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Saturday 24-25 May 2014. Getting Here (coming back) After three years without a long haul flight, today (or was it yesterday?) has yet again caused body clock confusion. Despite not knowing the time or day, we find ourselves in Kuala Lumpur, in a reasonable, yet obviously transit-purposed hotel, for a brief rest bite before we fly on to Vietnam. The temperatures which promise to shock do not let us down. Even at 10:30 at night, we’re greeted by a wall of heat as we leave the airport terminal. Arriving fairly late, we were not expecting much, however the hotel kept the bar open late for us to have a few beers and grab a bite of non-airline food. In the morning, with hours to kill before our next flight, and because we’re about to spend almost ... read more

Hej dejlige familie Så går turen snart østover til Malaysia og Borneo. Jeg vil prøve at få skrevet lidt og lagt lidt billeder op som tiden går, så kan i jo kigge med hvis i gider :) Vi flyver fra København onsdag d. 21. maj kl 13.55 og efter en mellemlanding i Dubai lander vi i hovedstaden Kuala Lumpur ca. 17 timer efter start. Malaysia består af to hoveddele, Peninsula, hvor Kuala Lumpur ligger, er landfast med Thailand i nord og Singapore i syd. Derudover er der Borneo delen. Øen Borneo er egentlig delt i to, ca 1/3 er Malaysisk og 2/3 er Indonesisk, på Indonesisk hedder Borneo faktisk Kalimantan. Vi har jo ikke en egentlig rejseplan, men vi regner med at blive i Peninsula et par dage når vi lander og tager derefter til Borneo. ... read more

Day 1 - Leaving late afternoon we head to Sydney international Airport - Kuala Lumpur (KUL). Our flight is scheduled to arrive in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur 3:15 am, for this leg of the trip we have opted for no added extras on the AirAsia flight. It is hoped that we will get to sleep until landing. As I have not traveled with this airlines before, I will be most interested in the quality of service offered. Just booking with AirAsia was an experience, as all the bookings and payment are done online, then later having to confirm your choice of seating and meals during the flight had some little unexpected hurdles that had me in a sweat. AirAsia offer cheap flights, but then you are charged for every little extra or change to the basic no-frills ... read more
Strapped in!
KUL Airport-Maccas
KUL - LCC Terminal

Friday March 14th, 3:40pm (Australian Time) For a long while I have been anticipating my first solo adventure, and now I am well on the way. On this particular holiday I use the term 'solo' loosely as although I will travel to and from Europe and spend the weekdays alone, my nights and weekends will be filled with the familiar laughter of Kate and Emily. Solo travel on training wheels if you will, a concept that is most agreeable for my first lone voyage. Whilst mostly all of my friends from Sydney have trekked the globe with only themselves for company, the concept has always terrified me. I am a people person and my need to experience new things with company seems infinitely more enjoyable than attempting to do so alone. I have an innate ability ... read more

Takashi drove me to the airport this morning after giving me a nice but strange breakfast. He baked something shaped like a fish but with jam in the middle, and boiled the kettle for my cup of tea on the gas stove. On the way there he showed me Mount Fuji which I missed every time when I was taking the bullet train usually because I fell asleep, the weather was too bad to see it or plain and simply I just didn't know where it was. Well why would I? There is no announcement on the bullet train to say 'Anna wake up Mount Fuji awaits you, get out of the train and climb it.' After a seven hour flight I arrived in Kuala Lumpur. I enjoyed the flight by making the most of my ... read more

It seemed fitting that we arrived in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, on New Year's Eve 2013. After all, January 1st would mark the beginning of 'Visit Malaysia Year' 2014. I had explored this diverse city before, in 2010 with my Dad when we visited for 6 days. I had caught the Malaysia travel bug for sure, with all the locals telling us places we 'should' visit in the rest of the country. My fiancé and I wanted to escape the inflated summer prices of Australia and take an end of year holiday overseas. Requirements were - must have great food, great snorkeling, offer us a unique experience and be great value. When Air Asia were offering return flights to KL for $600 per person we decided to take the trip to Malaysia. The really ... read more
Petronas Towers
THE Food!
Street Food

After a jam packed weekend in Singapore we went back to Kuala Lumpur this time into the city to where people actually loved and worked lol. Our hotel was amazing and we were staying on the 20th floor with great views over the city. We had a roof top pool and there was the roof top bar too called Luna. If found the bar on the internet but didn't realise it was in our hotel so that was a great bonus. In the cab to the hotel we spotted a Nandos and TGI Fridays 2 of our favourite places!! We couldn't resist TGis so went there for dinner and it felt like being back at home (slightly different to sitting in the One in Basildon though!!) we had an early dinner that night and an early ... read more

Sitting back and relaxing in the Plaza Premium Lounge at Kuala Lumpur Airport. Arrived just after 5am Malaysian time and the place was deserted. So I decided to take advantage of an early morning shower. After asking around I found the housekeeper who kindly gave me a key to Shower Room Three. She had walked passed me earlier and I thought she heard my conversation and walked away. I soon learnt her English wasn't too good. The shower room was clean and modern and fully equipped with fluffy white towels, hair dryer, shampoo and toothpaste. But I couldn't find the soap. I decided to lather up with shampoo, before realising the hair conditioner was actually shower gel. The water was only lukewarm, but it was such a relief to stand under a running shower after a ... read more

Survived the overnight flight - just! Can't say it was easy after leaving home at 4 pm and sitting in heavy traffic for 2.5 hrs to get to Gold Coast. By the time we arrived at the parking location, took a shuttle to the airport, checked in etc the boys were "interesting." Thankfully they were tired by the time we took off but it was a bit rough taking off through that horrible weather. Oh .. Another benefit of Air Asia ... We got soaked boarding the plane (that's another funny story). Anyway Blake slept the most .. Dylan the least. They are coping surprisingly well given the severe lack of sleep overnight. Excitement is keeping them going (and free wifi at the airport now). Arrived in KL 4.30am local time. Met with vet bust low ... read more
KL Airport Train
Dylan in the Massage Chair

So finally I took the time to begin this blog which will help me to keep contact with my friends and relatives. I would like to apologize in advance for my English, as you know I’m French and my country is not reputed to be the best in foreign languages. But I will do my best and I'm sure with five minutes of reflexions you will find the meaning of my words. Easy, I’m 30 and I'm dreaming since long time to take time for a long travel. Luckily in France we have something called "congé sabbatique", sabbatical from work in English, and my boss was really comprehensive to allow me to take it for eleven months. I'm not sure to get my job when I will come back home, but we will see. I'm not ... read more

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