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Asia » Maldives » Male Atoll June 9th 2014

The diving in Maldives was fabulous. I loved taking underwater photos. After the third day of diving I gave up trying to use my strobes and just used the camera and available light. My photos were pretty good. Some of the reefs look good, lots of different corals with interesting shapes and colors. But there is a lot of rubble on many reefs, which is good substrate for growth of new corals, but not so pretty in photos. Fish abounded on all dives, except the first dive today. We went to a beautiful reef with overhangs, current and deep water, perfect conditions but we were skunked for the first time…no sharks, rays, or schools of large fish. Every day we did two dives a day, in the morning except for Friday which is the Muslim holy ... read more
Right overhead and really close
And away he goes
Beautiful reef fish

Asia » Maldives » Male Atoll May 31st 2014

I woke up and looked at my clock…quarter to eight and I was supposed to be at the airport at eight! Where was the wake-up call I had requested? I was the only guest downstairs and something in the kitchen was smelling very good. I asked the young man about the wake-up call and he pointed to the clock. Oh, I hadn’t set my clock to Maldives time…it was only ten to seven. Right on time the driver showed up and we went to the Male airport, only fifteen minutes from my hotel. I was to meet the resort representative in front of the food court and he was going to get my ticket for the seaplane and put me on it. It went like clockwork. The flight was great fun. After twenty minutes we got ... read more
Speed boat to our island resort
View from the dining hall
Beach in front of resort

Asia » Maldives » Raa Atoll April 30th 2014

Our last day here at this magnificent resort, we both have to say that this has been the most relaxing weeks holiday we have ever had, just sensational! Save up and come to the Dusit Thani!!! Everything has been absolutely perfect, from the bungalow, restaurants, staff, magnificent spa, gym and the island itself we couldn't fault it, this place is really a paradise! Another afternoon of relaxing and snorkelling, after our session with Lauren, John has been searching for all the nasty fish, they are not too nasty though, none of them will attack you unless you touch them or stand on them, thats why you never try and stand anywhere in the coral, as the coral will die if you stand on it, and there might be a stone fish disguised, who are the LITTLE ... read more

Asia » Maldives » Raa Atoll April 28th 2014

Had a wonderful afternoon snorkelling on the reef just off the island, so many colourful and pretty fish - something different every few feet - we all thoroughly enjoyed it and John took loads of photos on his Go Pro - finished off the arvo with a drink at the Sand bar and a swim in the infinity pool - the Dusit has the largest infinity pool in the Maldives - magnificent spot with a huge banyan tree in the centre of the pool. The sea life is in abundance, they are very protective of their reefs and sea life, so they should as it is a UNESCO site, the Dusit Thani has a resident marine biologist who educates kids as well as informing everyone about the area and going out on dives and snorkelling trips. ... read more

Asia » Maldives » Raa Atoll April 26th 2014

What a wonderfully relaxing break. Had a very quiet day yesterday, familiarising ourselves with the island, going to an orientation for the island waters, tides, currents, being fitted out with all the snorkelling gear. Returned home to give our gear a try out in front of our bungalow on the reef as Sunday Desmond is off and we are heading over the other side of the island for a couple of hours of snorkelling. In afternoon had a nap, swim, G&Ts by the pool, nibbles at Desmond's place before heading out to dinner at the Benjarong Thai Restaurant, and had a magnificent feast there. Had another fun filled day at the Dusit, the chief engineer took us for a "back of house tour", which was absolutely amazing to learn how they survive on this island for ... read more

Asia » Maldives » Ari Atoll March 14th 2014

Hello everyone... By the time I publish this blog I will be back ‘chilling’ in the UK… So as the sun sets over the Indian Ocean I am starting to write my final blog (for now) from Maafushivaru as the snow-capped Alpine peaks of Switzerland are calling me once more so it’s farewell to paradise in less than 24hours… There is such a fantastic atmosphere here on Maaf – I really will be sad to leave and I will miss everyone so much, especially Marie & Ron, Sara & Marco, Aude & Per, Jenny and Abdullah – thanks guys for the party last night... Massive and heartfelt thanks to everyone in resort who made me so welcome and whom I really will be sorry to say goodbye to. I imagine the Dhoni ... read more
Snorkelling Buddies - Sara, me & Jenny
Lagoon on Maaf
Sunset - Goodbye Maaf

Asia » Maldives » Ari Atoll February 12th 2014

Hello to you all from the beautiful island that is Maafushivaru – it’s been getting on for a couple of weeks since I blogged so I hope everyone is keeping well – stay safe in the floods all of you in the UK and my snow bunny friends… stay safe on the slopes! It’s been one of those weeks, busy but fun, and no matter what happens you just cannot knock life here in paradise… but as soon as I get back to the UK I need a dentist… I had a temporary filling before I came out here and I think it’s now gone, in fact I know it’s gone – along with half my tooth, there is definitely a big hole where my tooth should be – hoping very much it doesn’t start to ... read more
My Evening Bag :-)
Maaf & Lonubo from Air

Asia » Maldives » Male Atoll February 5th 2014

Have just spent a week on Kurumba in The Maldives. A very special place for lots of R and R. I will just let the pictures do the talking. My idea of a desert island.... read more
Near to our spot on the beach
Coconut trees abound

Asia » Maldives » Ari Atoll February 1st 2014

Greetings again readers from the wonderful island of Maafushivaru – it’s still beautiful weather here, sunny with a nice light breeze and the outlook is much of the same… Welcome to my winter! Hope those in winter ski seasons are getting plenty of snow… And those in the UK are checking Google for trips to see me on Maaf… Come on guys you know you want to… You may remember me saying that Gordon the baby gecko had bailed on me – well we think he may have moved into the room downstairs… Marie, who lives below me has said she’ll look after him but Ron, her hubby, wants to charge him rent so I reckon he’ll be back with me soon… If he doesn’t come back there are plenty more geckos to choose from… This ... read more
My work of art - Palm Tree in the sand...

Asia » Maldives » Ari Atoll January 24th 2014

Hello again from the beautiful Maldives… Hope everyone has been well and having fun since my last blog – it was only ten days ago – how quickly time flies when you’re having fun in paradise. The day after the last one it rained here on Maafushivaru (and other islands too I expect…) and with the rain came an abundance of marine life… right to our doorstep – which out here is actually the jetty! After breakfast a considerable crowd had gathered on the jetty as several reef sharks were swimming about – personally I think they were sheltering under the jetty so as not to get wet… Sorry, bad joke… There were also quite a few little ‘Nemos’, some parrot fish and various other ones whose names I don’t really know – yet, but I’m ... read more
Coral - I cheated & took this from the jetty :-)
Girlies at sun down

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