaavu Atoll

Asia » Maldives December 19th 2021

Napoleon said "A picture is worth a thousand words" so this blog will be mostly pictures with just little bit of background. After finishing the live aboard snorkel cruise of the Maldives, we went to an all-inclusive resort called Sun Island (#sunisland). As with many places there are many good things and a few not so good things. Amongst the good things were our room. We especially liked the bathroom with its indoor shower AND an outdoor shower and the back porch with its own private pool and a view of the ocean. On the not so good list was the food; granted it was a huge buffet but what they did not tell us was most of the supplemental restaurants were closed. Interestingly the staff ran the gamut from outstanding customer service to waiters who ... read more
Our Private Pool
Janet and Beth Snorkeling
Angel Fish

Asia » Maldives December 15th 2021

We had a bit of a scare as we tried to fly to the Maldives. When we got to the airport, we found out that there is a difference between the COVID Antigen test and the COVID PCR test and we had gotten the wrong one. So first we went to a place in the airport that offered both and got the right one but it would take 24 hours to get the results back. Since Lyon was such a small airport, there was no Lufthansa Customer Service so we decided to take our flight to Frankfurt. They let us take the Lyon to Frankfurt leg as long as our bags were checked to Frankfurt only so we boarded the plane, disappointed we would not be going to Maldives today and wondering how long it would ... read more
Einstein and two imposters in the Frankfurt airport
Dhoni Crew
Seafarer and rainbow

Asia » Maldives » Addu Atoll February 10th 2021

This trip was on my wish-list for a while...but I actually booked the tickets less than 5 days before departure, which must be a first over the last 10 years. You see....even in Covid area...we learn to be flexible...and that at the end of the day, life is far away from being "that bad"!! Ideal way to reach FVM, the Fuvahmulah airport is the direct flight from Colombo to Gan, than you jump on a 45 minutes speed boat...and just dream that the open sea is nice to you! Well, this was prior to the Covid area. Colombo is out of reach for now, and there is no certainty of the next direct flight from Colombo to Gan. But than again, not everything is that bad. I'm loaded with miles on Cathay Pacific....but they don't fly ... read more
Sunset plane plane a day on average...
Fuvahmulah, 6km over 1km...with a "highway"....a moped rental was a good idea!
Silver tip...

Asia » Maldives » Ari Atoll December 31st 2019

A total of 9 hours with a scale in Dubai, but it was definitely worth it. Malé, the capital is not a place to stay in the Maldives, as there is not much to do there. We just stayed there the last night as the weather was so unpredicable that we were worried about losing our early morning flight. There are many many islands in the Maldives and all of them are connected to Malé via speedboat, seaplane (only resorts) and domestic flights. Actually, it surprised us how easy it was to get to tiny islands in atolls and how disorganizedly organized things are in the Maldives (you don't know were you go, but they take you exactly were you need to go, either if you have to change transport 3 times). We chose a local ... read more
From the plane
From the flight 2
Dhigurah Beach

Asia » Maldives » Rashdoo Atoll August 16th 2018

Firstly let me say that writing this blog is entirely against my policy on such things; in my opinion people don't want to hear about people's romantic holidays. People want to read about incident, controversy and cultural insight. My most successful blogs tend to also involve a healthy dose of misfortune. No one needs to hear about walks on the beach and lovers holding hands and staring into each others' eyes while making their way through a tasting menu basking in another perfect sunset. The second and more decadent part of our honeymoon in early 2018 was in the Maldives, and although it was filled with the romantic holiday tropes I wouldn't dare to bore you with, it was also a genuinely fascinating place. In fact, our seven days in the Maldives were so remarkable I ... read more
MC took this one!
Infinity Pool
My Honeymoon T-Shirt

Asia » Maldives » Ari Atoll March 5th 2018

When I walked into the lounge after dinner the bar tender tipped me a wink and slid a White Russian over to me… she didn’t seem to mind… (pause for laughter… yep, comedy gold!). Alongside the barman’s recollection of my drinking habits pretty much everything about Huvahendoo Island is stunning, including the price. My wife and I take pleasure in finding our inexpensive breaks, but we do treat ourselves and splash out every couple of years. The prices for holidays anywhere fluctuate seemingly randomly and this place weighs in at around the £500 a night give or take a hundred quid for even the cheapest beach apartments which we stayed in. So, is it worth it? It’s hard to describe heaven in an interesting fashion but no matter how many boxes you have ... read more
Sunset at the Aquabar
Blogger and large stone

Asia » Maldives » Male Atoll February 6th 2018

His name is Kokko. I told him my cat has the same name, Coco. I learned later that our young Maldivian guide’s nickname means “little brother.” His formal name is “Ibrahim Abdul Sattar.” He is also more charming than my cat, and a lot less furry. And unlike my cat who barely shares the house with me, Kokko enjoys sharing his country with travelers from around the world. As I frequently discover in my travels, everyone is special in some way. Kokko is no exception. He is working on a project—but more about that later. When I arrived in the capital city of Male with my traveling companion, chaos seemed to reign on the busy streets. Everyone seemed to be moving something—crates of fruit, boxes, carts, fish, and motor bikes, which crawl like hordes of ants ... read more
Practicing her motoring
Use to be the tallest building in Male at 13 stories
Red snapper

Asia » Maldives » Male Atoll December 7th 2017

I'm just a month late on blogging...What an amazing achievement! Sorry, before going further, on more time to my we are now firmly in 2018...Happy New Year! There are good deals...and there are better deals....and there are actually deals I work on....this is it...this is the deal! First visit to Maldives for me was back in 1998. I stay on my own at Club Med. That island doesn't exist has been "engulfed" by the reclaim land to expand the airport island into a new city. I arrived on a one-way from Vietnam at the time...two one ways were cheaper than a return...go figure out! I used to work for Club Med while at University...yes I did both at same this with the honors...they call it multi-tasking...nothing new. At the time, the boss ... read more
I first dived this site 14 years ago...
how do you qualify this kind of welcome?!?
Happy couple!

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