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November 21st 2016
Published: November 26th 2016
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We visited the small fishing village of Mahibadhoo which was about a 45 minute boat ride from our island.

It is home to 2,000 people who are mostly muslim.

The island is so small, you can stand on main street and see the ocean to the north, the ocean to the south, the ocean to the west and the ocean to the east.

The primary industry for the people of the island is fishing.

The village, colorful and quaint, is untouched by tourism. It was a quiet and down-to-earth visit in contrast to the luxury of our island resort.

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27th November 2016

by Nicklas / 27 November, 07:00 p.m.
I stumbled across your blog entry and I was glad to read it. In your blog you wrote, that you visited a small fishing village wich was 45 minutes away from your island and that it was a quiet and down-to-earth visit in contrast to your luxurious island resort. I can absolutely agree with your statement "It was a quiet and down-to-earth visit in contrast to the luxury of our island resort." I also visited a small fishing village, but regrettably not the same as you. It was in Indonesia last year. A friend of my family invented us to spend a day with him in his remote village somewhere in the ocean. I'm not sure if the island belongs to Indonesia or not, but one thing I still know is that this island was absolutely stunning and so beautiful that i didn't want to leave it. The village was so colorful and the whole population was so friendly. All in all, that was an amazing trip. As well I want to add, did you know, that you can spend all of your time in these small villages. I mean How cool is that, but i even like to point out that not every village is equally beautiful. That means, it could be an absolute flop. I would appreciate it if I can spend all my holidays on this island in Indonesia. Considering the fact that I'm living in Austria and still going to school, this will not be the case for a long time.
28th November 2016

I think you've seen more on this vacation than I've seen in my whole life!

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