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Anyone been on a cheaper budget?
10 years ago, January 23rd 2010 No: 1 Msg: #100845  
I've always wanted to go to the Maldives, and will be traveling in India and Sri Lanka later this year into early next year, I realize that it\'s an expensive area to go, but I\'m wondering if there\'s a way to see these amazing islands from a backpackers perspective. I\'m not a scuba diver, but do enjoy snorkeling, and would only want to spend a week there max. Reply to this

10 years ago, January 23rd 2010 No: 2 Msg: #100851  
Hi Kristy and Scott,

If you do find the trick...let me know...
Ok, there are little ways to get it cheaper....meaning by that....cheaper than outrageously expensive....but cheap, no real way.

Ok, few things to know. If you fly from Colombo...Sri Lankan have a Colombo-Male...early morning flight, and you can find a late evening Male-Colombo. By doing so, you "gain" time in the place.

Next, you've got two kind of resorts....those that you reach by seaplane, those that you reach by boat/speedboat. For info, a return seaplane is around 400usd per person...that's kill the budget for sure!

Next point, resorts are either...inclusive...or not-inclusive. It's one resort per island...and no 7/11 around! So if you are in a non-inclusive...bring your own cup noodles! Because prices are....high..high...and you are stuck in the place...no ordering pizza from outside here..

So I'm not a speciallist of all the places, but if you find one, take this tricks above into considerations.

I did enjoy the pleasure once of sleeping on a lounger next to the swimming pool of one of the places one day...it was a "free of charge" night...but I did check-in the place the following morning...this is when the "good deal" stopped.

We'll have one entry on the place in a few weeks time...

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10 years ago, January 23rd 2010 No: 3 Msg: #100859  
lol ohh my gosh!! I knew it was expensive, but didn't realize it was THAT expensive. maybe I should just save it for the honeymoon one day haha. I'm not giving up though, but thats good advice about leaving from Sri Lanka!! I wonder why it's cheaper from there as opposed to India.
Thanks for the reply!! Reply to this

10 years ago, February 15th 2010 No: 4 Msg: #103672  
hi Scott and Kristy,
if you want to have a budget holiday in Maldives you can have it, if you travel after April to before November Maldives Hotels are cheaper. You will be able to get a budget of USD 120 – USD 180 per night.
Try to go for All inclusive budget hotels. and the good news is the new government is looking forward to welcome guest like you who want to have a budget holidays. There are some guest houses in local islands where you can enjoy nice white sandy beaches, you can do snorkeling, fishing and some BBQ on some uninhabited islands. most of these guest houses charges accommodation with meals USD 50 to 70 per night on DBL accommodation inclusive of return transfer from airport to the island.

if you really want to stay in a resort you can combine your holiday 3 or 4 days in the island and last 2 days in a resort.

Some of these accomadations are available at Guridhoo island in Male’ atoll, Island of Huraa Male atoll, Thulusdhoo island Male atoll. Let me know if you need some more information’s
I hope this information will help you.
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8 years ago, July 31st 2012 No: 5 Msg: #159384  
N Posts: 5
Maldives was my dream and the dream of my husband. We did not have the money to Resort but wanted to go on Maldives, especially that we were very close before on Sri Lanka. The first trip turned out to be completely random manner. At that time was no any information about Maafushi. We went at our own risk. Since then we sick Maafushi, Maldives, Summer villa guest house, and as you know, been there 2 times already, and probably will go again. It really is a great opportunity to realize dream about Maldives.

About the hotel. Hotel Summer villa guest house is the second time the appearance of the hotel on the island. A cozy place. To be honest, I examined in detail on this island, the benefit was a lot of time there. And when the question arose to what hotel to choose, my husband said unequivocally Summer villa guest house and I myself did not want to go anywhere else. You feel yourself in his hotel like in your cottage in the Maldives, it is true! You will see yourself. They organize excellent excursions. Rooms were spacious and furnished with a large soft bed and bedside tables, a large wardrobe with a wooden safe inside, a dressing table with bench, fridge, powerful AC, fans, etc. Every room had a private toilet and shower with hot water. Soap and shampoo were a kind of pleasant surprise for guests. Bed sheets and pillowcases were changed regularly. Room was very clean and cozy.
There are soap and shampoo in bathroom. No hair dryer. Staff cares for you if you are like the owner of this house and they are your staff. 😊)) Really nice! And that's without tips! Excuse me for my emotions and my English.

I do not remember. I'm on a business trip, and my checks have remained at home. About 45 or 50 dollars a night double room + Bed Tax $ 8 per person per sukta + 6% per room per night service charge + 10% tax. Total 45 8 8 4.5 2.7 = 68.2 dollars. All taxes are required for the entire Maldives, and the same everywhere.

Dinner is $ 7 per person buffet. With the dessert. By candlelight. Very romantic! Breakfast is included in the price. Lanch on request. You can order a la carte. You can buy at the store on their own products at low prices and in the kitchen for tourists to eat. This added convenience for me there. There is hot water kettle, toaster, tea and coffee free, dishes. You can do everything that you want. Complete freedom, just like at home. You can eat at other hotels or cafes. But it is not safe. All experienced myself. Tourists from another hotels comes to eat in Summer villa.

It is a great choice for the tourists that want "budget holidays". Resort rest (15$ all day with lunch), the snorkeling, fishing from boat, swimming with manta ray and dolphins , a picnic on a deserted island, rest on a small beach in the middle of the ocean (a small island, where nothing except sand), a concert of national culture and etc. I can write in more detail later. Everything is different, depending on the situation. On average, the basic tour cost 10-20 dollars per person, there's something for free. All in different ways. Above all, there are a lot of competition, and prices fell.
Maafushi it is a small island two kilometers on one and a half kilometers, so you can see the ocean from any place on the island. There are no proper beaches and reefs, hotels, all common use.
There are two beaches on Maafushi on opposite sides of the island. The reef is located in the old beach, if you walk away from Summer villa on the left. You must walk on the snow-white sand in shallow water a few meters long and there begins a good riff. Steep wall of coral and fish. I saw there a huge turtle, eagle rays (very nice!), Dolphins and groups of all kinds of fishes. It should carry with them flippers necessarily because it is the ocean, and without them hanging like an empty bottle. They can be rented at the hotel or if you are traveling for 10 days or more, the better to buy in the store for 125 rufees, which we did. All beaches on Maafushi good but not like on Resorts. Walk from Summer villa to the both beaches spend several minuets.
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3 years ago, September 11th 2017 No: 6 Msg: #202305  
N Posts: 1
In response to: Msg #100845 Hi
Yes there is a way that you can have a wonderful vacation in Maldives. Please contact Beach Veli Guesthouse located in Ukulhas. They will be happy to offer a good price according to your budget.
Thank you Reply to this

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