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bucky and shawnay

Travel regulates imagination through reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, you see them as they are.”

This time, a month-long camping road trip through the Candian/US Rocky Mountains...

This is how we do...the philosophy of our trip. Again, any plans we made resulted in the least favourite and the stumbled upon amazed us! Having traveled a lot, this one thing consistently rings true - no plans = good plans! TRIP ROUTE: Vancouver - Mt. Robson PP - Jasper NP - Icefields Parkway - Lake Louise - Banff - Kananaskis Valley - Peter Lougheed PP - Waterton Lakes NP - Glacier NP - Whitefish - Flathead Lake SP - Yellowstone NP - Grand Teton NP - Jackson - Sandpoint - Nelson - Conkle Lake PP - Vancouver Total Km: Approx 8000km So the plan - keep it simple, stay off the grid, and no hotels only camping for a month. We could have gone another 3 months. This trip was amazing! There was a sense ... read more
drinkin gigantic PBR's in Teton
The Look - the 2 brother foxes
curious cub

South America » Colombia » Santa Marta » Palomino December 20th 2013

Bogota - Armenia - Salento - Medellin - Cartagena - Santa Marta - Taganga - PNN Tayrona - Palomino - Bogota So this trip was extremely last minute, which made it fun. In total, we planned on leaving home for Colombia, and 7 days later we were there, with absolutely nothing planned. An adventure to say the least. Overall, Colombia gets a bad rap, for good reasons if you know its history, but it was a great place to be (certainly not our favourite in South Amercia) but great none-the-less. This is one of those places that you need to go through the bad to get to the good, but the good is insanely beautiful and one of a kind and certainly worth any hassle it took to get there. We started in Bogota, a typical ... read more
Beautiful Cocora Valley
Teri suntanning in Tayrona
Wax Plams in the Clouds

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kinabatangan July 5th 2013

The trip route from the last write-up: BALI: Ubud > Balanagan Beach > Ulu Watu > MALAYSIA: Kuala Lumpur > Kota Bharu > Perhentian Islands > Kuala Lumpur > BORNEO: Sandakan > Kinabatangan River > Sepilok > MALAYSIA: Kuala Lumpur So a lot has happened since the last blog. We have traveled quite a bit and seen some pretty insane stuff that we wont soon forget. From Ubud, which is an amazing little artsy town in the Bali jungle, surrounded by rice fields and temples, we went in search of beach and ended up in the surfer cove of Balangan beach, which turned out to be amazing! Spent time drinking beers on the beach watching surfers ride hollow tubes and double overheads, insane waves that would no doubt slaughter us if we tried to surf there. ... read more
Pygmy Elephant Swimming
Jetty at Perhentian Besar
closeup probiscus

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gili Meno June 13th 2013

We are currently in Ubud (Bali) but stories and pics from up to Gili Islands... Trip so far: BALI - Kuta (unfortunately) >Sanur > Nusa Lembongan > LOMBOK - Gili Trawangan > Gili Meno > Senggigi > BALI - Padangbai > Ubud We started the trip in Kuta, a shithole to say the least. Imagine a really nice beach with about 7000 people on it, beside it a Starbucks, KFC, McDonalds and Tony Romas of all things. Thank goodness we had a great hotel to decompress, avoid the westernized madhouse and get rid of the jetlag. Made the choice to head over to Nusa Lembongan after that, it was a great choice. Ended up staying in the super nice part (Mushroom Bay) for super cheap. Had a place right on the amazing beach and just relaxed ... read more
lady at fish market (love this pic)
teri in temple door

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos March 9th 2012

Where to start...we actually booked our trip from home, we got a good deal but as it turns out, we could have gotten an even better deal. But that doesnt matter at all because we would have payed double for the shit we saw and experienced!!! We did a four day tour, on a sweet boat called the Galaven. We thought we would end up on some geriatric cruise for seniors (a bunch of silver foxes complete with head-to-toe khaki and gumby hats) but we lucked out and had an awesome group (minus the a-hole Frenchies who were too good for anyone) which always makes a tour better. After landing in the airport on Galapagos, we basically started right away. We went straight to our boat. Being only a four day tour, we were worried about ... read more
Masked booby...seriously how cute are there guys
blue footed booby
Us on the nicest beach

South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil February 26th 2012

Hola... Quito > Tena > Banos > Riobamba > Guayaquil So far Ecuador has far exceeded any expectations we might have had about the country. The people are super chill and go out of their way to help, always with a smile, and the landscape is ridiculously beautiful, I have never seen a country this green. But to start off....the plane ride from HELL!!!!!! So Van to Houston was no big deal, minor layover in Texas, then we get on the plane to Quito. All seems OK for the first minute, then the devil baby from hell in the seat right behind us starts to let loose. Teri and I look at each other thinkin just our luck, hopefully she (satan's spawn) will sleep. NOT. Imagine a consistent baby cry for the whole flight. On a ... read more
Misty Vicunas
Cool shot of Indigenous kid
Us at 5000m

Our latest travels.... We started our vacation with a mini road trip to Seattle and spent the day there. We found the single greatest restaurant of all time called the Crab Pot where they just dump a huge pile of seafood on a paper covered picnic table in front of you, and then all bibbed-up, you just dive in with your hands and wooden mallot and fill your bellies with the best steamed seafod EVER. After that, we went to the airport and started hitting the sauce. Nicley buzzed we boarded the plane to Roatan. Although shorter by far than most of our adventures, the time we spent in Honduras' Bay Islands was defintely sufficient to press the reset button fully. We spent the majority of our time in Roatan, the largest island in the Bay ... read more
mmmmm...drunk at the airport
Seafood Feast
Our shack on the beach

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Tao March 27th 2010

Ko Lanta Phuket Ko Phi Phi Ao Nang Railay Ko Pha Ngan Ko Tao Bangkok Ask yourself this...When was the last time you made it a point in your day, in fact the most important "to do" of your day, to find a good spot to watch the sunset? Probably never, or, cant remember the last time. Well thats travel, and everyone who has travelled knows the feeling. As a friend said, those moments when you are sitting in the sand watching the sun go down, you're not thinking about anything, you don't need anything, you are just sitting there, energizing your life and soaking up the real reason why we live. There is no such thing as a "travel bug", it is simply an addiction to living free!! ... read more
Bottle Beach
Ko Pha Ngan
Ko Tao

Asia March 5th 2010

Osaka - Nagoya - Tokyo - Bangkok - Ko Chang - Bangkok - Trang - Ko Ngai - Ko Lanta Well, where to start... We will finish Japan off I guess...we went down to Osaka to meet up with some freinds, the beers started flowing early...we visited the Osaka Aquarium, supposedly one of the best in the world, it was OK, the whale sharks and manta rays were cool though, but in my mind, you just cant build a tank large enough for a whale shark!!! The night we had in Osaka was nothing but FUN!!! Osaka is nuts at night, people everywhere and it is really a sight to see for sure. After a few hours of takin down many beers, we found our selves, much to Teri's delight, at an all you can drink ... read more
whale shark
teri and ally getting ready for a night on the town
us in Osaka

Asia » Japan » Nagano February 20th 2010

Well we made it safe and sound...Japan is crazy for sure. This place is constantly buzzing and so far it has been a pretty cool experience. We arrived in Tokyo, and feeling jet lagged had to make it to Nagoya (4 hours by train) to go find Ally and Tim, really good friends who live here and teach english. The trip, although tiring, was relatively painless. Getting around here is a hell of a lot easier than anticipated. After finding Ally, we celebrated by consuming many many beers... The next day was slightly painful, but we set out for a day trip to Nagano to go and see my Snow Monkeys. A group of about 200 Japanese Macaques who live in and around the thermal baths in a little town called Yudanaka. Well, we got to ... read more
little buddha
Photo 4
Photo 5

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